QuickBooks is an excellent tool to manage all your accounting and finance operations. It offers great features that enhance the productivity and performance of your business. However, as your business grows further, it may happen that you have utilized all the functionalities of a QuickBooks application. You may require additional features to accommodate some tasks that you were not able to accomplish with the QuickBooks application.

QuickBooks Add-ons help you have those additional features that let you handle complicated tasks that you are not able to cater to otherwise. They help you add more features and power to your QuickBooks software, enabling you to manage your accounting process better than ever.

There are many QuickBooks Add-ons such as Fishbowl Inventory, Method CRM, SmartVault, ACCTivate, and Qvinci, etcetera. From inventory to cash flow, these Add-ons help you manage everything and accomplish a lot more than you were previously able to.

Let’s have a look at the top 20 benefits of QuickBooks Add-On hosting.

Easier Expense Management

QuickBooks Add-ons make expense management a lot simpler and faster. Rather than collecting and processing paper receipts, you can work digitally. Using the Add-on application, you can create digital receipts by simply taking a picture of the receipt.

You can also synchronize your credit card purchases automatically. All the expense information gets updated immediately to the pre-set accounts in the QuickBooks application.

Flexible Payment Plans

Most modern clients prefer payment plans over wholesome payments. With QuickBooks Add-on desktop hosting, you can automatically offer flexible and customized payment plans to your clients. You can also regulate the fee, term, and frequency of the payment plans.

As soon as you add a payment plan in QuickBooks, the invoice in the application gets updated automatically.

Inventory Management

There are a lot of QuickBooks add-ons that you can integrate with your QuickBooks software to effectively manage inventory. They offer some of the most advanced features like inventory support at various geographical locations, product tracking based on the serial numbers, and cost history for specific items.

These add-ons also help you with manufacturing support tools and processing sales orders. Moreover, all these features are conveniently accessible from a smartphone or laptop browser.

Automated Appointment Scheduling

QuickBooks add-ons let you effectively manage client scheduling, payments, and invoicing in one place.

Clients can automatically book appointments by checking for the available slots in real-time. They can even reschedule their appointments and make online payments without making any contact with you.

You will receive the reminders, approvals, and follow-up notes automatically. You can effortlessly synchronize all these details with your QuickBooks account.

Practice Management

With QuickBooks Add-on cloud hosting, you get automated accounting, workflow deployment, recurring invoices, client on-boarding, etcetera. A lot of add-ons are there that help you create content through a streamlined production process. The well-written and engaging content further helps you gain new clients.

These add-ons offer a business insights dashboard that generates easy-to-understand charts and graphs after analyzing the data drawn from your QuickBooks software. It helps you determine how your organization fare against its competitors.

Paperless Infrastructure

With QuickBooks Add-ons you can scan and attach various documents to your records, invoices, bills, and other files and entries. It lets your organization have a clean and paperless environment as all your documents are stored digitally.

It also helps you contribute towards a green planet and clean environment.

Cash Flow Forecasting

QuickBooks add-ons help you keep your organization’s finances and accounts in order. They help you pull invoices and bills from your QuickBooks application to fill up your budgets and stay ahead.

There are many add-ons that you can integrate with your QuickBooks software effortlessly for keeping track of your finances. These add-ons free you from tiring manual activities like data entry. This helps you enhance accuracy and time-efficiency. Above all, they give you access to updated forecasts that help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Employee Management and Time Tracking

There are various QuickBooks add-ons that facilitate employee management and offer sound time tracking capabilities. The GPS-enabled add-ons let you create and delegate work schedules that help you track the time of your employees, irrespective of their geographic location.

They even track time in offline mode and provide you the updates as soon as they are online.

Social Media Storefront

If your business has a presence on various social media platforms and you wish to turn those pages into sales channels, QuickBooks add-ons help you do that quite easily.

With the help of these add-ons, you can set up a sales channel on your Facebook business page, within a few clicks.

Better Productivity

QuickBooks Add-on desktop cloud hosting gives you the freedom to access, modify, share, and work simultaneously with multiple team members. This helps you accomplish more tasks in less time thereby enhancing the overall productivity of your business.

Ease of Use

With QuickBooks add-ons, you get sophisticated cloud architectures that give you an atmosphere that is user-friendly and extremely easy to work with. You can access and work on your hosted QuickBooks software with add-ons and business documents freely.

Data Security

QuickBooks Add-on hosting providers offer you superfast SSD servers featuring the latest security measures like 256-bit data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and hardware and software-based network firewalls, etcetera. All these measures guarantee you optimum data security.

Easier Audits

QuickBooks add-ons let you store all your important documents in a single place. This makes your business accounts audit-ready. This also makes it easier for both internal as well as external auditors to examine your business records.

Customer Support

With QuickBooks add-ons hosting, you get round-the-clock customer support via phone call, chat, and email. The hosting provider’s team of experts delivers instant solutions to all your technical problems. This ensures your business operates smoothly.

Seamless Integration

QuickBooks add-ons are extremely easy to integrate with your QuickBooks software. The seamless integration ensures you utilize the add-ons to simplify and automate bill payments and invoice processing while having a comprehensive overview of your cash flow in real-time.

Real-time Collaboration

The add-ons such as ACCTivate offer a wide range of functionalities including real-time collaboration among multiple users. This enables you to easily collaborate with third-party accountants and professionals, as and when required.

Remote Access

QuickBooks Add-on cloud hosting makes sure you get on-demand access to all your application data and files. Being able to access your data remotely from any part of the world, you have the freedom to continue your business even when your office is inaccessible, as we have witnessed during the lockdown due to COVID-19.

Easy Data Backup and Restore Capability

Many QuickBooks add-ons let you remotely backup, restore, and archive your business data easily and comfortably. Having an easy data backup and restore facility in place ensures your data can be retrieved back in case anything unforeseen happens.

Customized Sales and Inventory Reports

QuickBooks Add-on hosting helps you customize and automate many industry-specific applications. You can remotely create a customized inventory and sales report. These customized reports help you gain meaningful insights that give opportunities to take actions that are conducive to your business growth and enhanced performance.


QuickBooks add-ons are not only feature-rich and easy-to-use but are cost-efficient as well. The functionalities they offer are much more valuable compared to the price you pay for them.

Moreover, you do not need to invest in expensive hardware storage and server devices to use these add-ons with your QuickBooks application. This further reduces your business expenses.

The Bottom Line

QuickBooks Add-ons are extremely beneficial. They further extend the utilities of your QuickBooks application, making your business more productive and efficient. You can integrate a variety of add-ons to fulfill your various accounting needs. They let you manage your bills, invoices, payments, payroll, track employee timings, monitor inventory & sales transactions, manage client information, and perform other such complicated tasks with ease and accuracy.

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