8 Steps for Choosing the Right QuickBooks Hosting Provider in 2021

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8 Simple Steps for Choosing the Right QuickBooks Hosting Provider in 2021

QuickBooks Hosting | Updated On June 28th, 2022

8 Simple Steps for Choosing the Right QuickBooks Hosting Provider in 2021

For CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers, and small and medium-sized businesses, QuickBooks has been a trusted option for a long time. With highly-robust accounting features and advanced tools, it offers a reliable solution for managing business accounts, without seeking professional help regularly. However, one may look forward to enhancing the overall performance of the software by hosting it on the cloud. There are a number of advantages that you will get when you host. For example, it offers round-the-clock access, multi-user collaboration, bank-level security, high uptime, and the list goes on.

How To Choose A Cloud Services Provider?

But before moving to the cloud, choosing the right vendor is necessary to enjoy the services of the cloud to the fullest. It can be time-consuming and confusing at the same time. However, the best hosting provider will not only provide you with the most desirable services but will also give you full assurance to keep your data protected. Here, to help you to choose the best QuickBooks hosting provider, we have prepared a checklist that you should consider before moving forward:

How To Right QuickBooks Hosting Provider

Analyze Your Needs

The first process in narrowing your search to select the best hosting provider is to analyze your needs. Make a checklist of requirements that you want to be fulfilled by hosting your software on the cloud. As different cloud vendors will have different specializations and perks to offer, having the one who meets your requirements will be advantageous for you.

Set Your Budget and Check for Affordable Pricing

Now, once you have determined your needs, it will be easier for you to set-up a budget accordingly. As most of the businesses that go for hosting services are small and medium-sized businesses working on a limited budget, choosing a hosting provider that offers services at affordable prices to host your software will be an added advantage for these businesses. You should also check for standards of data centers and their overall service quality to be surer.

Standards of Data Centers

Affordability is essential, but for the safety of your critical business data, you also need to ensure that your chosen hosting provider is following the required compliances. These compliances generally include Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance (PCI), DSS Compliance ( to be followed by those who accept card payments), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect healthcare information from fraud and theft and ensure all-round protection of client’s data, among the others.

Number of Customers They Have Served

Every customer comes with its own set of hosting needs. And, most of the time from a completely different niche. Thus, hosting providers who have major experience in the field of hosting and have served a number of customers can understand your customized business needs. Experienced hosting providers will be capable of recognizing your business calls and therefore, will provide you legitimate solutions to all your hosting related queries.

Scalable Solution

Most of the SMBs need scalable resources that can be adjusted according to the altering needs of their business processes. Otherwise, it might end up hampering the growth and routine processes of the business. To protect your business from all of these problems, you need a competent hosting provider that provides you scalability options in the cloud to scale your hosting plan up or down, based on your business needs.

Customer and Downtime Support 

In order to handle your business without any hassles, it is important for you to check customer support of your chosen hosting provider. Simply verify whether your hosting provider offers 24*7 availability, do they have expert and certified support, check their average resolution time of answering a query, and what are the available options to connect with them, such as, live chat, call, and email. Most of the hosting providers guarantee 99.99% uptime, which ensures that your data is safe, even in case of disasters.

Advanced-Data Security

The security of your data is indeed one of the essential concerns of your business. When you are thinking of hosting your software and to store your data on the cloud, you need to investigate whether the hosting provider is meeting the security compliances or not. Check for multi-factor authentication, firewalls, updated anti-virus and frequency of security audits, and data encryption. Review whether they follow the comprehensive security guidelines or not. Check for the availability of CCTV, biometric protection, and round-the-clock operating security. If the hosting provider is following all of the above security measures, then you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

Avail the free trial

The performance of the server is an important factor in selecting the best QuickBooks cloud provider and you might want to ensure that the provider can fulfill all that is promised. Many QuickBooks cloud providers offer free trial services and to make an informed decision, you must take advantage.

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Final Thoughts 

Hosting will not only take your QuickBooks to the cloud, but it will also provide you a plethora of add-ons hosting options to fulfill your customized needs. If your hosting provider is providing you with the above-mentioned features, you are good to take your decision.

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