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What is QuickBooks Hosting on the Cloud?

- Access cloud accounting practice on-the-go!

QuickBooks hosting is essentially the practice of installing the licensed copies of the desktop version of the QuickBooks on virtual cloud servers. A very popular and widely used accounting application deployment technique, QuickBooks cloud hosting services allow multiple users to access the hosted application and company files remotely with the same desktop feel and features of the desktop version with added compatibility, scalability, flexibility, and security advantages. Cloud-based QuickBooks comes with two options: shared and dedicated hosting, each having their own benefits.

What makes cloud-hosted QuickBooks a viable option for modern businesses is the fact that it eradicates the need of having an elaborative IT infrastructure in-house. Not only does it help you save some capital investment, but also frees you from the hassles related to the maintenance and management of server resources. Data security is another major aspect that is well-covered with cloud-based QuickBooks. A reliable service provider with HIPAA, HI-TECH, PCI DSS and SSAE-18 certification offers enterprise-level protection like end-to-end data encryption, multi-factor authentication, network firewalls, and intrusion detection and prevention systems to safeguard your confidential business files and data from cyberattacks.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Host QuickBooks Desktop

  • First, you need to share QuickBooks License and essential information to install QuickBooks on our SOC-2 cloud platform.

  • Then, your QuickBooks Cloud server configuration is done along with data migration to setup your QuickBooks cloud hosting platform.

  • After that, the login credentials for remote desktop are provided so that all the QuickBooks users in your team can access and use the application.

  • Industry-grade security measures along with two-way authentication are implemented to provide secured anywhere, anytime access.

  • Connectivity between the cloud server and the users’ devices is managed through the RDP Web Connector, which is configured to login as per the users’ request.

  • The customized QuickBooks remote server thus created can be accessed from anywhere through any tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop based on any Operating Systems – MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS, etc.

  • Enjoy the freedom to access, share, collaborate and work with other authorized members via RDP shortcut or a web browser.

How QuickBooks on the Cloud is Hosted?

Data Security Considerations When Choosing QuickBooks Cloud Services

- Because it matters

Irrespective of the size or the nature, cybersecurity stands right at the top of the priority list of every organization, and it’s pretty evident why. The increasing cases of data breaches, malware and ransomware attacks in recent years have forced businesses across the globe to look for stringent measures and protocols while searching for QuickBooks cloud hosting providers to safeguard data from theft, loss or damage.

When planning to switch to QuickBooks hosting, you should always consider choosing a cloud hosting service that complies with the latest industry standards and regulations like HIPAA, HI-TECH, PCI DSS and SSAE.

With data stored in SSAE-18 Certified Tier IV data centres having high-level authorisation and security protocols to prevent unusual access and suspicious activities, you can feel confident that your confidential business information is always protected even when you are accessing your hosted QuickBooks desktop software and data remotely.

End-To-End Encryption

End-To-End Encryption

Anti Malware

Antivirus & Anti-Malware

24x7 Network Monitoring

24x7 Network Monitoring

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-layered Firewall

Multi-layered Firewall

Automated Data Backup

Automated Data Backup

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The Differences Between QuickBooks Desktop & QuickBooks Hosting

Why should you host QuickBooks software on remote servers?

FeaturesQuickBooks DesktopQuickBooks Hosting
Remote Access
Multi-device Access
Multi-user Collaboration
Automated Backup
Disaster Recovery
Multi-layered Firewall

Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Solution Provider

- Buy Genuine QuickBooks Products

Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Solutions Provider (QSP) program allows the Partners to sell Intuit applications and business solutions at comparatively low prices. The QSP partners work closely with Intuit and its affiliates and distribution partners to help CPAs, accounting professionals and SMBs evaluate, purchase, customize and implement required software solutions to meet their diverse requirements.

You can upgrade your existing accounting application or purchase new QuickBooks licenses for major Intuit Inc products including QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro, Premier, QuickBooks Payment Solutions, POS, Payroll, Field Service Management, and Advanced Territory among others.

Talk to us to know how we help our clients streamline their business using cloud.

Which Versions of QuickBooks Can You Host?

Multi-layered Firewall

You can host all versions and editions of QuickBooks Desktop in a secure, multi-user cloud environment. Whether you are using the US, Canadian, or the UK edition of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, QuickBooks Premier, or Pro, you can get customized, affordable monthly, half-annually, and annual QuickBooks hosting plans to meet your needs.

Hosting QuickBooks Pro allows users to add more power to their preferred accounting software.
Experience smart, cloud-based QB Premier with our SSAE-18 (Type II) certified data centers.
Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise lets you take advantage of countless benefits with 24×7 support.
Hosted POS solutions offer maximum freedom and flexibility to help organize your retail business.

What Adds More Features to QuickBooks Desktop Hosting?


