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Sage Hosting is the process of installing and setting up licensed desktop versions of Sage applications and their associated data on to virtual cloud servers for anywhere, anytime accessibility. Moving desktop versions of Sage Accounting, ERP, and CRM software on cloud servers gives you anywhere and anytime access, high data availability, performance, and security. The centralized cloud platform provided by Sage hosting providers allows you to access and work on the same hosted application with the same features and functionalities offering unique cross-device compatibility with multi-user support.

Cloud-based Sage applications come loaded with adequate cloud computing resources including vRAM, vCPU, and SSD-based Storage to meet the hosting requirements of modern SMEs. In fact, remote servers are just as scalable, allowing you to add or remove cloud resources as and when required for seamless usability. Add value to your business operations with time-saving automation, remote access, and scalability features.

Planning to get started with Hosted Sage Solutions?

Features and Benefits of Sage Software Hosting for Businesses

Small Business Accounting Made Simple

For small businesses, efficient management of budget and resources is the key to expansion and growth. And this is where Sage cloud hosting services turn out to be the most innovative approach, as it enables them to leverage the same technology solutions as large enterprises at a fraction of the actual cost.

Here Are the major reasons why SMBs need to switch to Sage hosting services for the greater good:

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Reduce manual errors and save time with automated admin tasks and invoicing. Auto-update financial records and manage your books in real-time from anywhere.

No IT Hassles

No IT Hassles

Minimize the burden of IT infrastructure setup and system administration. With Sage Cloud solutions, you can focus on your core operations and work towards your goals.

Smart Investments

Smart Investments

No in-house IT infrastructure means no upfront capital investments are needed. You can enjoy the same accessibility with value-added benefits at reasonable monthly fees.



Experience the best of cloud performance with state-of-the-art cloud networks powered by high-performance server resources to deliver better speed, reliability, and security.



What makes cloud technology even more worthy for small businesses is the fact that it lets them scale their platform as per the changing requirements of the business.



Sage cloud hosting provides you with multi-layered security including encryption, password authentication, and 24x7 monitoring for all-around protection.

What Versions of Sage We Host?

Monitor and manage your business on-the-go

As Sage cloud hosting specialists, we specialize in hosting. There are different versions of Sage products designed to cater to the day-to-day accounting CRM and ERP requirements of modern businesses.

Sage 50 ERP Hosting

Sage 50 ERP Hosting

Host Sage50 on the cloud to manage your business's accounting efficiently from any remote location.

Sage 100 ERP Hosting

Sage 100 ERP Hosting

Work in collaboration with your colleagues and clients in real-time to attain your organizational goals.

Sage 300 ERP Hosting

Sage 300 ERP Hosting

Get a real-time overview of your business finances and operations by hosting Sage 300 ERP with us.

Sage 500 ERP Hosting

Sage 500 ERP Hosting

Host Sage 500 ERP to comprehensively manage your enterprise and uplift business performance.

Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 Contractor

Host Sage 100 Contractors to comprehensively manage your enterprise and uplift business performance.

Sage 300 CRE

Sage 300 CRE

Host Sage 300 CRE to comprehensively manage your enterprise and uplift business performance.

How is Sage Cloud Hosting is Different from On-premises Sage Application?

What should you choose?

The fundamental difference between standalone desktop-based accounting and hosted Sage applications is the way the software is deployed and where it resides. Traditionally, Sage applications were installed locally on office desktops with internal IT teams being responsible to manage the tech operations while cloud-based Sage applications are installed on the cloud service provider's servers and accessed remotely through RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).

Along with the hosted app availability and accessibility, there are a few things that make them different, such as cost of ownership, cost of operations, software update management, add-ons integrations, and additional freebies that you get with Sage ERP and CRM hosting solutions.

FactorsCloud Based SageTraditional
Desktop-based Sage
DeploymentDeployed on remote servers with service providers being responsible for ensuring availability of hosted Sage Application.Software deployed in house with owners being responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and the associated process.
Cost of OwnershipRequires software license and a nominal cloud subscriptions to operateRequires a complete IT setup on premise, which needs hefty upfront investment
CompatibilityCan be used across any device with the same desktop featuresCompatible only with laptops and desktops.
SecuritySSAE-18 Certified data centers with enterprise level measures ensure complete data securityYour in house IT team is responsible for data security
ComplianceCloud service providers ensure that the set regulatory controls and compliances are metYou need to maintain the regulatory controls and compliances
AccessibilityAnywhere, anytime accessAccess limited to local systems

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Sage Hosting Provider

Make a well-informed decision

Availability of multiple cloud hosting options and service providers can make the process of cloud adoption overwhelming for many. However, if you want to ease the selection process, then here are some important aspects that you need to navigate through for a holistic cloud approach for your business.

