We might think that an already better service could not get better. Well, that’s a misinterpretation when it comes to QuickBooks Add-on hosting service which adds a flare to the already brilliant QuickBooks software- both the desktop and the online version. The QuickBooks Add On software amplify the ease and fluidity of QuickBooks hosting on the cloud. Every business has its own set of singular needs when it comes to operations and functioning, hence comes the need for specific apps.

7 Best QuickBooks add ons and apps you need to try in 2021

As we have acknowledged this, let’s hop on and see the best QuickBooks Add Ons and apps you need to try in 2021 to provide an immediate impact on your business:

1. Tsheets

TSheets by QuickBooks enables a fast, easy, and accurate tracking of employee time. It enables convenient tracking of billable and non-billable time, service items for the work done and also payroll-related items like the base wage/salary of an employee. With Tsheets, you can also track an employee’s holidays, breaks, lunches, and work notes. The notes section on this app helps to monitor tasks that need to be completed throughout the week and day. The mobile app makes it very easy to be carried around and kept track of from anywhere. All the progress of an open task is recorded and measured easily.

2. Billbeez

Billbeez is a perfect add-on app, that facilitates a financial ecosystem, which offers an online solution that makes it easy to manage business finances. On setting up Billbeez and having it linked to QuickBooks Online, it becomes an easy glide for your clients to send you bills and receipts by just a simple step of linking the client’s email id to his Billbeez account. In a matter of minutes and sans paper, you and your client can successfully and easily share your desired documents without having to learn tedious steps and processes.

3. Bill.com

To automate and simplify your business, you can integrate Bill.com with your QuickBooks application for ease in invoicing process and bill payments, while having a complete real-time overview of your cash flow. At Sagenext, we offer a reliable and scalable cloud hosting platform that supports Bill.com, giving busy CPAs and accounting professionals worldwide the convenience to manage everything- from receipt to remittance and maintain updated accounting reports.

4. QuickBooks Enterprise – Advanced Pricing

Advanced pricing is available only in QuickBooks Enterprise, providing options to create special rules, altering the sales price in very specific situations. This allows alteration of sales prices based on the quantity sold known as “Quantity Discount”.  It also allows other discounts to be applied based on the class of service or on a specific date range. This tool helps in simplifying the process of determining and applying the right price. As a business manager, you can also enhance your QB hosting experience by setting up a series of complex price rules, that would be seamlessly applied within QuickBooks.

5. Field Service Management

Adapting to QuickBooks Field Service Management makes your business agile and readily adaptive for the competitive market that is out there. With Field Service Management, building the work order of field services and archiving it in QuickBooks becomes very easy, including the customer and company profile. Establishing Field Service Management helps enable linking it to QuickBooks invoice and payroll process. It is built to empower the capacity of assigning work orders classified by skill, availability, and location of the customer with the help of a dashboard tool. It also helps in ensuring job site resource allocation and workflow.

6. Webgility

We would say that for those having an e-commerce business or one that is based online, Webgility is almost a mandate to own and use, given the current market. Webgility helps to sync online sales to the clearing account. It is a multichannel retail management software helping businesses involved in e-commerce to improve their productivity and to efficiently visualize and understand their financials, thus increasing their profits.

7. Fishbowl Inventory

It is another intelligent tool for inventory management and can prove to be highly productive and efficient when clubbed with QuickBooks in the cloud. Fishbowl Inventory takes manufacturing and warehouse management to a whole different level and is ideal for businesses that have witnessed a rapid growth that wasn’t well anticipated. At Sagenext, we host Fishbowl Inventory seamlessly with your favorite accounting apps, helping you to automate billing and invoice, to monitor the manufacturing and logistics, scanning barcode, and also to track multi-location warehouses along while remotely creating customized sales and inventory reports.


So, all along, we saw how our singular needs pertaining to the individual organization, can be catered to with these QuickBooks Add-on hosting services. Seamlessly integrate with your preferred accounting apps, to experience the most fluid and expert service that there is. A large number of apps and integrations with niche software are being developed from time to time to link up with QuickBooks. Since it can get a little overwhelming, our word of help can assist you to decide which QuickBooks add ons for accountants is better.