Add more power, features, and functionality to your favorite accounting software by integrating your desired Add-on on the same cloud server where you have host QuickBooks Desktop application. Hundreds of CPAs, accountants and small businesses rely on, Fishbowl Inventory, Method CRM, SmartVault, etc as these tools are designed to make QuickBooks cloud desktop all the more efficient. Host QuickBooks on world-class cloud desktops with your chosen add-ons and third-party utilities to give your accounting practice a competitive advantage.


3 Simple Steps to Host QuickBooks Desktop

Quickbook Hosting Steps
Step 1

Pick the Right Plan

Talk to a representative for a suitable QuickBooks hosting service according to your requirements.

Share QuickBooks Details

Share your QuickBooks license to begin your cloud hosting services. If you don't have it, you can buy it from us.

Step 2
Step 3

Cloud Setup

As per your users, RAM and storage requirements, you can set up your QuickBooks cloud desktop. Get your cloud based QuickBooks journey started in hours.

Customize Your Cloud Platform

call Talk To Us

How QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Adds Value to Accounting Operations?

Sagenext Advantage
Ease of Access

Ease of Access

Get the freedom to access, share, edit and use QuickBooks in the cloud, files, and data remotely even while on-the-go. This means enhanced productivity with less wasted time and effort.

Unparalleled Data Security

Unparalleled Data Security

Backed by bank-level data security, our data centers offer superior protection. With a fully-clustered, cloud hosting infrastructure, you get data encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Multi-user Collaboration

Multi-user Collaboration

Our QuickBooks hosting service supports multiple user access, simultaneously. Cloud desktop is fully compatible with cross-device operation needs, be it desktop, laptop, smartphone, or a tablet.

Daily Data Backup

Daily Data Backup

Your confidential company files and data are protected with our automated backup and disaster recovery solutions. You can be assured of the safety and availability of the data even in the case of accidental data deletion or natural disaster.

Round-the-Clock Support

Round-the-Clock Support

Our QuickBooks online customer support team is available to ensure your application functions smoothly. You can call, email or chat with our experts at any time to get your issues resolved free of cost.

Lower cost of ownership

Lower cost of ownership

With Sagenext, you don’t have to make a large investment in infrastructure. Our ‘pay-as-you-go’ model allows you to choose exactly the tools and resources you need without paying for bells and whistles.


Being in the industry for 12+ years, Sagenext Infotech has helped thousands of CPAs, accounting professionals, bookkeepers, and small and mid-sized businesses in cloud adoption for ease of use and accessibility. Here’s what our clients have to say about our services.

QuickBooks Hosting FAQ's

If you have any query or questions related to our QuickBooks Hosting services, take a look at the following FAQ section:

Yes, you need the QuickBooks license for hosting . If you don't already have it, you can purchase new QuickBooks licenses from Sagenext, which is an Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP). Whether you are looking for QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Online, you can purchase it from any Intuit Authorized Commercial reseller. You can even opt for the QuickBooks Hosting services provided by Sagenext and by switching to QuickBooks server hosting solutions, you get an easy, fast and secure access to QuickBooks in the cloud.

With QuickBooks desktop hosting services, your QuickBooks Online accounting application is very easily accessible with all interconnected devices, be it traditional desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Whether you work on traditional Windows-based desktop or have the latest iPad, you can easily access QuickBooks on the device of your choice and get working. What gives QuickBooks cloud hosting an edge over traditional desktop version is that the centralised QuickBooks hosting platform is cross-device and cross-platform compatible. Multiple users can collaborate, share and access QuickBooks on the cloud seamlessly.

Yes, you can. However, there are a couple of points that you need to keep in mind. While you can use different versions and editions of QuickBooks on the same cloud desktop, the same version and edition may not be compatible with each other. Therefore, to have a hassle-free QuickBooks hosting experience, you should always go for separate servers for the best cloud hosting experience.
For detailed information, feel free to talk to QuickBooks hosting consultants.

Yes, more than 200 add-ons and third-party apps are supported by QuickBooks desktop hosting solutions. You can easily get them integrated with your QuickBooks cloud hosting platform and make the most of your accounting operations. Salesforce, Fathom, LeanLaw,, Fishbowl Inventory, ACCTivate, SmartVault, Time Tracker, etc are some of the most popular add-ons used by professionals across the industry.

Yes, you get 5% and 10% Discount on half-yearly and yearly QuickBooks cloud hosting subscriptions if you choose to make upfront payment. As for the freebies, you get Free data migration and 24x7 technical support along with TSPrint, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel among others. Sagenext has been in the industry for more than 12 years and understands the requirements of the busy professionals really well and can help you in every way to help accelerate your cloud move.

They both are two different kinds of software designed to serve different accounting needs of modern professionals. QuickBooks online happens to be a cloud based version of the accounting application offered directly by Intuit Inc. Designed to accomplish basic accounting and finance management, QB online has limited features and tools. On the other hand, QuickBooks Enterprise is a dedicated accounting application designed especially for medium sized businesses and large scale enterprises. QuickBooks Enterprise offers a host of features like sales, invoicing, payroll, staff and inventory management and supports multiple users at a time. With reliable QuickBooks hosting, you do not need to setup an elaborative IT infrastructure on premise.