Industry Standards and Compliances

When finalizing a service provider, you must ensure that the chosen partner complies with the latest security standards and compliances, such as SSAE, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. Hosting Sage products with such cloud providers minimizes data privacy and security concerns.

Cloud Setup and Migration

Setting up a cloud account and moving your data can be a daunting and time-consuming task. However, a professional cloud hosting provider understands the configuration process very well and can help you get cloud setup and data migration done within just a few hours.

Customizable Hosting Plans

Every business is unique in the way it functions, and so are its cloud-related objectives. A reliable cloud provider can customize Sage hosting plans according to your specific requirements and budget and help you in cloud adoption for linear business growth and improvement.

Supported Add-ons

Sage applications when integrated with add-ons enhance the features and functionality and help you accomplish mission-critical tasks with ease. A professional cloud hosting company can help integrate your desired add-ons to amplify the capabilities and add more value to the hosted app.

Contracts and Commitments

You must choose a service provider that requires no long-term commitments or contracts. Service providers offer monthly subscriptions for hosted Sage services backed by a pay-per-use policy. You can also get a 7-Day Free Trial to get a true cloud to feel and then go full-fledged.

3 Step Process to Implement Sage Cloud Hosting

The Sagenext Proven Process

Select the Best Plan

Get in touch with a representative for a suitable cloud hosting plan according to your requirements.


Share Sage Details

Share your Sage Product license for hosting. If you don't have it, you can buy it from Sage.


Cloud Setup

As per your users, RAM, and storage requirements, you can set up your Sage cloud.

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Sage Hosting FAQs

What is Sage Cloud Hosting?

Sage Cloud Hosting is the process of installing and setting up licensed desktop versions of Sage applications and their associated data on to virtual cloud servers for anywhere, anytime accessibility.

Why Sage Cloud Hosting?

It is the best business accounting software with all the security tools & functionalities to ensure better financial management. Businesses are considering sage hosting on the cloud to get data access on any device while sitting in your desired location. Businesses are preferring Sage cloud hosting to cut overhead costs and ensure data safety. Your business accounts will perform better and gain operational efficiency with instant access to accounting files.

How much does it cost to host Sage on Cloud?

The cost depends on the kind of hosting you choose. You can either select dedicated hosting or shared hosting as per the need. Sagenext is providing you the best deal for both types of hosting. The Standard Sage cloud hosting costs $43/month. For Dedicated Cloud hosting, it starts at $60/month.

Can Sage be hosted in the cloud?

Yes, Sage, which is an open-source mathematics software system, can be hosted in the cloud. There are several ways to host Sage in the cloud, depending on your requirements and preferences.It's important to consider factors such as cost, performance, scalability, and security when choosing a cloud hosting solution for Sage or any other software.

Who will provide the support? Sagenext or Intuit Support?

Sagenext technical experts are available round-the-clock to provide the necessary assistance for Sage Hosting. Reach us on the Toll-Free number - +1.801.610.6141 or write at for instant Sage hosting solutions. Sagenext has Microsoft certified technical engineers to provide 360-degree support.

Benefits of Sage Cloud Hosting if I buy Sage Hosting licenses?

Buy Sage hosting for various for managing various accounting needs. With a proper license, you can get access to your account with safe user authentication.

The top benefits of Sage Cloud hosting are -

  1. Easy file & data access
  2. Paperless environment
  3. High data security
  4. 24/7 technical security
  5. Data storage and management
  6. Customized price chart

Get ultimate security to your business's accounting data and minimize the risks.

Is my data safe and secure with Sagenext? Will my data be backed up?

Yes, your data is fully safe and secured in Sagenext's SSAE-18 compliant data centers. As for the backup, your data is backed up twice a day in three different locations which ensure your data is available and accessible whenever you want.

How do I set up multi-user in Sage Cloud Hosting?

The multi-user mode needs to be set up after acquiring the license for the Sage Cloud application.
There are 2 different methods to do it as follows -
Method #1 : Select the 'File' option and then opt for 'Utilities'. From the drop-down select 'Host Multi-User Access'. Now confirm by clicking on 'Yes'.
Method #2 : Contact the support team of Sagenext to help you out on turning on the Multi-user mode.

How to install Sage Hosting on Cloud?

Reach out to Sagenext technical experts at +1-855-922-7243 for installing Sage Hosting on the Cloud.
Now share the requirements to decide whether or not the shared-or-the-dedicated hosting plans may fit your needs.
The experts will assist you in every step to get the application started and migrate the datasets mapped onto the cloud server.

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