The potential of QuickBooks Pro on the cloud server has been explored by entrepreneurs and accounting professionals for a long time now. Having a long line of features to its credit, QuickBooks Pro accounting software offers a permanent solution to a number of hassles that manual accounting otherwise poses. However, the software cannot be limited to small and medium-sized businesses alone.

To understand better, we can take the case of home businesses. Over the past few decades, the number of home businesses around the world has been ballooning out of proportion. America itself has somewhere around 30 million home businesses up and running successfully. And, the numbers are only increasing by the day.

Why Are Home Businesses Attractive?

Well, maybe the real question should be, ‘Why not?’. Several people around us are living with business ideas that are promising, to say the least. When you try to dig into why they won’t try to materialize those ideas, finances come out to be a prominent concern. Running, or at least, starting one’s business at home can save them thousands of dollars in the initial years. Once the business gains momentum and earns a considerable amount of profit, it can be taken out into the world.

The Need for QuickBooks Pro: Because Home Businesses Also Need Financial Management

Running your business from home does not spare you the troubles of managing finances. Although it saves you from generating fixed capital every month for rent, security arrangements, and others, you still need to invest a part of your funds directly into your business. And, where there is an investment, there will always be a need to record and manage it. To help with that, one of the promising yet pocket-friendly accounting solutions for home businesses is QuickBooks Pro. Let’s see how:

The Many Benefits of QuickBooks Pro For Home Businesses

Listed below are some of the reasons why home business owners need to leverage QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting:

Your Data Just A Click Away

If you are maintaining your documents on paper, you may need to fish for an old bill. Also, your documents stored on your desktop cannot be accessed on the go. Imagine how it impacts your customers when you are unorganized. When you rely on QuickBooks Pro hosting for managing your accounts, you enjoy a highly organized, quick, and simplified way of handling your business accounts.

An ideal QuickBooks Pro hosting provider provides its users with a 99.99% uptime guarantee, so you can rest assured that your data is accessible 24 hours a day and your business is, practically, never off-the-grid.

Scale Up and Down Whenever You Want

Now, you may be starting out as a home business. But, for most entrepreneurs, the end goal is usually to make it big. And, when it is about business expansion, the chosen technology should be such that it promotes scalability. Imagine shifting to a new accounting software every time you decide to scale up or down.

It takes time to learn to work on the new software, data migration is both time-consuming and risky, and the new software may be expensive than the current one. But, when you have QuickBooks Pro on the cloud server, your worries about scalability will be taken care of since the software is highly scalable. You can easily scale your business depending upon the market needs and your software will adjust accordingly.

No Need to Hire Full-Time Employees

Lack of funds is usually the primary reason why owners run their businesses from home. When that is the case, the chances of hiring full-time employees are slim. Although you may need one or two helping hands, finding space to accommodate multiple employees at your home may not be feasible. Luckily, with cloud technology, you can collaborate with your employees irrespective of their location. So, your accountant can directly access your account on cloud-based QuickBooks Pro and handle your business finances from his office or home, while you can monitor the progress in real-time to avoid confusion and keep up with the progress.

Expand Your Business Economically

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud is fairly reasonable. With almost less than 50$ and the pay-as-you-go pricing policy, you can simply manage inventory and accounts payables and receivables, generate bills, monitor employees, and build a constructive business plan, all with the help of QuickBooks Pro hosting. The cloud helps owners handle budget constraints with more ease as it replaces the need to have your own IT infrastructure and a well-trained team to handle it. With everything in one place, on the cloud, and free technical support from your cloud vendor, expenses can be reduced dramatically.


Home businesses have always been popular. Be it a cake shop, or turning your home into a vacation rental, or running a day-care, people have forever been earning money by starting their business from home. A considerable number of successful businesses began on a very small scale, possibly from home. All that you need is an in-depth understanding of what your market needs, a fool-proof business plan, and technology that grows with you. QuickBooks Pro on the cloud server is one such solution.