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Simplifying your accounting operations

Increase efficiency of your accounting with Sage 50 hosting

Hosting Sage 50 on Sagenext platform is an excellent business solution for CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers, crafted such that it meets all related business requirements with ease. When it comes to accomplishing the business objectives, hosted Sage 50 becomes the foremost choice of CPAs across the U.S, Canada and the U.K. We endlessly strive to leverage our professionals with the expertise that helps them to take their business on the track to success.

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Manage invoicing and transactions on-the-go

Carry your accounting files wherever you go with Sage 50 hosting

Sage 50 hosting is equipped with umpteen tools that make accounting and business management a lot easier for the owners. Hosting Sage 50 allows the CPAs and the accountants along with the staff, clients, and vendors to be in sync with each other to maintain a plain-sailing workflow. It ensures that every department is updated with the information relevant for them for easy decision-making. Moreover, be it desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, users can work whenever and wherever they want.

Besides providing ease of collaboration, switching to Sage 50 and Sage 100 on the cloud offers easy add-on integration to streamline your crucial business operations like mobile access, credit card processing and several others. This result in higher efficiency and productivity of your team while helping you attain your organizational goals.

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Easy move to world-class cloud environment

Comprehensive Sage 50 hosting facility on lightning fast servers

Our in-house team of experts can create and deploy a complete Sage 50 hosting environment on the cloud for you. From installation and setting up the Sage 50 application on the servers to managing the data migration to installing the latest updates and security patches, to monitoring servers and handling data backups, our professionals take care of every single requirement. With Sagnext, you can make the most of your business operations while we ensure the ease of use, accessibility, availability and security of your hosted Sage 50 software.

How Sage 50 hosting from Sagenext can benefit you?

With the features and functions offered by our Sage 50 online solution, users can take advantage of the following benefits:

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Access freely

By taking your Sage 50 software to the cloud with Sagenext Infotech, you can enjoy the freedom to access your company files and data from wherever and whenever you want, on any device, without any restrictions.

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Scale up

Our cloud hosting services offer full scalability and flexibility to make accounting easier and stress-free. With our Sage 50 hosting, you can contract or expand your computing and storage needs on-the-go.

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Cost reduction

Our prices are competitive in the industry and we boast of world class cloud hosting services that significantly reduce the overhead costs for the users. Our pay-as-you-go policy guarantees maximum cost savings.

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Secured data

Equipped with 256-bit encryption, multi-level authentication, anti-virus protection, and secured firewalls, our highly advanced SSD servers provides the highest level of security to your business most crucial data.

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