If we talk in generic terms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) means infusing human intelligence in machines. It is the conglomeration of automation with machinery by humans to invent various thoughtful technologies such as self-driving cars, impersonate humans, robots, and more.

The classic definition of AI can be elucidated as machines developed by humans that can mimic human behavior. On the other hand, machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, can be described as maneuvering statistical techniques and algorithms by computer systems to skillfully perform a specific task without much human interference. In simple words, AI can easily complete a repetitive task, without getting distracted as humans do.

Do We Really Need to Worry About AI Replacing Humans?

According to reports, it is estimated that artificial intelligence will be acquiring more capabilities and will hence take up more jobs and will supplant more people in the process. However, when it comes to finding out the ground reality, we need to dig deeper. AI will surely acquire the jobs, but it will also open doors for various contemporary opportunities. Artificial Intelligence will perform tasks that are repetitive in nature, and therefore, will replace the monotonous tasks to emancipate humans to undertake the more challenging ones.

Take the example of accounting. On one hand, accountants and accounting firms are using software such as QuickBooks, Sage, etc. to fulfill the role of accountants. While, on the other, the scene is quite the opposite. For example, if you are a prodigious or mushrooming company, you need to make decisions on a frequent basis. For which, you will need an expert accountant to complement your hosted accounting software. Hence, although the imperative but monotonous tasks will be taken care of by the software, the more challenging tasks that involve the power of decision making, will still be done by humans.

So, Is Artificial Intelligence A Friend?

As already specified, artificial intelligence is capable of carrying a slew of tasks that humans find otherwise boring or time-consuming. But, when it comes to seeking reliable advice or adding a human touch to day-to-day decision making, AI still has a long way to go. For those worried that artificial intelligence will take up their jobs, there is a long time for that to happen. Technology is powerless unless humans allow it to be, and that gives humans the edge over machines. There are countless reasons why AI is more of a friend than a foe for us. Lets’s see how:

  1. Robots can perform laborious tasks without getting tired, sick and feeling low. They can endure a hostile environment, without getting affected by it. With the help of the set programs in their system, they can efficiently perform tasks while freeing humans to do more productive and important tasks.
  2. It helps to save our time, which we can then utilize to do more competitive tasks, such as developing new services that can further assist to enhance our overall productivity. Take an example of Google search. Before you even finish typing your sentence, Google search engine makes a number of suggestions, some related and some not. It saves your time of typing the entire query, gives you relevant search results, and simplifies the art of googling for you.
  3. We, as humans, are compelled to be intercepted by our emotions, which is a hindrance to constructive decision making. Whereas, machines can logically think, and can make practical decisions without getting overwhelmed by the emotions. Hence, it will do what is needed to do without being unjust.
  4. AI is also doing miracles in the medical world. On the basis of previously collected data, machines are able to make algorithms to diagnose diseases before you can even feel the symptoms. Medical technology can examine the brain to draw out important findings. Thus, AI is a friend who can take care of your health, without actually interfering with your daily routine.
  5. Unlike humans, machines do not need regular breaks to reorganize their brains to complete a task. AI can do repetitive and redundant tasks more actively with a negligible chance of errors, that too without getting bored.
  6. With AI, you no longer have to worry about the errors that humans may commit due to their mood swings, lack of expertise, and bad health condition. Hence, your work will be less disoriented and troublesome. With AI, you can complete tasks swiftly, easily, and with more accuracy.

The Controversy: Can AI Really Replace Humans?

Finally, the question arises whether ‘AI will replace humans’. Well, the answer is still controversial. But, one thing we really need to consider is that technology in any form, for instance, a driverless car, will ultimately help us to reach our destination and simplify our lives, instead of trying to harm us. So, all we need to do as progressive humans is to welcome AI with open arms and allow it to augment our business and enrich our lives. From selecting the right business strategy to grow our business, to assisting us to connect with our customers round-the-clock, AI serving us and will support us to achieve more.