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Tax Software Hosting

Tax Software Hosting: An Overview

- What should a tax practitioner know?

Tax software hosting is the practice of hosting tax applications on remote servers to have anywhere and anytime access to those applications along with other required tools and utilities. Among CPA firms, tax practices and individual practitioners, the trend of hosting tax applications on the cloud is getting increasingly popular as these technology solutions help them get access to powerful computing resources to manage tax operations and file returns with utmost accuracy. It's more like handing over your IT related requirements to experts, which saves you time to focus on your core business.

Integrating tax software with cloud technology brings to you the same application and features that you know and love but with added benefits of the cloud like enhanced accessibility, performance and enterprise-level security. Hosting tax software online gives you the freedom to work in sync and get more done. Give your clients the time and attention they deserve for easy tax preparation and filing process and strike the right balance between work and life even during the busiest of seasons.


Advantages of Cloud Tax Software Hosting

Why should you choose sagenext as your hosting partner

Hosting tax software on the cloud has been one ideal technology solution for small companies and large enterprises alike. The virtual cloud infrastructures and remote servers can supply almost all kinds of combinations of services that modern tax practices demand to improve automation and efficiency while minimizing human error as much as possible.

Here are some distinct
advantages of hosting
tax software on the cloud :

No Issues with Peak Loads

For businesses, especially during peak seasons, handling loads often turns challenging. With cloud, you and your team get required bandwidth and power to manage workload. This means usage spikes will not cause your hosted application to slow or crash.

99.99% Uptime

Downtimes can negatively hamper the productivity and possibly the revenues of a business in many ways. Moving the software to the cloud helps minimize the downtime making your hosted application available and accessible at all times without any lags.

Customizable Setup

The beauty of the cloud platform is that it offers multiple options for resource customization, allowing users to add or remove server resources as per their changing needs. Such innovative features allow businesses to thrive with evolving technology.

Managed Services

Most cloud hosting providers offer especially curated managed services for tax applications. With managed hosting services, you get dedicated server resources with required computing and storage power and bandwidth capability for seamless operations.

Document Management Systems

Document Management Systems have become an inevitable requirement for modern tax practices and CPA firms given its sheer benefits. With DMS in place, easily store, manage, share, edit and approve your tax and financial reports and documents on-the-go.

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Know the Difference Between Traditional and Cloud-based Tax Practice

- Which one should you choose?

Hosting tax software on the cloud has been one ideal technology solution for small companies and large enterprises alike. The virtual cloud infrastructures and remote servers can supply almost all kinds of combinations of services that modern tax practices demand to improve automation and efficiency while minimizing human error as much as possible.

When it comes to Tax Software deployment, there are two major techniques followed by organizations

  • Traditional Desktop-Based Tax Software
  • Tax Software Cloud Hosting

Here's a quick comparison between the two to help you understand both the techniques and make a well-informed decision




Tax Software Cloud

Traditional Setup


Cloud-based Tax Software

Software deployed in house with owners being responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and the associated process.


Deployed on remote servers with service providers being responsible for ensuring availability of hosted Sage Application.

Can be accessed only on local systems


Can be accessed remotely from anywhere.

Only accessible on local systems


Accessible across any device with the same desktop features

Your in house IT team responsible for data security


SSAE-18 Certified data centers with enterprise level measures ensure complete data security

You need to maintain the regulatory controls and complainces


Cloud service providers ensure that the set regulatory controls and compliances are met

Which Tax Software Can You Host?

- Dedicated Cloud for Popular Tax Applications

Drake Tax Software Hosting

Host Drake Tax Software on our platform to efficiently perform return filing for your clients with all the federal tax packages.

UltraTax CS

Simplify taxation complexities and file returns with absolute ease by switching to our affordable UltraTax CS hosting.

TaxWise Hosting

Stay on top of your tax operations, even during the busiest of tax season, with our fully customized TaxWise Hosting Solutions.

ProSeries Tax
Software Hosting

Seamlessly handle tax complexities and provide highly professional services to your clients with all-inclusive ProSeries hosting.

Lacerte Software

Streamline your organization's tax operations with efficient tools and automated calculations with Lacerte Software hosting.






Experts Handle

What's Expert Opinion on Handling Tax Data Security

- So, you can focus on your business.

For any business dealing with critical financial and business data, server security matters the most. Hence, collaborating with the top-rated cloud hosting providers complying with the latest industry compliances HIPAA, SSAE and PCI DSS and having high-end security measures in place including Network Firewalls, Antivirus and Malware Protection, Data Encryption, Multi-level Authentication and Multi-level Backup.

Backed by years of experience, the data security experts can deal with all types of server security related issues and can keep cyber attacks at bay. They constantly scan the applications and OS to identify security glitches and vulnerabilities and get them resolved at the earliest and provide you complete peace of mind.

What Other Values Cloud-based Tax Software Add to Tax Practices?

- Everything they need for improved tax operations

Team Collaboration

A CPA or tax firm generally has a lot of individual professionals working tirelessly with different clients for tax preparation and submission. Hosting Tax Software in the cloud enables every team member to come on a single platform for easy collaboration and productivity. Senior tax professionals can oversee the ongoing tasks and contribute to the greater cause of the process.

Cost Savings

By understanding the nature of the business, it is neither advisable nor feasible for growing accounting and tax firms to invest hefty budgets on server resources, and arrange all basic setup to make it run. They can yet get blessed with all required resources and setup by hosting ProSeries over cloud and they just require to pay a nominal monthly hosting fee.

Unparalleled Security

Security always remains the first priority for any tax practitioner and setting up required security resources isn't that much easy since it involves huge cost for software, hardware, and skilled security experts. Colocated in Tax software hosting solutions will have all security measures as per default system to protect from any threat.

Easy Access

Having a number of server resources located in different places and finding a suitable platform for them can get difficult at times. Hence, a centralized platform for all will give us a peace of mind to use them with seamless communication, allowing all the authorized users to collaborate and work together from any device.


Easy Access

Tax Software Hosting FAQ's

If you have any query or questions related to our Tax Software Hosting services, take a look at the following FAQ section:

Tax software hosting is a cloud computing platform capable of working with all kinds of tax applications like: Drake Tax, Lacerte Tax, Proseries Tax, Taxwise Tax application, and Ultratax CS. Along with these applications, the centralized workspace also consists of accounting applications, and other supportive utilities and all associated data to give you a complete online and virtual office.

Since hosting of any application consists of high performance and advanced computing resources to boost your overall business performance, you will be required to pay a monthly hosting fee. In return, you get lots of freebies along with free unlimited support, enterprise-grade security, and free daily data backup.

It can be done very easily with a multi-user setting. All you need to do is subscribe for the number of users that you want to work with simultaneously and your hosting provider will do all required changes to make it happen.

Like all other application hosting solutions, you get major benefits like: anywhere and anytime access, peace of mind to focus on your core business, and efficient utilization of cloud to enhance your business growth.

Yes, it's fully safe and secure. However, you need to ensure that your data is hosted in the US territory and the hosting provider complies with the US data privacy and security law.

Availability matters a lot when it comes to technical support since issues may arise at any point of time and a 24 hours support will be readily available for required help. It even becomes extremely important when you are running through deadlines of tax submissions and no downtime can be tolerated.
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