How Do I Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021

Handling accounting and financial activities accurately are extremely important as far as the success of a business is concerned. It also requires great expertise and mastery to efficiently manage financial tasks. Thanks to modern accounting applications such as QuickBooks, the present-day accountants don’t have to shuffle through long, boring financial sheets to get through their routine accounting duties.

QuickBooks not only help effectively accomplish financial tasks but also makes accounting and finance interesting and sophisticated for accounting professionals. The modern QuickBooks accounting applications like QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, etc. helps businesses get easy, 24×7 access to all their accounting resources, while also eliminating the costs of a physical, in-house IT infrastructure.


The QuickBooks Premier application brings all functionalities of a QB Desktop version to any device having a connection to the internet, also making sure you are discharging your accounting and financial activities securely.

Intuit has rolled out the latest version of the QuickBooks Desktop Premier, bringing in some novel as well as enhanced functionalities to further improve the utility and ease of use of the accounting software. The following are the highlights of the QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021 version:

  • Faster import of bank feeds with the help of automatic categorization or batch-editing the bank transactions on the basis of accounts, payees, and classes.
  • With the help of the QuickBooks Desktop Mobile application, you can automatize creating receipt expense entries.
  • You can now add logos and also custom format your payment receipts to give them a more professional look.
  • Statements can now be sent automatically to customers to help you get your payments quickly. No need to manually send the payment statements to your customers in order to remind them to close their open balances.
  • You get access to creating rule-based customer groups on the basis of customer type, their location, balance, etcetera. It helps you improve customer communications.

All these aforementioned features make your job extremely easy and help you fulfill your industry-specific requirements.

How to Upgrade to the QuickBooks Desktop Premier 21.0?

The latest additions and enhancements of already present functionalities of the QB Desktop Premier are sure to temp anybody to upgrade to the latest version as early as possible. Here’s a guide to help you upgrade to the brand new version:

Checking System and Browser Requirements

Prior to going ahead with the upgrade, you must identify all the system requirements for the latest update. The following are the desktop system and browser standards that you should be able to meet:

  • A Windows 8.1 operating system with Update 1, or Windows 10 update, supported and recognized by Microsoft
  • A 2012 (R2), 2016, or 2019 Windows Server
  • A processor having a clock speed of 2.4 GHz
  • A minimum of 4 Gigabytes of RAM, preferably 8 GB
  • A minimum disk storage space of 2.5 GB, excluding the storage requirements of data files. Hence, consider more space for data files.
  • 4x DVD-ROM drive, unless you are downloading the updated version directly from the Intuit server.
  • Product registration is a must
  • Users will require internet access for payroll and other online features. An internet speed of 1 Mbps is recommended.
  • The version is optimized for 1280×1024 or higher screen resolution. Supports one Workstation Monitor and up to two extended monitors. Optimized for default Dots Per Inch (DPI) settings.
  • A 32-bit Internet Explorer version 11.0.

Further, in order to integrate the QB Desktop Premier 2021 with Microsoft Word or Excel, you would require a Microsoft office 2013+(2013-2019), or Microsoft Office 365 ( 32 and 64 bit).

Upgrading Your QB Premier to 2021

There are multiple methods you can use to update/upgrade to the latest release. They are:

1.    Upgrading from within the Current QuickBooks Application

For upgrading your QB Desktop Premier from within your present QuickBooks, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Head to the ‘help’ section of the QB application and choose ‘Upgrade QuickBooks’ 
  • Choose ‘Upgrade Now’ if you have already purchased the latest version, else choose ‘Buy Now’ to purchase the version before upgrading. 
  • QuickBooks will automatically check for the latest upgrades associated with your customer account.
  • If there are no upgrades available on your account, or you have bought QuickBooks from a retail store, the application will ask you to enter the license and product information to upgrade. You can select ‘Continue’ to proceed, after providing the product details.
  • QuickBooks will display the available upgrades on your account. You can select ‘QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021’ and choose ‘Upgrade Now’.
  • In order to remove the older version of QuickBooks from your system, remove the check against the ‘Keep old versions on my computer’ and select ‘Let’s go’.
  • The QuickBooks application will close and let the upgrade run. It will install and register the latest version, and will also create an up to date copy of your company’s file. Note that the installation time will vary according to your internet speed.
  • Once the upgrade is completed, a success message will be displayed on your system’s screen. You can now select ‘Open QuickBooks’ to start using the latest version of your QuickBooks application.

2.    Download and Install the Latest Version

For manually upgrading your QuickBooks Desktop Premier application, you need to download the latest version from the ‘Downloads & Updates’ page of the Intuit server. You would require to select your country, product, and version to download the same. Select the product and version as QuickBooks Desktop Premier and 2021, respectively. Click on the download button to start downloading the latest release. 

Once you have downloaded the new version, save the file on your desktop, or other destination you can easily locate. Also, keep handy the product details for the installation process. You can find the product details in the purchase email if you have purchased the product directly from Intuit’s website. If purchased from a retail shop, look for the original package label.

Once you are ready with the downloaded file and the product details, follow the subsequent steps to complete the upgrade:

Step 1: Open the ‘QuickBooks.exe’ file you saved post downloading. Follow the displayed instructions. Accept the license agreement and click ‘Next’. Then, provide product details and choose ‘Next’.

Step 2: You will get two choices for installing the QuickBooks product: express, or custom and network. Identify which install type is right for you and proceed with the installation as explained below:

○    Express Install

It is recommended for first-time users, users who are reinstalling QuickBooks, or users who are planning to use the QuickBooks application on a single system and not as a part of a network of systems.

For express installation, choose ‘Express’ and click ‘Next’. Select ‘Install’. Once it finishes, click on ‘Open QuickBooks’ to start using the application.

○    Custom and Network Install

It is recommended for users installing QuickBooks to a location other than the default, such as on a server. It is also recommended for users planning to set up a multi-user network or hosting company files on a server.

For installing QuickBooks with custom and network options, choose the ‘Custom and Network Options’ and click ‘Next’. 
Then, pick the choice that best describes how you will use the application. 
Next, click on the ‘Change the install location’ and select ‘Browse’ to head to the folder you want to install QuickBooks in. Users generally prefer to put it in the ‘Programs’ folder. 
Click ‘Next’ to initialize installation. Once completed, you can get started by selecting ‘Open QuickBooks’.

Step 3: After the QB Desktop Premier 2021 has been installed, QuickBooks will demand activating and updating your product. If not prompted automatically, you can manually activate QuickBooks.
In the QuickBooks application, go to the ‘Help’ menu and click ‘Activate QuickBooks Desktop’. Then, follow the displayed instructions to verify user information. Once activated, you can enjoy QuickBooks’ latest features and functionalities.

In case you face any error or technical difficulties while installing the latest version, you can connect with the support community or go to the ‘Support’ section of the official QuickBooks webpage.

Upgrading to the latest QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021 will unlock your access to all the new functionalities such as customized payment receipts, automatic dispatch of payment statements, and much more. You can consider hosting QuickBooks Premier with Sagenext for accelerating your business growth by effectively streamlining your accounting activities. You are sure to get quick, easy, and global access to the world’s most trusted accounting tool.

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