If you are a nonprofit organization, you need to have a Customer Relationship Manager with you. Isn’t it hectic to manage a large team and keep a track of everything all by yourself? With CRM, you don’t have to stress about this and you can keep a track of your customers, staff, donors, and fundraisers. Since choosing perfect software does a lot towards the growth of the business, the nonprofits must have a defined checklist to ensure the right choices.  Sounds amazing right? Let us first know what is a CRM and then we can move ahead with the available options.

What is CRM?

A Customer Relationship Manager(CRM) tool is a database that is used by the nonprofits or firms to amalgamate and cover all the information about the customers, their data, and the customer-firm relationship. A CRM is your sales record book, information source, and an essential information store. With CRM software, the NGOs can track every record that directly or indirectly affects their revenue and work progress.

1. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is the preferred Nonprofit CRM Software used for increasing the nonprofit revenue and controlling the overall customers, thereby decreasing donor attrition. Bloomberg helps to know what your donors know about your organization, how they keep themselves updated with the metrics, and also helps to find if there are any bonus points from donors to your organization. The CR tool acknowledges the organizational needs and keeps track of every update required for the functioning of the organization. It has professionals who can guide your organization to develop communications, technology, fundraising, and digital marketing strategies. The best CRM assistance guides for better nonprofit organizational revenues.

Bloomberg CRM Software

Bloomberg features-

  1. An interactive dashboard that reviews improvement opportunities, balances donor retention, keeps a track of campaigns and creates to-do-lists.
  2. Email distribution and designing options with attractive email templates and mailing systems.
  3. Website integration option to track web traffic, create and customize forms, and track overall web analytics.
  4. Donor engagement surveys, social media monitoring, and tracking audience engagement.
  5. A clean and comprehensive timeline displaying user-client interaction.

2. Salesforce.org

Sales.org nonprofit Cloud is a tool for nonprofits to manage the entire workload. An approximate of around 88% nonprofits have agreed that they use Salesforce.org to improve their business achievements and have managed to maintain their workforce. With this CRM, the organizations can have real-time analytics, track and measure data, and gain individual insights using the AI-based software. Some of the unique points of the tool include Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter, nonprofit Success Pack, and Einstein Analytics.

Salesforce.org CRM software

Salesforce.org features-

  1. Social listing and campaign builder
  2. Customizable landing pages and grants management
  3. Reporting and clean dashboards
  4. Marketing automation, email, and social media marketing
  5. Fundraising CRM
  6. Automatic Campaign builder

3. Kindful 

Kindful is a nonprofit CRM software that was designed to help nonprofit organizations save time on analyzing data and invest more in completing their goal. With Kindful, the nonprofits can create intuitive reports, visualize data, and perform seamless integration that enhances the data set showing their capabilities. The organization staff can save their time spent on repetitive tasks using Kindful and also build better relationships with the donors. Kindful offers a much enhanced and modern fundraising platform that gives the organizations a new way to accomplish their goals and achieve deadlines before time.

Kindful CRM software

Kindful features-

  1. Automated and personalized donor outreach
  2. Automatic data entry with regular engaging activities
  3. A real-time donor record sheet with history, social media accounts, and donor classification.
  4. Enormous fundraising tools
  5. Complete and concise donor analytics

4. Raiser’s Edge Nxt.

Raiser’s Edge Nxt. is a CRM developed by Blackbaud which combines supporter management solutions and fundraising solutions. With Raiser’s Edge Nxt. nonprofit organizations can operate more efficiently, and effectively raise support to their staff. It provides suggested task amounts, smart donor recommendations, and options to decrease the fundraising amount considering offerable profits. It also provides data enrichment service that is useful when it is needed to find the donor’s mail address, contact number, or emails.  The organizations can use  Raiser’s Edge Nxt. to process payments, pledges, and online donations automatically.

Raiser’s Edge Nxt CRM software

Raiser’s Edge Nxt. features-

  1. Database mobile application and data health scorecard.
  2. Campaign management, fundraising appeal, and acknowledgement templates
  3. Automatic gift selection, split gift designation and tracking donor’s wishes
  4. Revenue forecasting
  5. Automatic credit card updates and fraud detection

5. iMIS

Integrated Management Information Software is a web publishing and database management CRM software. It is used by nonprofit organizations to increase revenue growth, improve overall performance, and to support the operational efficiencies of the organizations.  It combines traditional fundraising and marketing tools with an online store and is majorly used in public media, charity, unions, memberships, and associations. Using Integrated Management Information Software(iMIS), the organizations can combine credential and educational platforms and plan modern events thereby handling event management.

iMIS CRM Software

iMIS features-

  1. Contact management and Membership management including managing fees, automated email reminders, and payment reminders.
  2. Managing products and services sales, credit card processing, automating placements, analyzing advertising
  3. Automated web design templates, and language management
  4. Automated communication and mobile application accessibility
  5. Coordinating and collaborating fundraising pages with personalized email campaigns to help donors.

If you want to choose a nonprofit CRM software, the above points will easily help you choose the most productive option.  Make sure to have a delightful comparison and then select one.