Started in the April of 1976 by three friends Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, Apple gained remarkable success in the technology market several years later. Presently, Apple Inc. enjoys a huge brand loyalty from its customers and sells a line of products such as the iPod, iPad, iPhone, and Macbook.

Every year Apple announces its upcoming software updates to its customers. Following the trend, Apple released its Keynote address on the 4th of June, 2018. Although there were not many changes on the feature front, Apple on 4th June 2018 Keynote address sought to revamp the data security measures for its users. Here is a list of all the important announcements Apple showcased in the address.

1. Control on the data collected by the developers

Unlike other tech giants, Apple has stepped aside and set an example when it comes to user experience. Apple CEO has made it thoroughly clear on several occasions that Apple has nothing to do with the customer’s’ personal information. On that front, Apple makes it sure that the users have the utmost security with their personal data.

Developers can no longer pry on to the user’s personal information for personal gains. This means the user’s contact list, pictures, and information about their friends and family will stay out of reach of the third party unless they themselves allow it.

Thus, if the apps in your device need access to your camera, iTunes, Safari or Maps, they cannot do it unless you sanction for it.

2. A No to Apps That Drain Battery Life

Apple’s concern about the battery life and CPU performance has been finally resolved. Apple concluded that the apps that drain the battery faster need to be removed from the app store once and for all. For example, the cryptocurrency-mining apps are a real culprit when battery life is concerned and Apple has decided to take them down.

3. Using Auto-Fill for Two-factor authentication

Apple is trying to encourage more apps to practice two-factor authentication. For the convenience of the users, Apple copies the unique code that applications send to the user’s cell phone through text message automatically. The iOS 12 identifies the code and auto-fills it in the app, thereby, saving a lot of time and efforts of the users to open the messenger app and copying the code back to the app.

4. More secure web browsing

More often than not, there are third party data gatherers littered all over the internet. So, whether you know it or not, whether you click on to a particular link or you refrain from it, your data can still be harvested by the unknown.

Apple understands the sensitivity of their users’ data. Thus, a new version of Safari has been introduced in ios 12 that alerts the users in case a third party data gatherer is trying to collect cookies or data from your device. Apple leaves you in charge of your data privacy.

5. Hindering Third Party Access To Your Phone

In ios 12, Apple has paid serious attention to the security bugs that have occurred in the past. Under the circumstances where an Apple user is being forced by a third party to enter the passcode on his phone, he can quickly disable the touch ID to protect his data.

Another safety measure here is to prevent data transportation via USB connections after one hour of inactivity. Thus, hackers who target phones using the lightning cable connections can be kept at bay with this feature.

6. No More Fingerprints

Every device has its own identity based on the fonts and plug-ins. This is how third parties identify your phone as different from the others. Apple has come up with a counter to this bug. Data gatherers will now only be able to view the native fonts, making it significantly harder to identify a device as unique.

7. Password auditing and management

Users often reuse their passwords for the ease of remembrance. This is a serious red flag which now will be alerted to the apple users. Apple wants its users to understand the importance of a strong password for the protection of their own devices and data. It is now easier for the users to quickly change their passwords for better security. 

Other features:

Apart from the security announcements, Apple has also introduced an array of attractive features in the ios 12. Take a look at the features below:

A) Facetime: Can now be done with 32 people at the same time. You can now add people in the middle of the facetime call and also use memoji, animoji, filters, and stickers on call.

B) Screen-time: Users can now keep a track of the time they spend glued to the screen by setting up screen time limit. Syncable with iPad as well as iPhone, ios 12 has come up with screen time.

C) Workout with the watch: Apple watch has been given some very useful updates. It automatically identifies if the user is working out, can set reminders to prompt the user to workout, give credit and again prompts to end the workout.

Several other changes with Siri, Photos, camera, podcasts, and watch have been addressed. Overall, Apple has taken serious steps in improving the user experience as well as to create a more secure environment for the users in terms of data security.