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TaxWise Software Hosting

A Detailed Description about TaxWise Software Hosting

- What a CPA Firm must know?

TaxWise Hosting is a practice of moving licensed copies of the tax application on a centralized cloud platform to provide on-demand availability and accessibility of the hosted application. Cloud-based TaxWise is compatible with third-party apps and add-ons along with all related databases to help you stay on top of your tax operations. Get rid of the hassles and the hefty costs related to inhouse IT network setup and its maintenance while being able to access TaxWise software for anywhere.

Hosting TaxWise software on the cloud gives you a competitive edge allowing you and your team to collaborate and work on the same application with maximum efficiency and accuracy. In this very dynamically changing business environment, it's an innovative approach given that it lets you use your regular desktop version of the application with added benefits like remote accessibility, performance and security at nominal per month charges.

How does TaxWise Cloud hosting work?

TaxWise on Sagenext cloud explained

The TaxWise Hosting ecosystem involves two players; the firm that uses the TaxWise application and the hosting provider that is responsible for setup and management of the infrastructure. The process begins when the firm shares their TaxWise hosting requirements with the cloud provider, which in turn customize a suitable hosting plan with adequate RAM, CPU and SSD Storage to meet the tax software hosting requirements of the business.

The centralized remote cloud is easily accessible via any internet connected device and from anywhere without any major preconditions. The team members can perform their activities on the common server while the senior management being able to monitor and dictate the progress in real-time. With the remotely accessible application, clients can also supply their input whenever required.

Know about Security Compliances For TaxWise Cloud

- The do's and don'ts of cloud based tax software

Following regulatory controls and compliances are inevitable for any firm that deals with sensitive financial information and customer data to minimize potential threats and vulnerabilities. While narrowing your search on the ideal hosting partner for your tax practice, there are a few important factors to keep in mind and understanding security measures and compliances followed by the cloud hosting provider is inevitable.



Following regulatory controls and compliances are inevitable for any firm that deals with sensitive financial information and customer data to minimize potential threats and vulnerabilities. While narrowing your search on the ideal hosting partner for your tax practice, there are a few important factors to keep in mind and understanding security measures and compliances followed by the cloud hosting provider is inevitable.



The Statement on Standards of Attestation Engagements (SSAE) is a set of standards and guidelines to regulate and improve usability and quality of SOC reporting. Data centers with SSAE 18 certification are not only eligible for generating SOC1 reports but also SOC 2 and SOC 3 reports that were under AT 101 previously.

- Benefits of Hosting TaxWise on SSAE 18 Certified Data Centers

Ease of use

Colocating remote servers in an audited and certified data center saves you from the hassles of meeting compliances from your shoulders.

Cost Effective

Hosting TaxWise on SSAE 18 audited data centers means you do not have to have an on-premise IT setup and the costs related to its maintenance.

Uncompromised Security

World class cloud service providers are equipped with enterprise level security measures including physical and electronic measures to protect sensitive data.

99.99% Uptime

World-class data centers are backed by high-end server resources to deliver ninterrupted uptime and hosted app availability without any delays.

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Pros and Cons of TaxWise hosting on cloud

Reasons that
support Pros

Multi-user access

It allows all authorized users to access and work on a single application and company file in real-time.

Multi-location access

Hosted TaxWise application lets you work from any-where using any internet-connected device.

No setup required

With cloud-based TaxWise, you get freedom from setting up and managing your in-house infrastructure.

No IT technician requirement

Since it is created and managed by years of experienced professionals, you no longer need to hire costly technicians to oversee.

Unlimited support

You get a dedicated team of technicians by hosting providers to deal with your day-to-day issues.

Reasons to
support Cons

Technical support

A hosting vendor having limited support may land you in trouble if your cloud stops responding.

Security challenges with remote access

Inadequate security protocols for remote access can result in security breaches.


TaxWise application hosting can play a major role in your business growth if you can choose an efficient hosting provider to host your application. This is a perfect time to adopt technology since business automation is taking all over the world. So, choosing cloud hosting for your TaxWise application can be a better decision.

TaxWise Hosting FAQ's

If you have any query or questions related to our TaxWise Hosting services, take a look at the following FAQ section:

TaxWise is a widely accepted and used tax software designed to simplify tax preparation and filing returns with more accuracy. TaxWise application offers a comprehensive range of solutions to fulfill other associated areas like data collection, consultation, etc. The application is loaded with an assortment of features and functionalities and coupled with cloud technology, its capabilities enhance even more. You get to access your tax application remotely and work-in-sync with your team and enhance your productivity.

Yes, you can subscribe to 7-Day Free Trial for TaxWise Hosting for free and get hands-on experience about the actual performance, efficiency and data security. Once you find cloud to be productive enough for your tax practice, you can choose to go full-fledged. Along with this, an additional 5% and 10% Discount is provided on Half-Yearly and Yearly, respectively, saving you your hard-earned money.

You can easily allow multiple users when using hosted TaxWise hosting. You need to have multi-user licenses along with admin rights to enable multi-user mode.

Hosting TaxWise software with Sagenext gives you access to world-class data centers with HIPAA, HI-TECH and SSAE-18. Powered by SSD-based servers with high performance computing resources, the crowd platform offers a centralized platform for easy team collaboration with high-end performance and bank-grade data security. Free data Migration and cloud setup along with free technical support 24x7.

Yes, your hosted application and company files are absolutely safe if you switch move tax practice to the Sagenext cloud platform. With your TaxWise Software hosted on SSAE-18 certified data centers, you can enjoy enterprise-grade security protocols including 256-bit data encryption, multi-factor authentication, network firewalls, antivirus and antimalware, among other measures to keep your data safe from online threats.

Sagenext has a team of highly skilled, dedicated and experienced Microsoft Certified . From providing complete assistance related to data migration, cloud account setup and configuration to managing software updates and upgrades to fixing all kinds of technical and functional issues, the technical support staff is available round-the-clock via email, phone and live chat providing you the expected level of service.

Yes, you can. The most unique part of moving your tax practice to the cloud is the mobility and remote accessibility. By hosting TaxWise software, you and your team gets the freedom to collaborate, access, share, edit and work on the same hosted application and data in real-time from anywhere using any web-connected device.

Hosting ProSeries Tax Software on the cloud is a cost-effective alternative to traditional desktop-based tax software. First, it eliminates the need of the on-premise IT setup and its maintenance, saving hefty capital investments. Also, ProSeries Tax Software costs nominal month fees with pay-per-use policy which means you don't have to pay for unused resources.
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