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QuickBooks Pro Overview (what Is QuickBooks Pro)

QuickBooks Pro is one of the effective versions of QuickBooks accounting software preferred by CPA firms & SMBs. It provides all the high-value accounting benefits like unlimited storage, data sharing, automated tasks, & updates. The cloud accounting tool is the industry standard preferred by professionals & accounts for tax preparation activities.
QuickBooks Pro is versatile & robust in its operations and helps to manage the operations accurately. The QuickBooks Pro Desktop version is also a masterpiece and is equipped with modern accounting features. But, hosting it on the cloud is enabling the increase of efficiency & effectiveness of the solution. Get the ULTIMATE accounting solution with powerful QuickBooks accounting software features. It works like a magic wand for the business!

QuickBooks Pro Features

QuickBooks has quickly become the most favorite accounting tool for professionals in a quick time. The features of the software have transformed the methods of accounting & bookkeeping for its users. Intuit is continuously upgrading the product with the latest features to enhance its existing features.
It is the improved version of the accounting software meant for small & medium-sized businesses. The data is stored in accessible hubs & the reports can be viewed easily to check the financial transactions of the business. Let us dig deep into the charming features of QuickBooks Pro.

Hide Columns in Job Reports

QuickBooks users can now hide or collapse columns in a QuickBooks report horizontally useful for viewing in total.Also, the navigation within the report becomes simpler with the help of easy scrolling. Get access to relevant information faster now!

Addition of Customer PO in Emails

It is one of the latest features of QuickBooks Pro and it helps in the addition of Purchase Order Number in the email’s subject line. The feature can be used effectively in invoice tracking as businesses use the PO number to look for emails.

File Search

Finding the right kind of files from hundreds or thousands of them is a tedious task. Search across multiple devices using the latest version of Company File Search.

Identify the correct files using the correct details.

Self-Payroll Setup

Setup the payroll on your own by entering the QuickBooks details manually. Intuit is helping to enhance the features by empowering employees to file their tax returns correctly.

Version Upgrade Process

It is smoother to upgrade the QuickBooks version with ZERO interruptions. It is the feature helping in the reduction of steps that need to be followed to move to a new version.

Direct Deposit’s Payroll Status

The version of QuickBooks has the feature to verify the transaction status & thus eliminates the need to check emails or contact support.

Smart Help

Are you looking for useful tips or help to manage business accounting? The Smart Help feature is making QuickBooks an intelligent tool that helps to deal with minor problems in operation. It also provides a search option to help users find the setting just with a simple search.

Automated Payment Reminders

It is automating the task of reminding clients of outstanding payments. This includes calculation of dues & contacting the clients. Businesses can set reminders, create email templates, edit emails, and much more.

Why Buy QuickBooks Pro from Sagenext?

Set the right path for QuickBooks Pro hosting with our assistance & pocket-friendly price. Gain a competitive edge in the industry by adapting to new technologies for smarter accounting. Try the 7-days free trial & then go basic for a small monthly fee with our QuickBooks Pro hosting solutions. Easily collaborate with multiple users now on the same accounting files, for a reasonable price.

We offer the best deal to SMBs & CPAs on QuickBooks Pro hosting solutions.

We assist in accessing the hosted account via all web browsers & from any device.

Store your accounting data across safe data centers & you’ll run out of space as the business data grows. Cloud hosting includes unlimited data storage opportunities for the QuickBooks accounting files.

Call us for a custom quote and cancel the service agreement with no long-term contracts.

Access the multiple QuickBooks company files, all with the hosted cloud account.

Continue doing the business with seamless communication & access the cloud applications easily.

What's New in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is the comprehensive accounting tool developed by Intuit to address the concerns of SMBs & accountants. You get all the robust accounting features like project accounting, payroll management, & expense management in a single integrated suite. The new QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 updates are defining the workflow for accounting activities in a clearer manner.
Let us look into the core improvements in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 –

Improved Bank Feeds

To overcome the previous limitation, significant improvements have been made in the Bank Feeds with QuickBooks Desktop 2021. The new ‘Advanced Mode’ feature of Bank Feeds is optional & can be used by users in need of it! It is automatically categorizing the bank transactions with the use of enhanced AI.

Automated Statements

QuickBooks is automatically creating the email statements & can be scheduled to be sent out to customers based on when they receive them. CPAs can set up different statement schedules related to customer groups as needed.

Creation of Customer Groups

The tool is allowing the use of Customer Groups to send promotional emails to the customers meeting certain criteria. Groups can be created based on predefined data sets & automatically adds or removes the members based on specific criteria.

Customized Payment Receipts

QuickBooks Pro Desktop 2021 is allowing businesses to be consistent in their communication with customers with help of customized payment receipts. Send detailed professional-looking receipts that include all the relevant data fields & information.

