QuickBooks really escalated the presence of Intuit, making it a common name in the accounting industry. Intuit offers an array of QuickBooks versions, one of them being QuickBooks POS. It is designed to sit fit for small and medium-sized retail businesses that intend to have a simple sale and checkout process. Similar to other QuickBooks solutions, QuickBooks POS can be set up to be used in many different industries, such as clothing, civil contracting, fast food chains, etc. Implementation of a Point of Sale product is set to be different when compared to a financial product. When installing POS, you’ll have to deal with factors like firewalls, multiple system setups, and adequate hardware to connect, amongst others. Some of the distinguished POS partners are POS certified ProAdvisors and Intuit Premier Resellers.

Major Features of Quickbooks Point of Sale

Now that we have an overview, let us now know some of the vital functions and features of QuickBooks POS:

Compatibility with tablet

The new-updated version of QuickBooks POS is compatible with tablets and phablets. This has helped in increasing efficiency and mobility. Now, having this feature, the employees can go to the customer’s table for payments rather than having them wait in line.


With the updated version of QuickBooks POS, the users get access to a dashboard where the sales summary of a department can be checked and the user can analyze as to which product has a faster sale, demand and purchase graph, and the sales of a quarter.

A physical inventory scanner

Intuit, the developer of QuickBooks, has restored the functionality of a physical inventory scanner for the POS version. With this restoration, CipherLab 8000 and CipherLab 8001 have found their place back into the list of compatible scanners. There is enhanced usability and ease with the plug-and-play mechanism.

Better employee management

The Pro version of QuickBooks POS helps in easy payroll management. Having the new version lets the user track employee commissions and working hours which can further be sent to other partner software like QuickBooks or Payroll. Well, there’s more to it. The security function lets managers alter or add access for a particular employee based on their employee hierarchy, with the provision of creating different groups too.

Easily access customer information

The customer’s transaction history and credit information can be easily viewed with the new QuickBooks POS version without having to click on the magnifying glass icon or the ‘more info’ button. On the ‘Make a Sale’ screen, additional information about the customer’s history, balance, and available credit can be viewed. All of these newly added features let you, as the business owner, have a better insight without having to run to multiple places in search of information. All of it is available on a single platform.

Managing purchase order

Buying inventory is made a breeze with the modish integrated purchase order function of QuickBooks POS.  One has to simply scan item barcodes, which can then be printed or emailed so as to automatically fill Purchase Order fields.

Accepting the Purchase Order and adding it to the latest stock into the record, given that the arriving order is complete and accurate, is just a matter of minutes with the new update. In case, the arrived order isn’t all accurate, then with the ‘select items received’ button, the user can partly open the Purchase Order section for the orders that arent complete.

The Pro version of QuickBooks POS  lets you automate the process of creating and sending emails regarding Purchase Orders. In addition to that, the package status can also be tracked.

Enhanced customer support

As it is expected from a name like Intuit, they offer a highly equipped set of online support services such as interactive and easy to comprehend videos, tutorials, articles, and set up instructions along with a support community section. A dedicated page for POS Desktop products can also be found on their website. They also provide telephonic assistance and support from 4 am to 8 pm PST on weekdays, and 7 am to 4 pm PST on a Saturday.

A real-time inventory

Now that we have access to the updated version of QuickBooks POS, you’d be able to keep the inventory organized and updated with the help of individual mapping with description, color, tax status, quantity, vendor, and sales price. You can also keep a check on what the customers are in more demand of vs what is not of much demand so that you can maintain the stock accordingly.

Let’s take an instance. Say you are running low on the stock of a particular product. The new preset order feature on POS would prompt you to increase stock/place order for the same. The sale price can be analyzed automatically according to a specific difference in the buying cost. Individual colors and sizes can be assigned depending on the description of an item and the department that it falls in, with the new style matrix. Every individual size-style combination is assigned with a unique item number, making it way easier to edit when required. Non-inventory items like services or fees can also be added to the system.

Customer Management

With QuickBooks POS, as an owner, you can monitor the sales by simply entering the name,  phone, email address, and business of a buyer along with further customization, such as birthdays or hobbies.

The tracking feature lets you formulate singularly targetted campaigns for marketing and promotion by giving you real-time check on what the customers are actually buying and which customer is generating the highest number of sales. Now that you have this information, you can award special discounts and coupons to your selected customers. With the pro version of QuickBooks POS,  various tools are offered by the customer center which helps in enhancing interaction with customers to completely utilize the customer list, which in turn helps in getting the data and address for creating bulk marketing campaigns and tracking reward points so as to provide discounts, free merchandise, etc.

The peroration of features

Intuit has been quite diligent with rolling out useful updates for its software lineup. The POS version of QuickBooks has also received a bunch of new updates that are to come really handy. POS is the way to go for small-medium retail businesses, and what would make this entire experience better? It’s QuickBooks POS Hosting. At Sagenext, we have more than a decade’s worth of experience in cloud hosting various software and apps. We seamlessly host QuickBooks POS amongst all the other versions of QuickBooks.