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Enterprise resource planning is an absolute part of the business and a necessity to keep constant checks and balances in place. One such popular ERP solution is Sage 100, formerly known as MAS 90/200. It is quite a comprehensive ERP solution for small and medium businesses, whose needs are growing beyond the basic universal accounting software like QuickBooks.

For companies that have experienced sporadic growth and now require a more industry-specific, streamlined professional solution; Sage 100 ERP cloud is the ideal solution for them. Comparatively, Sage 100cloud, formerly known as Sage 100c, is the contemporary edition of Sage that renders enhanced functionality and connectivity.

Publisher Sage announced back in January 2017 that only the upgraded version of the Sage 100 software would be available for the customers to use. They, again, decided to focus upon Sage 100 cloud as the future model of their Sage 100 ERP product fleet.

Having known the backdrop of the said change, let’s take a look at the 10 reasons as to why one should switch from Sage 100 ERP to Sage100 cloud solution.

10 Valid Switching Reasons

1. Automation

Relocating to the cutting-edge form of Sage 100 cloud ERP additionally permits the user to set up a higher automated workflow. This seemingly increases computerized work processes for recording forms inside budgetary and stock control modules. Automation in Sage100cloud empowers progressively streamlined detailing techniques that:

  • Dispense with manual errands
  • Ease human mistakes
  • Evacuate excess information passages

2. Improved UI

One of the clearest enhancements in Sage 100cloud over Sage 100 is the usage of improved client experience. The UI has been overhauled for a simpler and more interactive one. The developers have taken proper measures to evacuate the expectation to absorb information, provide easier navigation for interfacing with the product highlights.

3. Drill-Down Capabilities

Sage 100cloud contains highlights that convey streamlined information, catch capacities and new apparatuses for giving extensive perceivability. Clients can now use an improved internal internet search engine to discover singular functions that are substantially more effective. Added to this, they can also use the Business Insight Dashboard to get an overview of existing information streams.

4. Mobility

As of the 2018 upgrade, all models of Sage 100 provide access to mobile applications. Furthermore, 100cloud offers upgraded user apps and a wider degree of accessibility for multiple devices. Cloud upgrades assure to provide more seamless integration between Sage 100cloud and mobile devices, as well as streamlining real-time functionality. This simultaneous functionality acts as a user-friendly feature and can be easily accessed via smartphones.

5. Vertical Functionality

The redesigned Sage 100cloud arrangement conveys extra usefulness for manufacturing and distribution SMBs. This includes material, stock, inventory, and money related controls, incorporated with the framework.
Local Material Requirements Planning, Bills of Materials, Inventory Management, and Purchase Order empower the user to design out creation lifecycles. Also, they can manufacture total audit trails from fixing purchase to appropriation, everything on one platform.

6. Office 365 Features

Sage 100cloud features improved their integration with Microsoft Office 365 solutions, which provides additional benefits for users of applications within both systems. The 2018 update allows the user to access an Outlook add-on called Sage Contact that delivers customer data through the former. It enables the user to keep track of customer information and communications within Outlook to help unify their processes.

7. Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership plays a major deciding factor when it comes to ERP migrations. The cost of maintenance and implementation may fluctuate based on a number of different circumstances. When it comes to ownership cost, Sage 100 and Sage 100 cloud pricing models are presented quite differently.
Sage 100 offers a perpetual or a permanent license whereas Sage 100 ERP cloud is majorly subscription-based. We acknowledge and readily accept the price of any software or service to be a predominant deciding factor for the consumer. Keeping that in mind, opting for Sage 100 cloud or Sage 100 cloud hosting is the most viable option.
Upon observing and comparing, one can see that the cost of getting a perpetual license is significantly more expensive than the monthly subscription pricing that Sage100 cloud delivers. It is only wise to go for the cheaper option when similar benefits are offered.

8. Sage Business Cloud

The shift from Sage 100 to Sage 100cloud represents a greater development initiated by Sage Software, described as the Sage Business Cloud. The renaming of Sage 100c together with other Sage products represents a change in the publisher's communication strategy.
This step was initiated basically for telling consumers about the plans for their software pieces. The Sage Business Cloud is positioned as "the only cloud platform ever desired for companies." The offerings under its umbrella represent this in offering customers a way to implement cloud technology at their own rate.

9. Integrated Solutions

Within the latest version, cloud networking allows better communication with built-in modules, as described above. It includes Sage Inventory Advisor Basic, a cloud-based solution that provides comprehensive visibility to Sage 100 users in their stored products and helps them to simplify supply chain processes. Its future updates are set to bring in a new point of sale and mobility functions as well.

10. Future Research

Sage is diverting attention to 100cloud for future updates. Though Sage 100, perpetual license holders will remain sponsored for now. What that means, though, is that newer product consumers won't be able to take advantage of major technology updates and integrations planned for later launches.
The users of Sage 100 cloud will receive all the features of the traditional Sage 100 software. Added to this, they will also be enjoying the new additions that will continue to bring about a reform and an enhanced user experience from the software.

The Surprising Add-on!

Where the above 10 reasons are apt enough to showcase the validity of the switch, security stands as the anchor to this ship. Even though Sage 100 promises higher security measures, it fails to stand in front of the high-level, advanced security features of the Sage 100 Cloud.

Aside to the traditional safety measures, cloud Sage 100 offers features like:

  • Firewall
  • Secured encryptions
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Routine backups

Simply put, even if your device/ system gets stolen or the data in your system gets infected with a virus, the same data stored in the cloud will remain secure and infection-free. Besides, Sage cloud offers users the ease of easy collaborations, which results in a reduced number of file transfers.

Migrating to Sage 100 Cloud ERP: The Smartest Bet

Sage 100 continues to be the smartest solution for enterprise resource planning. It is the ultimate solution for SMBs that have witnessed a growth in their work and have outstripped the basic accounting software such as Sage 50.

Sage 100 cloud is the most suited fit for a more streamlined and core genre-based business. It delivers a future full of functionality and an unmatched level of integration via cloud-connected applications.

The future of ERP is Sage 100 alone, as all the new ongoing research and development would be implemented into its cloud version, including all its advancements and features. Sage 100cloud is a modernized approach for companies looking to expand into the future, with expanded flexibility and better connectivity with external modules.

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