5 Exciting Cloud Computing Predictions for 2020

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5 Predictions For 2020 In The Cloud Computing Industry

Cloud Computing | Updated On October 6th, 2021

5 Predictions For 2020 In The Cloud Computing Industry

While everyone on the internet is all about the “decade” trend and “start of the decade and the end of the decade” posts; we thought it was only wise enough to pen our predictions for the cloud computing industry for the year 2020. As a new decade is churning itself a start, an array of new trends and numbers are bound to sprout up.

As a common word, the cloud and IT industries are often the first in line when it comes to taking a beating during instabilities and slowdowns. With the odds of another recession waiting to pile up on the global economy, we are in reluctant anticipation that IT budgets might undergo a loom.  But on the contrary, Gartner’s 2020 forecast reveals that businesses are switching to smarter practices, and about a 9% increment is to be seen in their expenditure towards IT.

Upon a closer look at the insights of the IT spending patterns, a large chunk of it is soaringly dedicated to automation and cloud technologies. With over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry, it is Sagenext’s predictions that about 80% of the enterprise task at hand is expected to shift to the cloud towards the end of 2020.

There has been a spike in the adoption of cloud technology over the last decade and it is only fair to say that it will soar further in 2020 and the coming decade.  Let’s see what 2020 has in store for us:

A rise in the revenue

Revenues for the cloud computing and cloud hosting industries are set to shoot through the roof in 2020. It is evidently becoming indispensable for almost all business initiatives to run the race without cloud computing. More and more SMBs are shifting their operations and data to the cloud and it is safe to say that the looming recession doesn’t seem to be cutting corners for the cloud industry. As we very well know that hosting data in the cloud is way cheaper than actually building and managing a physical infrastructure for the same, it is only fair to say that when the recession takes a toll on the business budget, the cloud is the way to go!

Spotlight on security

A key focus area in 2020 would be securing data in the public cloud, given that 2019 witnessed some major security breach in the public cloud.  Privileged access management and shared responsibility models will only end up pushing the threshold of competence in cloud security. In the past, the discussions have been limited only to access controls and creating policies but with 2020 rolling in, enterprises are shifting intricate workload on the cloud. All these changes pave the way for aspects like cloud workload security, threat intelligence, and encryption to take the center stage.

The decade of the hybrid cloud

Popular surveys and research state that a little shy of  50% of the enterprises are predicted to adopt a hybrid cloud model in 2020, now this would be a quantum leap from the erstwhile state of about just a year ago. One of the biggest barriers to the progress of hybrid cloud adoption so far has been the lack of a consistent hybrid experience. The hybrid cloud model can provide a truly seamless experience to organizations and can help in solving critical challenges that tend to accumulate around latency. It is quite likely that consumers would be rendered a ‘cloud-like’ experience across all of their modules and work environment and they would not have to really look at their public cloud and on-premise infrastructure as two poles apart.

Redefining the cloud industry with AI and ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been the talk of the latter half of the current decade and are only set to be on the rise for the coming year. But the way the businesses approach AI will surely change. In 2020, cloud tech will be the emergent winner when it comes to the centralization of tasks and amping of AI-assisted performance on a more robust platform.  A number of independent surveys have stated that about 67% of IT professionals are of the opinion that AI and ML will be the driving force for cloud adoption in 2020.

Serverless days ahead

Serverless computing systems have been around for a hot minute now with AWS Lambda being introduced in 2014. The biggest advantage that comes with going serverless is that it lets developers focus on the core product instead of having to worry about operating and managing servers, be it on the cloud or on-premises, thus increasing overall productivity. It is a precise prediction by Gartner that more than 20% of global enterprises will adopt serverless computing technologies in 2020 which is a significant increase from the 5% mark of 2018.

Our word of conclusion

Observing the industry only brings us to draw the conclusion that 2020 is going to be a year of the cloud. The sporadic changes in how the industry functions, progressive automation of tasks, point towards the rise of cloud adoption and a positive note for the cloud computing industry.
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