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Cookie Policy

At Sagenext Infotech, we respect the privacy concerns of our users and value the relationship that we share with them. This cookie policy is for our website visitors, which explains how, when, and why cookies are stored on and retrieved from your device whenever you visit our website. In this notice, ‘we’ and ‘our’ refers to Sagenext Infotech – the owner and operator of this website.

What are Cookies?

Cookies can be defined as small files, mostly comprising texts and numbers, which get downloaded on users’ devices when they visit certain websites. These cookies are designed in such a way that they enable websites to recognize the visitors on subsequent visits or to authorize other related websites to identify these visitors for any particular purpose. Each of the cookies expires after a certain time frame, depending on its type and purpose of its use. Not only does it help websites function properly, but it also plays a pivotal role in enhancing the browsing experience of the users.

How do we use Cookies?

We access and collect different types of cookies from users’ devices for different purposes. In addition to tracking the performance of our website, the cookies we use help us supply contents tailored to your preferences and interests. In other words, it empowers us to calculate how many visitors we have and how much time do they spend on our website along with allowing visitors to register to make comments.

Essential Cookies

The essential cookies that we use on our website make it more interactive and user-friendly by enabling important functions such as page navigation and session handling. These cookies comprise user login and profile details (WHMCS). Without essential cookies, the website won’t be able to function properly.

Google Analytics

These are extremely important cookies given the fact that they monitor how visitors land on our website and how they navigate through it. We use Google Analytics cookies to determine the total number of visits on each of the page and provide relevant content to the users. Click on this link to opt-out from this.

Cookies from Comm100

The cookies from Comm100 are used to help users interact with our sales and technical support representatives. Users can access and communicate with our representatives by clicking on the Live Chat option given on our website

Marketing Cookies

We have placed social media links on our website so that visitors can view our social media handles directly and follow us. When a visitor browses through our website, the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube) send some cookies on their device.
Kindly refer to the privacy policy of the social media websites for further information: : : : :

Bing Analytics Cookies

We use Bing Analytics cookies which allow us to gather data regarding user’s behavior while accessing our website. This data helps us in enhancing the performance of our website and deliver a unique browsing experience to every individual user.

How can users manage Cookies?

As a user, you can manage cookies via the browser you use. If you change the cookie settings, it will be applicable on all websites. Refer to the links given below to change the cookie setting via your browser.

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Safari on MacBook :
Safari on mobile devices (iPad and iPhone) : for mobile versions
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