How to Fix QuickBooks Error H-202?

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Execute the measures depending on how you host the company files:

Hosting your network

If you haven’t, execute the steps to install your QuickBooks Database Server Manager on the server for all QuickBooks versions you use. Server is the main system hosting company files. Once you’ve installed Database Server Manager, proceed with the below steps:

There are two methods to set up your QB Database Server Manager:

  • Full Program Method:

If you’ve installed the QuickBooks full version and Database Server Manager on the server computer.

  • The Server Only Method: 

If you’ve installed only the Database Server Manager on the system.

QuickBooks tool hub

Resolution 1:

Step 1: Download & Run the QuickBooks Tools Hub 

The Tool Hub application can fix the common problems. For this, we advise you to use it on Windows 10, 64-bit.

  1. Quit QuickBooks.
  2. Install and run the latest QuickBooks Tool Hub version. (
  3. Save the file. Note: If you have the Tool Hub installed before, you can check the version. Tap on the Home tab and the version can be seen at the bottom.
  4. Run the file and follow the instructions. (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).

Download & Run the QuickBooks Tools Hub

Note: If you can’t find the icon, search in Windows for QuickBooks Tool Hub and select the program.


Step 2: QuickBooks Database Server Manager 

The server PC stores your QuickBooks company files and other systems are connected to the network.

  1. Go to the Network Issues section within the tool hub.
  2. Tap on the QuickBooks Database Server Manager server and install it.
  3. Choose the Start Scan and start it.
  4. Hit Start Scan and fix your firewall permissions by default. 
  5. Run QuickBooks on every workstation. Click on the File and Switch to Multi-user Mode. 


Resolution 2: Verify the services on the server

Important for the Full Program option: Turn on multi-user hosting, if you use the QuickBooks full version.

  1. Go to the QuickBooks on your main computer.
  2. Move to the File tab and then choose Utilities.
  3. If you view the Host Multi-User Access option active, select it. 
  4. Next, if you view stop Hosting Multi-User Access, don’t turn it off.

Check if your QuickBooks services are running, follow these below-listed to verify the QuickbooksDBXX and do it again for the QBCFMonitorService.


  1. Start the Windows Start Menu and enter “Run”.
  2. On the window, enter“services. msc”.
  3. Locate and right-click QuickBooksDBXX from the list.
  4. Click on the Automatic option for the Startup Type.
  5. Check if the Service status is either Started or running. If it’s neither, click on the Start.
  6. Go to the Recovery tab.

 Important for the Full Program option

  1. Tap on the Restart the Service within the drop-down menus: 
  2. The first failure- Second failure- & Subsequent failures. 
  3. Hit on Apply and then click OK to apply the changes.Verify the services on the server
  4. Do these steps again for QBCFMonitorService.
  5. Once done, run the QuickBooks on all workstations. 
  6. Navigate to the File tab and click on the Switch to Multi-user Mode.




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