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QuickBooks Point of Sale by Intuit is an innovative application that comes loaded with umpteen features and functionalities for better management of sales, inventory, customer information, and employee records. Sagenext, with reliable, steadfast, and cost-effective QuickBooks POS hosting solutions, aims to boost the potential of the point of sale application by combining the desktop edition of QuickBooks POS with the cloud to offer maximum freedom and flexibility and help you organize your retail business in a better way.

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Execute operations on-the-go

Centralized POS integration for centralized business operations

Our world-class cloud platform is fully compatible when it comes to major tax and accounting application hosting. Whether you wish to integrate accounting software like QB or any kind of add-ons to your QuickBooks POS software, our advanced SSD terminal servers will make the job easy for you without hampering the performance. Synchronizing vital data and files in one platform allows automatic sharing between multi-location retail stores.

By hosting QuickBooks POS, you can easily manage multiple retail outlets or chain stores in different locations with high-performance POS processing. We render a very smart, reliable, and robust cloud architecture for running QuickBooks POS software from anywhere at any time. Generate detailed orders, sales, vendors, and inventory reports and easily consolidate your data for your entire accounting needs with our hosted QuickBooks POS hosting services.

Grow your retail business with hosted QuickBooks POS solutions

Hosting QuickBooks POS on Sagenext’s cloud platform paves a way for you to expand your retail business without hurting your operational budget. Whether you open a new outlet or include a new register, we can facilitate you with new accounts for your POS software and streamline the work-process for you in no time. To add more to that, our scalable, pay-as-you go QuickBooks POS hosting plans and reasonable pricing give you and your team absolute freedom to add or remove cloud resources as per the changing demands.

Driven by a team of Microsoft certified engineers and cloud computing experts, we deliver innovative QuickBooks POS cloud solutions, tailor-made for each and every unique retail store, POS system, and accounting needs. From setting up QuickBooks POS application to transferring your data on the cloud to handling backups, software updates and data security, we do everything so that you can focus on your business and ring up more sales.

Host QuickBooks POS with us to maximize your retailing topline

Connected stores

Connected stores

Hosting QuickBooks POS allows you to connect all your retail outlets on the cloud, thereby ensuring easy sharing of important data between them.

QuickBooks POS hosting

Multi-user collaboration

Multi-user collaboration means you and your team can access full-desktop version of QBPOS and work on the same files simultaneously from anywhere.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Easy app integration

Our QuickBooks POS hosting allows easy integration of third-party apps, which streamlines and improves POS processing and overall efficiency.

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Device compatibility

Access and use your hosted QuickBooks POS application from any web-connected device, be it smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop with ease.

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Data security

With industry standard security measures coupled with end-to-end encryption and firewalls guarantees authorized user access for utmost data security.

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Lowered costs

Switching to Sagenext gives complete access to an advanced infrastructure, without hefty upfront costs. Affordable plans, more savings.

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Maximum uptime

With a guaranteed 99.5% uptime for cloud hosting, we ensure that your QBPOS application and data is accessible all the time without interruption.

QuickBooks POS hosting solutions

Unlimited support

Our dedicated technical support team is available 24/7 to troubleshoot all kinds of technical issues and keep your system always up and running.

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