QuickBooks Premier Hosting and Its Workings

QuickBooks Premier is one of the most acknowledged tax and accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses and has different features that make it one lead among all others. The software can be hosted for additional benefits which enhances the productivity of the businesses while saving efforts and time.

QuickBooks Premier hosting generally means hosting the desktop software to get any time, anywhere access. The installation of the QB Premier desktop version on a network server that is hosted over the internet and can be accessed by any web browser from any location is what we call QuickBooks Premier cloud hosting. The major benefit of hosting is that the user gets two-fold advantages i.e the compatibility of the desktop version and the wide features of cloud which includes the accessibility of the online version. Additional to this when the user opts QuickBooks Premier on the cloud, it’s easy for multiple users to work on the very same file too without stressing about security.

Why should a CPA firm consider QuickBooks Premier hosting?

QuickBooks Premier hosting is an authentic option for CPAs as they can use the software to simplify their tax and accounting problems. Here are some of the reasons why CPAs should consider hosting their QB Premier software:

1. Easy and remote access

When the QuickBooks Premier is run on the cloud, the users get the facility of accessing their data anytime, anywhere. The CPAs can run the reports, manage files and do all their work easily using the software. Moreover, users are able to work using any device with an internet connection, no matter where they are.

2. User collaboration

User collaboration is another feature that makes the QB Premier one of the most preferred software for the CPAs and accountants. The cloud allows multiple users to work on the same file without considering their location or device. And you can restrict the users to specific areas.

3. Security

Quickbooks Premier hosting is completely safe as compared to the local desktop setup and the data is stored under multiple secured layers. The data can only be accessed by the users as it is fully encrypted and no other person is allowed rather than the user himself.

4. Reduced data loss

Misfortunes don’t come with signs or signals but yes you can be careful while you are facing the consequences or handling the collateral damage. Choosing QuickBooks Premier cloud hosting is one of the best ways to reduce any catastrophes as it makes sure to provide regular updates for your data and also has regular backups for all the necessary files.

5. Matches the trends

The world out there never settles and every day the market is up with new changes. Sometimes, when you start your business and after years you need to enhance your accounting needs and your previous software choices are not the same for now. Similarly, it is important for the accountants and CPAs to level up their work and to match the latest work trends, QuickBooks on the cloud is the most valuable option. It has features to meet up your current work needs and helps accordingly.

Is QuickBooks Premier Hosting better than QuickBooks Premier Online?

Yes, QuickBooks Premier Hosting is better than QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Premier Hosting means installing the desktop version on the cloud and the cloud server is managed by a third party i.e the hosting provider. Once the QB Premier in installed on a remote server, the CPAs can access their QuickBooks software files and data from anywhere by just clicking the icon on their desktop.

On the other hand, QuickBooks Online lacks many features and benefits even when it is affordable and easy to use. Using QuickBooks Online you cannot track international sales and also you cannot calculate the expenses in multiple currencies. Apart from this, the payroll function in QB Online is also slow and you can just access it through add-ons. But you get all these features and functionalities in QuickBooks Premier hosting as their inbuilt offerings.

Can I afford QuickBooks Premier hosting when I have a small business?

Yes. it is an ideal option even if you don’t want to spend much and the CPAs can surely save money while opting for the best solutions at the very same time.

  1. Most of the CPA firms or the individuals think about the budget before choosing a hosting provider or considering QuickBooks Premier hosting. But they can easily save the money as all that is necessary for hosting is already taken care of by the hosting providers without extra charges. So, they can choose QB Premier hosting.
  2. Since the hosting providers store data at several locations and they are secured under different protected layers, there is no need to use varied storage and backup devices. This surely saves the cost they would be spending on buying those devices.
  3. When the CPAs choose QuickBooks Premier on the cloud, they don’t need to have a full-staff IT department as all the work is handled by the hosting providers. From updating the software, setting inhouse QuickBooks Premier server to managing breakdowns or emergencies, it is all settled up.

How to select the best QuickBooks Premier Hosting Provider?

When you choose to host your QuickBooks Premier software on the cloud, you must be careful while choosing the best hosting provider as not all them are beneficial for your business and you could end up having plans that are less useful and costly. Here are the things to consider before choosing one:


Before you keep your hand on one of the hosting providers, check your budget and try sticking to it. Choose one that offers you multiple functions at the cheapest price and you don’t need to spend even a buck on features that are not of your use. Also, make sure that you are only paying for the functionalities you are actually getting and what can be used in your business.


Almost all the hosting providers have some downtime and you can’t just run for the perfect ones. But before you choose one, make sure to look at how they handle the situations and how they deal when the system is not completely functioning.


Make sure that the hosting providers prioritize security and provide regularly updated software. They should make sure to offer regular backups and provide additional security measures such as encryption and multi-layer protection of your files and data.

QuickBooks not only solves most of the accounting tasks but also is easy to use and quickly available. For these reasons, it is considered one of the most prefered software among CPAs and accountants.