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QuickBooks 2019 Is Just Round The Corner: Is Your Wish On The List?

QuickBooks Hosting | Updated On June 2nd, 2020

QuickBooks 2019 Is Just Round The Corner: Is Your Wish On The List?

People often wonder which platform is best suited for their accounting software – QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Hosting. Whereas, some others wonder if QuickBooks Desktop is now a dead term.

For those who love the desktop version can rest assured (for now). Intuit has maintained that QuickBooks Desktop is there to stay, maybe forever. And those using QuickBooks Hosting or planning to make the shift in 2019 have some surprises waiting.

QuickBooks 2019

QuickBooks has been popular with accountants, CPAs, and business owners for a long time now. The features that QuickBooks offers are easy to use, particularly aimed at making accounting easier for small and medium-sized businesses.

Here is what makes QuickBooks the most popular tax and accounting software even today:

1. The Ease of Using QuickBooks

When marketing QuickBooks, Intuit claimed that the software is easy to use. Small and medium-sized business owners can thus use QuickBooks, without feeling the need for frequent professional help.

2. Ready Support

Although QuickBooks is simple software, there are users who may take the time to understand the basics. Until then, there are a large number of accountants who are well versed in using QuickBooks. A lot of people hire professionals to manage their tax and accounts, using QuickBooks, thus making it the most preferred software among several others.

3. Packed With Features

Every accountant, CPA and business owner has his own set of needs and demands. QuickBooks is packed with a wide range of features suitable for both big as well as small businesses.

What Are The Users Looking For in QuickBooks 2019?

In the fall of every year, users witness a refined version of QuickBooks software. Going by the trend, Intuit is expected to release its updated version in September of 2018.

While Intuit has maintained its silence regarding the updates in the new version of QuickBooks, there are some speculations about what’s new this year.

What Do The Predictors Say?

The predictions made by experts say that the coming version of QuickBooks will offer the following features:

A) Keyboard Shortcuts On Demand

Some users demand additional keyboard shortcuts for the ease of working on QuickBooks. For example, simple shortcuts like using “CTRL+” and “CTRL-” to zoom in and zoom out the numbers on the sheet.

B) Detailed Inventory Reports

Based on the previous data, the inventory reports should be able to forecast the days/weeks up to which the stock will last. There should also be a provision to check the inventory stock status by the Lot number.

C) Customer Security

The security measures in QuickBooks 2019 are expected to be more compact than before.

D) An ‘Undo’ Button

To err is human. Errors while making entries are common and an Undo button can make it easier to quickly correct mistakes.

E) Multiple Vendors

Multiple vendors for a single product ensure a greater possibility of product availability. This feature is not available on every QuickBooks platform. Apart from a primary vendor, several other vendors can be attached.

F) Packing And Shipping Feature

Currently, QuickBooks allows the customers to ‘pick’ their items. But tracking of packing and shipping are usually done via a third party. The QuickBooks 2019 version may allow customers to track the packing and shipping of the items. Since a number of businesses are moving online, the feature may just be the most needed one.

G) Landed Costs

By knowing the landing costs, businesses can analyze their budget better, price their products efficiently and make the most out of their business.

A number of accountants have been demanding for the software to have a built-in capability to do the landing costs.

The 2019 version of QuickBooks is expected to have this ability.

Advantages of Using QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks Hosting simply means to have all the features QuickBooks software on the cloud. This automatically means there will be a number of benefits of using the hosted version of QuickBooks. Here’s how it can be advantageous:

a) Your Privacy Will Always Be The Top Priority

QuickBooks Hosting provides its users with a virtual timeline to let them track each individual transaction. Users also have control over who has access to their data.

b) Pocket-Friendly Software

A lean IT infrastructure paired with upgraded software in QuickBooks Hosting significantly cuts the overhead costs for the firms. There is no need to shell out heavy bucks for storage up gradation or for updating the software.

c) Lets You To Leverage The Benefits Of Add-Ons

Add-ons are third-party tools, made to boost your work performance. QuickBooks on the cloud can sync with the hosted version of the add-ons to enjoy a more functional tax and accounting process.

d) 24/7/365 Security

Users are most concerned about security when storing their data on the cloud. QuickBooks Hosting takes several security measures such as multiple backups, recovery options, a secure firewall, anti-virus program, and data encryption to keep the client’s data safe.

e) Easy to Use

The QuickBooks interface is simple and users both young and old find it easy to learn. Thus, moving beyond the complexity of traditional tax and accounting software.

f) Always Accessible

A highly celebrated benefit of QuickBooks Hosting is its universal accessibility. QuickBooks on the cloud can be accessed from any time, anywhere on any device whether computer, tablet, IOS or Android, only with a working internet connection. Thus, making collaborative work a possibility by breaking geographical barriers.

A Final Word

With fall just a few months away, QuickBooks 2019 will soon reach the markets. The expectations of QuickBooks 2019 are fairly high. New features will definitely be introduced and every addition is expected to fulfill the needs of a number of users. Hopefully, QuickBooks 2019 will bring in what the users demand.

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