Of course, you can add or remove users at any time without any limitations with QuickBooks hosting service. This is one of the biggest benefits of using cloud which helps to reduce your cost when there’s very less use and scale the number of users up when your business is just booming. Especially with QuickBooks Enterprise hosting where the numbers of users are relatively high, this unique scalability helps save money and resources of the clients.

As standard, 5 GB of space per user is, by default, offered which will not include Operating System and Software settings. It will be just for your personal files and folders. However, there is no limit for storage space as you can avail additional space for nominal charges i.e. $1/GB and based on your specific QuickBooks hosting requirements, you can upgrade the storage.

A reliable hosting provider is specialized in hosting all versions and editions of QuickBooks. Be it the US, Canadian, UK or the Australian edition, the entire editions of the accounting software released from 2005 onwards can be hosted. The entire QuickBooks editions are fully compatible with advanced server setup, providing you seamless access to your accounting application and data with absolute ease.

Of course, you can. Highly reliable cloud hosting environment supports most of the scanner makes and models. You may check with your hosting provider if they charge anything for scanning features.

Generally, there are no contracts associated with our hosted QuickBooks on cloud. Also, users are allowed to terminate the services according to their personal choice without getting stuck in any complications related to termination policies.

No, you don’t need to install anything on your local desktop as set up is done on the cloud to provide you remote access to your accounting applications and data. Hosting QuickBooks Desktop saves you the costs related to in-house IT setup along with the hassles of managing it. You can simply access cloud based QuickBooks from your web browser and execute your tasks.

QuickBooks hosting providers that comply with international data security and privacy guidelines are very reliable, safe, and secure to host desktop QuickBooks software. It’s advisable to choose a QuickBooks Hosting provider that is SSAE-18 certified and HIPAA compliant and has partnered with top tier data centers as they deploy hi-tech physical, digital and electronic data security solutions to deliver all-round data protection. A recognized hosted QuickBooks provider generally has end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, software and hardware-based firewalls and 24x7 among other security measures to make your QuickBooks experience safer and better. Multiple users can access QuickBooks cloud desktop securely from anywhere and carry out their accounting operations by choosing QuickBooks hosting services.

The US data protection laws clearly state that your confidential business files and data should be stored in SSAE-18 certified data centers located in New York, Dallas, and Phoenix and the infrastructure comply with the industry standard and regulations to ensure the highest level of data protection. Hence, when looking for a reliable QuickBooks hosting service provider, you should always consider choosing the one that has their data centers in the US. This ensures that your sensitive business data never gets out of the country.

Absolutely, you can easily run multiple monitors (up to 10) with the same look-and-feel. It helps you to work with multiple files at a time. Whether you are looking for QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, you get multi-monitor support as standard.

Of course, you can. You can simply cut and paste the required files from your local PC or USB storage devices and keep them safely on highly reliable and secure cloud servers. You can do back-and-forth without any frequency limitations. With a reliable QuickBooks hosting service, you can rest assured that your valuable time doesn't go waste and the time that you save can be utilized in accomplishing your core organizational goals.

Cutting-edge terminal servers automatically backup your sensitive business data twice a day with a 30-day retention period to avoid those unforeseen moments when you realize that the important piece of data is conspicuously missing. Backup copies are kept at 3 different locations to ensure optimum data integrity. By providing automated data backup with 30-day retention policy, you can always be assured that your confidential business data is available and accessible whenever you need it.

A hosting provider has a team of cloud computing experts that are available round-the-clock via live chat, email ([email protected]) and telephone (+1.801.610.6141 – Toll-Free) to offer assistance and resolve all kinds of technical issues. From fixing minor login, access and server performance related issues to providing professional guidance to move large sets of data, Microsoft certified professionals are there at your service to ensure that you make the most of your business with QuickBooks hosting solutions.

Well, it depends on what plan you choose. Shared and dedicated server hosting options are available and you can pick the one depending on your budget and requirement. Basic QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Pricing starts from $33/user/month while the dedicated hosting plans start at $50/user/month. You can always talk to a cloud hosting expert to help you host existing licensed copies of QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise on remote servers.

Yes, you can. World-class cloud architecture allows you and your assigned users to be online without any disturbances. Even if you have a slow internet connection, the hosted platform can empower you to work just as efficiently and accurately as working on your local desktop. QuickBooks online hosting is designed keeping the requirements of busy professionals' requirements in mind and you can always bank on the cloud services.

Yes, you can without any worries. While setting up the Remote Desktop, universal printing techniques are used, which allow you to access and print documents from your local printer easily.

Well, there are plenty of software and tools such as MS Office, Internet Browser, Document Reader, Printing Utility, and others that you get absolutely free of charge.

No, operations are driven through multiple data centers where your confidential data is stored. Even if one of the data centers goes down for maintenance, it is ensured that your business is up and running without any delays.

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