Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement of Sagenext Infotech


This Service Level Agreement is a mutual agreement between the company and the customers, which defines the type and quality of services provided by the company to the customers. It includes both Virtual Server Hosting Plans and Virtual Applications Hosting Plans and is applicable to every customer, who has ordered any services from Sagenext and their account is active on Sagenext’s cloud servers.

This SLA is entered into by and between the company and customers as of the date the agreement is signed; which is the date of acceptance by customers.

  1. The company provides tax and accounting application hosting services to the customers in exchange for the pre-defined subscription fee (the “Hosting Fee”). Customers can order the required hosting services via the company’s website or by directly contacting the Sales team.
  2. Once the 7-day trial period is over, the customer needs to make initial payment and after the payment is processed, the account will be activated.
  3. Once the account is activated, the company will ensure the services are accessible to the customer at all times, except routine and emergency maintenance downtimes.
  4. The company will provide agreed upon server resources, data storage and bandwidth limits to the customers for using the services.
  5. The company will monitor and maintain regular data backup and store the backed-up data in a secured facility.
  6. The company will provide unlimited technical support to the customers related to the subscribed hosting services.
  1. The company will manage and perform scheduled maintenance works and/or repairs to ensure smooth operations. The server maintenance and repairs will routinely be performed between 12 am to 6 am to ensure minimal disruption of the services during peak hours.
  2. In case, any additional maintenance or repair is needed outside of the time mentioned above, then the company at its best will try to inform the customers in advance via official email or call.
  1. The term ‘Service Availability’ or ‘Monthly Uptime Percentage’ means the percentage of a particular month (based on 24-hour days for the number of days in the subject month) that the virtual servers are available for access to the customers, given that the account is active, in good standing and enabled.
  2. The company shall work to provide Service Availability of at least 99.99% to the customers around the world during any monthly billing cycle.
  3. During the event of Service Unavailability, without you being at fault, the company will use all the available resources to resolve the issue at the earliest.
  4. Service Unavailability caused due to factors outside the company’s reasonable control (Force Majeure) will not be calculated in Monthly Uptime Percentage.
  5. Both scheduled and emergency maintenance/repairs of the servers will not be calculated in Monthly Uptime Percentage.
  6. Any partial or full reimbursement of the Subscription Fee for any kind of interruption in the service only after it is deemed reasonably appropriate by us.
  1. Services are billed on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly pre-paid basis, as per the request of the customers.
  2. There is a 5% discount for half-yearly and 10% discount yearly prepayment.
  1. Payment: Customer shall pay the amount in advance of the commencement of the service period. Failing to make the payment will lead to account suspension and termination of Sagenext’s service obligations.
  2. Communication: Customer shall reasonably respond to requests for information by the company during the provision of the agreed upon services.
  1. Customer may terminate the service for any reason. However, the company must be notified by the customer 30 days prior via email about the service termination.
  2. Upon receiving and approval of the termination of service, the company and customer shall discuss and agree on what to do with the files and data (property of the customer) stored on Sagenext’s servers.
  3. The company may suspend the account in the event of non-payment of the Hosting Fee by the customer. In such case, the company will send a notice to the customer via email informing them that service will be terminated and the data stored in the server(s) will be permanently purged in 30 days if they fail to remit the owed sum.

This Service Level Agreement is a legally binding document that says we will provide certain services, on a specific schedule, without any failure. If we do not follow the Service Level Agreement, you can take action against us, including reporting us to the Better Business Bureau.

However, at Sagenext Infotech, we take pride in our commitment and we ensure that it won’t happen:

  1. Our reputation depends on us fulfilling the SLA’s terms.
  2. We know the ramifications if our bookkeepers/CPAs miss deadlines or fail to fulfill the SLA guidelines and regulations.
  3. If we fail to provide the services we promise, we would not be in business anymore.

Some guidelines that SLAs consists of are as follows

  1. What percentage of the time services will be available to the customers?
  2. The number of customers that can be served concurrently.
  3. Specific performance benchmarks to which real performance will be periodically compared.
  4. The time schedule for notification in advance of network changes that may affect customers.
  5. Sagenext Infotech help-desk response time for various varieties of issues.
  6. Dial-in access availability provided by service provider Sagenext.
  7. Usage statistics that will be provided by Sagenext.
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