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Tax preparation like never before

Embrace the freedom of cloud with TaxWise hosting

Sagenext, a well-known TaxWise hosting provider, offers a flexible, reliable and secure cloud-based solution for modern CPAs, accounting firms and tax professionals. Our exceptional hosting solutions for TaxWise software come along with enhanced features, tools and functionalities that ensure a smooth tax process. By pairing your TaxWise software with Sagenext, you can enable a fully-functional desktop version of the software with the same interface, features and tools to file tax returns on the cloud and get rid of in-house servers and its maintenance.

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Greater security and reliability

Be safe from unwanted IRS penalties with our TaxWise cloud solutions

By integrating with Hosted TaxWise you never have to worry about tax season as it simplifies complex tax preparing and return processing in the easiest ways possible. Hosting TaxWise software on the cloud saves valuable time and upfront costs of CPAs and tax professional. The powerful tax software when hosted on the cloud caters to a slew of client needs, completes their tax processes with efficiency, and also allows them to catch up with complete desktop features of the TaxWise software.

The friendly work environment in the cloud

Enjoy seamless and trouble-free access to your files with TaxWise Hosting

Enjoy seamless and trouble-free access to your files with TaxWise Hosting TaxWise hosting services by Sagenext allow its users to freely access their most critical documents seamlessly. The hosted TaxWise software also supports easy integration with add-ons to further reduce tax-season stress. Thus, intensifying the productivity of your business and letting the users relish the freedom of operating in the cloud with TaxWise hosting.

What you get by hosting TaxWise software with us?

Freedom at will

With TaxWise hosting by Sagenext, you can prepare your tax form and file tax return remotely from any location, at any time, using any internet connected device just by transferring your financial data to the cloud. Collaborate with your colleagues and keep IRS penalties away from your business.

MS Office integration

Sagenext’s smart tax software hosting ensures a hassle-free integration of MS Office Suite making it easy to import or export data and submit through hosted platform directly. Thus, you no longer have to limit your work process due to the lack of add-ons integration within your tax application.

Printing and scanning

Print and scan your tax-related documents effortlessly with Sagenext’s smart remote desktop printing and scanning solutions accelerated by fully TWAIN Compliant TS Scan and TS Print software solutions. Enjoy universal printing and scanning for better business performance.

Complete data security

Our advanced security protocols, including two-factor authentication, end-to-end data encryption and multi-layer firewalls ensures complete security of your data. Switch to our multi-tier cloud infrastructure to enable 24*7 network monitoring into your business.

Scalable platform

TaxWise software hosting offers multi-customization solutions along with as-per-need resource allocation including CPUs, memory and storage options. With our flexible pricing model, spend only for the services and resources you use and nothing more.

24*7 support

Our Microsoft certified system engineers are always on their toes to give the best of assistance to our valued clients. We are always reachable and just a click or call away from our you to troubleshoot and ensure smooth operations of your hosted applications.

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