Hey there! Are you stuck with an error in your favourite QuickBooks software? Well, no one likes to have an interruption in the form of an error, especially when you want to make the most out of your time during the merry festive season.  You came to just the right place, we’re going to help you learn what Quickbooks Error 6177, 0 is and what protocol should you when you see this error in QuickBooks Desktop. Sagenext is a leading cloud hosting provider and with expertise in QuickBooks cloud hosting for more than a decade now, you can rest assured that you’re being provided proper guidance regarding the troubleshoot. 

You just need to move your company file in order to fix QuickBooks Error 6177, 0. Without any further ado, let us now move on to the simple steps that you need to follow to troubleshoot this QuickBooks error. 

Step 1: Update QuickBooks Desktop

The first and foremost step is to make sure that your QuickBooks is up to date.

Step 2: Update your file location

If your company file is kept on a server, on an external hard drive, or in the cloud, you should change its location. Please follow these given steps to move it to your local drive and back again to where it previously was.

Move your company file

Note: All of these steps should ideally be performed on your server computer (the one that hosts your company files). But in case you do not have access to it, there isn’t much to worry about. You can just follow these steps on any one of your workstations (a computer connected to your server that doesn’t host your company files) to get things sorted.

  1. Start by opening the Windows Start menu on either your server computer or any of your workstations.
  2. There on, proceed by typing “File Explorer” into the search bar and open File Explorer.
  3. You now have to search for and open your QuickBooks folder. Pressing the F2 key, while QuickBooks is open will help you get the location.
  4. Then find your company file, which should be ending with QBW. It should be looking something like this: [company name].qbw.
  5. You’re then required to write down the name and location of the drive. You’ll put the file back here later on. Here's an example:

File location in QuickBooks


         6.  Now just move your company file from this folder to your C: drive. Please know that you just have to move the file and not the entire folder.

Create a portable company file and then restore it to your server

Know that your company file is now on a local drive. A portable company file can now be created which is a compact and concise version of your financial data.

  1. Start by opening QuickBooks Desktop on the computer that you just moved your company file to.
  2. Then click on “Open” or “restore” an existing company.
  3. Browse and open the company file you had earlier moved to your C: drive.
  4. Now create a portable company file. This not only creates a portable version of your company file but also resets the data of your file location.
  5. After that, select the File menu and following that, select Quit QuickBooks. Then reopen QuickBooks.
  6. Followed by that, go to the File menu and select Open or Restore Company.
  7. Then select Restore a portable file and after that select Next.
  8. Having done that, now find and select the portable company file (QBM), that you had created. Then select Open and Next.
  9. For the restore location, you have to select the drive that you had originally moved your company file from. Remember, we had asked you to write it down earlier along.
  10. Then select Save, this will put your company file back on your network.
  11. Then just select the File menu and select Quit QuickBooks.

If case you’re still facing QuickBooks Error 6177, 0, then move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Download and run File Doctor on your server

Start by downloading File Doctor and use it to scan and clean up your company file. This will also refresh the location.

There are high possibilities that you’re error would have been fixed by now, and if it is so, then please be sure to back up your company file. But unfortunately, If you’re still seeing  QuickBooks Error 6177, 0, then you’d want to move on to Step 4.

Step 4: Manually fix the file path

Find your ND file

  1. First, open File Explorer on your server computer and start by searching for your QuickBooks folder.
  2. You have to find the file with your company name having ND at the end. It should be looking somewhat like this: [MyCompanyFileName].qbw.nd.
  3. Then just right-click the ND file and select Delete. There is no need to worry, doing this won’t be affecting your accounting data in any way. 

Configure QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

  1. We anticipate that you already have the QuickBooks Database Server Manager downloaded with you, but in case you don’t, then just start by downloading QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  2. Open the Windows Start menu on your server computer and type “Database” into the search bar and open QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  3. Now, select the QuickBooks folder that holds your company files and then select Start Scan
  4. Once the scan finishes, please select Close.
  5. Now just set your folder permissions accordingly to share your company files.

All you have to do now is open QuickBooks on all of your computers and if you followed all the steps accordingly then everything should be fixed and your QuickBooks Error 6177,0 should be resolved. 

We’re pretty sure that this troubleshooting guide would’ve been of help for you, but in case you’re still having issues, please feel free to contact on +1-801-610-6141 to our equipped support team comprising of Microsoft certified engineers.  We can render you further help to get QuickBooks running again.


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