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Fast and Confident Tax Prep

Worksheet-design results in quick input and one click navigation to forms Deep form sets and calculations help clients to prepare the most complex returns. Sophisticated diagnostics help clients to catch mistakes with fewer disruptions. Time-saving features such as the Missing Client Data Utility add to the performance and efficiency of the clients.


Following are the crucial features of Lacerte Tax Software Hosting:

  • Automatically assigns tax fields to client’s trial balance accounts
  • Balances are imported into a “safe place” and hence, required changes and corrections can be before posting balances to the return.
  • Build your own custom database by automatically saving new assignments. Complete one client and almost all your other returns are done.
  • Drag and drop un-mappable fields from QuickBooks directly onto the tax form and finally, the Export Billing Information to QuickBooks tool exports Lacerte billing amounts to QuickBooks integration with Lacerte software hosting.
  • Lacerte Tax Software is installed at SageNext Infotech high speed terminal servers, making it easy for you to access and use the software through RDP.
  • Hosted Lacerte Tax Software enables clients to utilize a very user friendly terminal work environment so clients can complete far more tax returns in lesser time.

Advantages of switching to
Lacerte Tax software hosting solutions offered by SageNext Infptech:

Anytime and anywhere access
SageNext Infotech leverages the option to access and use your Lacerte Tax software anytime and from anywhere in the world as the application and data are available online in our tier IV datacenter.
Cost Saving
Time saved means money saved: but that is not the only conclusion as Lacerte Hosting can mean fewer out-of-pocket expenses for you. Having your tax software hosted offsite also means reduced IT and technology-related expenditures.
Time-Saving Efficiency
The Anytime, Anywhere access combined with multi-user capabilities of Lacerte cloud saves a great deal of valuable time of the clients, which can be used to achieve core organizational goals.
Office Integration:
SageNext Infotech Lacerte Tax Hosting is fully integrated with Microsoft Office applications. Users can easily export or import their data into Tax returns and submit directly from within virtual server terminal.
Individual focus
With SageNext Infotech Lacerte Tax Hosting users can focus on the core areas of their business while leaving behind concerns related to software installations, upgradation, troubleshooting, etc on us.
Reliable data backups
SageNext Infotech stores data in SASII Tier IV certified Data Center in Dallas and New York. To provide reliable data backup they store data at multiple places which guarantees users business continuity.
Only authenticated users can access data as it is protected by enhanced passwords. Clients get the power to define the level of access for an individual user.
Data security and data backups are guaranteed by the Lacerte Tax Hosting service provided by SageNext Infotech, which eliminates nearly all concerns and worries related to IT department.
Universal Printing Solution
Our universal printing solution has been thoughtfully designed to provide unmatched printing feasibility to the clients. It maps the entire local printers of the users on the server and helps clients to get hard copies of their job done with just a single click.
Multi-user Access
Having Lacerte Tax Software hosted in the cloud with multi user license gives you and your staff the ability to access the application and Tax returns and related documents simultaneously regardless of place or time.
Reduced burdens
If users host their Lacerte Tax, SageNext takes the responsibility of data backup, technical support and other security needs. So, users do not need to get busy with these parameters and get more time to focus on their core jobs. It even helps to reduce operational expenses of the users.
Free and unlimited support Round the Clock
SageNext Infotech offers 24x7x365 free technical support through Live Chat, Email and Voice calls as well as remote support to help users work with the greatest efficiency without facing any issues.