Intuit is one portal that is developing software to make accounting task easier in the financial world. With the latest releases made by Intuit, not many accounting professionals are familiar with but that doesn’t claim the unpopularity of the software. Around millions of active users are working on QuickBooks desktop version (for Windows) since decades and are engaging with new updates of the same as well. But lack of proper knowledge making it hard for them to accept it in their businesses.

No one wants to get out from their comfort zone; while traditional QuickBooks is enhancing its roots with enterprises, QuickBooks online & QuickBooks hosting seems to be newly born kids to many! Might possible that both are the products from the same production house but that’s not a valid point to state the comparison. As both convey different approaches for which the company has developed them.

Choose One Rather Than Comparing Both!

Each business holds one exact perspective often called vision but entertains varieties of customers carrying different views. Because the actual need for business growth is customers and not the comparison. When we walk on a single path of wish, rarely we fail! The same comes with business; when a business focuses on their own needs instead of engaging with the resources their competitors taking to fulfill needs, they actually choose better options.

It is very vital for a user to understand the major differences between QuickBooks online edition & QuickBooks hosting program as both are offered by Intuit. In order to understand the difference between the two- the comparison is not a necessity! For a business, it is even more important to understand the actual meaning of two products.

I always recommend businesses to “Don’t compare” between two products instead know your needs first and then choose accordingly. Analyze your business needs first and then go for the picking up of tools. Though it is right if someone says, how can one choose best for the organization if not compare the availabilities?  Actually, it can be taken as a good point. But, many users get confused with the availability of “QuickBooks” in both the options which ruins the game even before it starts.

QuickBooks Hosting Vs. QuickBooks Online: The Real Difference That Matters

The major difference that is often left by most of the people is- QuickBooks Online (QBO) is offered directly by Intuit whereas QuickBooks Hosting (QBH) services are offered by third-party services for which QuickBooks Desktop is a must. They both somehow offers similar key benefits of remote access but other needed features, functionalities & platform on which they run are different. Any user who is a user of Intuit and using its QuickBooks desktop version (any of Pro, Premier or enterprise) can switch to Cloud-based QuickBooks by availing hosting services from any third party provider authenticated by Intuit itself. The QuickBooks hosting services can be accessed only by selected users of the team that too when they enter right-match of login credentials.

QuickBooks Online Edition is a complete web-enabled & based accounting & taxation software which can be purchased by contacting Intuit. No need of having traditional QuickBooks user or license will be there.

QuickBooks Hosting Service is a distributing & licensing program, offered by third parties that enable QB desktop users to set up their network over the cloud. The third party will install & manage end user’s data on the cloud network, settled on hosting provider’s server.

Not Just An Enhanced Version Of QuickBooks Desktop Versions!

Though QuickBooks online is developed in-house by Intuit that doesn’t mean it is a web-enabled upgrade of QuickBooks desktop. Though a user can have a local backup when integrating QuickBooks desktop with hosting services but the same cannot be possible with QuickBooks online. There is a huge difference between the two; surely anyone can take them as web-enabled software which offers ease of accessibility, collaboration & tracking but functionalities are truly different. Many users have mistaken them for taking cloud-enabled software which will simplify their accounting tasks.

Usually, these are the main things every user needs to keep in mind before choosing one for their business. Both, QuickBooks Online Edition & QuickBooks Hosting Program offers remote access services to its users using which they can work in collaboration. Just QBO’s independent cloud network can be avail by paying a monthly fee and QBH’s can be availed by taking yearly subscription or monthly.

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