QuickBooks Desktop Manager

It is ensuring a simplified installation process of the software & lets users select the most appropriate version. The easy one-click installation doesn’t require the checking of license or product number and does not worry about the other installation concerns.

What Are the System Requirements for
QuickBooks Pro?

  • 4 GB of RAM is Must (8 GB is Recommended)
  • 2.4 GHz Processor
  • Recommended Disk Space – 2.5 GB
  • Windows 7 SP1, 8.1 Update 1, or Windows 10 Updated Version Supported by Microsoft
  • 4x DVD-ROM drive
  • 1 Mbps of recommended internet speed for online features
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or SP2, 2012 R2 or 2016
  • Registration of the product
  • Optimized for Default DPI settings & 1280x1024 screen resolution or higher

QuickBooks Pro Integration with
Other Software:

Microsoft Word and Excel integration require Office 2010 SP2–2016 or Office 365 (32- and 64-bit). E-mail estimates, invoices, and other forms with Microsoft Outlook 2010–2016, Microsoft Outlook with Office 365, Gmail™,, and other SMTP-supporting e-mail clients. Integration with QuickBooks POS 18.0! Transfer data from Quicken 2016–2018, QuickBooks Desktop Mac 2016 and Microsoft Excel 2010 SP2, 2013, 2016, Office 365 (32-and 64-bit).

How QuickBooks Pro 2021 Helps You to Focus on Your Business?

Intuit has developed the QuickBooks Pro software to assist businesses & CPAs with remote cloud accounting. There are multiple ways QuickBooks Pro hosting is helping businesses focus on their core operations & leave the accounting work to the smart tool.

Easy Compatibility

Cloud hosting accounting is accessible via different devices like PCs, laptops, mobile phones, & other devices. It can be accessed via any web browser & you only need an active internet connection to access the account.

Unlimited Storage

Businesses will never be short of space as the business data grows. The QuickBooks hosting service includes data storage for vital QuickBooks files.

No-Risk of Data Breach

Cloud accounting is a safe process to access & store data for later use! It is impossible to break into the data centers for data access.

Multiple QuickBooks Versions

QuickBooks has different versions for use in the industry as per the business! Host any type of QuickBooks version on the cloud as per the features & demand.

No Technological Hassle

It is very easy to manage cloud technology & we are there to assist you in the maintenance of the virtual environment.

QuickBooks Pro FAQs (Each answer should be in 50 words)

QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus is the version of QuickBooks Pro with an annual subscription. QuickBooks Pro Plus has all the features available in the Pro version (sales tax tracking, invoice tracking, bill & accounts payable, invoices, and income & expense tracking) including annual upgrades, free automatic data backups, & annual upgrades.

It costs $33/user/per month. The half-yearly subscription costs $188/user & the yearly subscription costs $365/user.

The user can purchase a single QuickBooks Pro license or purchase the QuickBooks Pro subscription annually.

No, it is possible to buy QuickBooks without a subscription. There are monthly, half-yearly, & yearly billings for QuickBooks essentials & you need to start it with subscription plans.

Buying the QuickBooks license is a one-time phenomenon. You need to upgrade the QuickBooks version once the subscription runs out.

QuickBooks Pro is best suited for small businesses & startups. It has all the relevant accounting features needed to keep the financial hygiene of a business on track. The data is kept in secured data centers across the region & it is easy to access the account with an active internet connection.

Both versions of QuickBooks have strong accounting features, but the desktop version is meant to help in-house businesses perfectly. QuickBooks Desktop Pro has more features as compared to the QuickBooks online version & also costs less than the online version.

Yes, customer support is included in the QuickBooks Desktop Pro version. Sagenext promises to provide assistance 24/7 as per the hosting needs. Reach us at +1-855-922-7243 for backups, maintenance, & upgrades.

What Kind of Support Do I Get With This Software?

You get all kinds of support from Sagenext to install the software in your system & the IT professionals guide you with the effective use of the QuickBooks account. To know more, reach us at +1-855-922-7243.

  • Can I Integrate QuickBooks Desktop Pro With My Other Software?

    Yes, QuickBooks Desktop Pro supports integration with other software. It can include payroll or any other CRM tool, but it needs to be in sync with Intuit for integration.

  • Can I Install QuickBooks Desktop Pro on More Than One Computer?

    No, it is not possible to install QuickBooks Pro on a shared computer & utilize the tool across multiple systems.

  • Can I Upload/import Data from My Old Software without Losing It?

    Yes, it is easy to upload important data from old software without losing it! We can help you migrate to QuickBooks Pro without losing any files or data.

What Is the Difference Between QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Desktop Hosting, and QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is the software installed on the desktop. QuickBooks Desktop hosting is the hosting of QuickBooks desktop version on the cloud and QuickBooks online is a different version of the software with separate functionalities.

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