Just like previous years, Intuit has once again come up with the much-awaited QuickBooks Pro updates. Be it for its user-friendly interface or for the long-line of features, QuickBooks has been one of the favorite accounting software for CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers, and business professionals for almost two decades. By further introducing updates to the already existing 2019 version, QuickBooks Pro has become more efficient.

Let’s get an insight into the newly introduced features of QuickBooks Pro 2020:

Set Reminders 

At times, especially during the tax season, it can be difficult to remember the due date of the customer invoices. QuickBooks Desktop 2020 has come up with a unique feature of ‘set reminders’ that will put an end to your struggle of remembering dates and important events. QuickBooks users can use this feature to set Automatic Payment Reminders when the invoices of the customers are due. It will positively contribute to run the business smoothly by helping both customers as well as the business personnel to avoid any type of confusion

Hide or Add Columns

With the help of collapse or expand columns feature, QuickBooks users will be able to easily read customer totals in respective reports with jobs and classes. To access this feature, you can go to reports, find and select the desired report you want to customize. Thereafter, you can simply select the rows & columns or mark the wanted column you want to appear or collapse on your report. You can also select the order with each column and simply drag and drop it to your desired order and customize it according to your needs.

Payroll Status 

In QuickBooks Desktop 2020, employers can easily check the status of the payroll of all employees through direct deposit. QuickBooks users can easily view the status of the payroll status in the menu bar by clicking on the Employees option. Moreover, employees can also use enhanced Smart help and search experience, or can also seek access to live experts, if needed, with the help of messaging or call back option.

PO numbers

PO i.e. Purchase Order number is allotted to the customers to find out the details related to the purchase. Now, QuickBooks Pro users can add PO numbers to the email subject line in the software. This will help the business personnel to complete the work even more easily.

Multiple invoices in one email

If you are someone who needs to deal with a large number of invoices and payment processing at the same time, then understanding this new feature can help. QuickBooks Pro 2020 users can consolidate multiple invoices into one email by simply clicking on Combine Invoices in the transaction section. Thereafter, you can select the invoices you want to send along with the required note and click on Send.

Search Option

With the help of Search Company Files, QuickBooks Desktop 2020 users can easily search and open the required file without having to open the Company Files window, that too with only a few clicks. Thereafter, one can easily save the organization’s file on local storage or removable disks, like zip disks or USB flash drives or on your network drives. Users can also amplify their productivity by saving their time with the Enhanced Search option.

More to Unleash in QuickBooks Desktop 2020

QuickBooks Pro 2020, with these new and improved features, has become even more efficient for its users. The features of QuickBooks Pro 2020 are not limited to those mentioned above. In fact, it has got a lot more to help you to acquire more competence and efficiency. Some other enhancements of the software include Easy Payroll setup, Employee self-setup, easy up-gradation and transfer of QuickBooks files to your computer, easy QuickBooks version upgrade, real-time visibility, and much more. Additionally, by taking your QuickBooks software to the cloud, you can make it mobile too. QuickBooks hosting provides global access to the data on a real-time basis with enhanced security.