Lacerte Cloud Hosting: Modern Tax Solutions for Professionals

Unleash the Potential of Tax Practice

Lacerte Tax Software Hosting is designed to revolutionize the way tax and accounting professionals handle tax operations. With cloud-based Lacerte, experience the power of your tax practice from anywhere in the world while collaborating seamlessly with your team. Discover how this innovative solution not only boosts efficiency but also ensures compliance with major IRS guidelines for safeguarding data. Join the ranks of thousands of happy CPAs who have embraced the future of tax practice management.

Why is Lacerte Cloud Hosting a Suitable Choice for Tax Practitioners?

Here are Some Distinct SAGENEXT Advantages of Hosting Tax Software

Easy Load Management

With Lacerte cloud hosting, you and your team get the required bandwidth and processing power to manage workload, helping you to attain maximum efficiency and productivity.


99.999% Uptime

Moving Lacerte on Sagenext cloud helps minimize the downtime making your hosted application available and accessible at all times for you to work at your will.


Managed Cloud

Sagenext managed hosting services empower you with dedicated computing and storage resources for adequate bandwidth capability and seamless operations.


Document Management Systems (DMS)

Get Document Management Systems for easy storage, management, sharing, and approval of tax and financial reports and documents on the go.

Customizable Cloud Platform for Lacerte

Tailor-made Plans to Fit Every Need

Tailor your tax practice with customizable Lacerte Hosting service by Sagenext. Our cloud-based Lacerte solutions are flexible, scalable, adaptable and convenient to accommodate your ever-changing business requirements.


Pay-per-use Model

With Sagenext cloud, you only pay only for the obvious resources you use, resulting in BIGGER savings.


Resource Customization

Switch to the most fitting Lacerte hosting plan whenever you need to customize resources.

Recommended Security Guidelines for Lacerte Cloud from IRS

Sagenext Helps you Protect Taxpayer Data

The IRS, the top authority for the US federal taxation process, has clearly highlighted the importance of ensuring data security when working with financial data and it's pretty evident why.

Implementation of “Security Six”

As per the IRS, tax practitioners must deploy basic system security measures like firewalls, antivirus, anti-malware, multi-factor authentication, data encryption, automated data backup and to keep away unwanted threats.

Detailed Security Roadmap

When it comes to modern organizations, ensuring proper data security is a common expectation. Engaging a professional security expert is a great way to identify the security challenges and make required changes to ensure data security.

Awareness and Training

Provide essential training to your team as well as yourself regarding the set security guidelines and measures and help them understand the importance of tracking and minimizing suspicious activities for data protection.

Data Backup and Recovery

The IRS strictly recommends having a proper data recovery plan despite your security grade. An efficient data recovery plan should always be in place to be safe in this rapidly changing nature of security threats.

Move to Lacerte Tax Software on the Cloud

Sagenext 3-Step Process

Step 1


Select a Hosting Plan

Choose a Lacerte Hosting Plan that best fits your requirements in terms of user and resources

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Step 2


Provide Lacerte App Details

Share Lacerte Hosting Plan with our Team so that we can initiate the process of cloud migration.


Step 3


Start Your Cloud Journey

We setup your cloud platform, integrate your Lacerte Application and move your data for you to start.

Get in Touch with our Cloud Specialist for Customised Hosting Plan.

Lacerte Tax Software Hosting Plans & Pricing

MonthlyAnnual( Save 10% More )( Save 10% More )


$59$75 / monthly

What you'll get

1 User

$35 per Additional User


8vCore Processor

6GB Storage

1 Applications



$180$210 / monthly

What you'll get

5 Users

$30 per Additional User


12vCore Processor

30GB Storage

5 Applications


Custom Pricing
What you'll get

Custom Number of Users

Customized Storage

Customized RAM

N No. of Application

Get One Month Free Subscription + Additional 10%
Discount on Annual Plans

Free 24x7 Technical Support

To Keep Your System Up & Running

Sagenext provides unparalleled technical support round-the-clock to ensure your operations are up and running at all times. Our Microsoft-certified Engineers and skilled cloud technicians are available via call, email, and live chat to troubleshoot and provide you with timely resolutions.

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24x7 Assistance

Get required technical assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays and weekends.

round icons

Quick Turnaround Time

We strive to troubleshoot and fix technical issues at the earliest to provide you uninterrupted service.

multi icons

Multi-Platform Support

Phone, email and live chat, our Support team is active and available and you can reach out to us at any time.

Awards & Recognitions

Awards: Recognizing Quality & Customer Focus

Sagenext has consistently garnered distinguished recognition for its exceptional hosting services, characterized by a resolute dedication to innovation and customer delight. This unwavering commitment to excellence has been demonstrably acknowledged through the receipt of numerous prestigious awards and accolades, solidifying Sagenext's position as an industry leader.


Rising Star Award by Compare Camp

SSAE Compliant SOC 2

Great User Experience by Finances Online

Great Uptime by HostAdvice

Great Uptime by HostAdvice

Top 10 Cloud Hosting Host Advice

Top 10 Cloud Hosting Host Advice

Trusted Partner: Expertise You Can Trust

Trusted Partners Play a Vital Role in Ensuring a Seamless Hosting Experience.

These carefully selected partners contribute their expertise in technology, infrastructure and support solutions, enhancing reliability and performance. Through this collaboration, Sagenext delivers a dependable and efficient hosting environment, allowing users to work without disruptions and enjoy optimal stability and security.

Trusted Partner

Lacerte Hosting FAQs

What is Lacerte hosted?

"Lacerte hosted" means the software is "hosted on cloud servers." that allows you to access your Lacerte tax Software and data from any device with an internet connection. This means you can work on your tax returns from anywhere, at any time, without having to worry about installing or maintaining software on your local machine.

What are the features of Lacerate Hosting?

Lacerte hosting is one of the most popular tax software hosting solutions out there providing simplified solutions for day-to-day tax operations. The most important aspect of hosting Lacerte is the fact that it combines traditional tax software with the value added benefits offered by cloud. It means you get the same interface, tools and features that you love and use on any internet-connected device. Seamless team collaboration and high data availability are other important features.

How much does it cost to host Lacerte?

Hosting Lacerte Tax software on cloud anywhere start from $55 to $104. At Sagenext, hosting lacerte software on the cloud start at just $59 for 1 user with 6GB storage.

Is Lacerte Tax Software Hosting free to use?

Yes, you can subscribe to 7-Day Free Trial for Lacerte Hosting for free and get hands-on experience about the actual performance, efficiency and data security. Once you are satisfied that cloud adoption can actually serve your requirements, you can choose to go full-fledged. Also, you get an additional 5% and 10% Discount on Half-Yearly and Yearly, respectively, saving you your hard-earned money.

How Lacerate hosting is Time Saving?

Lacerte Hosting is a time saving option as it helps you carry out your essential tax and accounting activities and file returns on-the-go. Plus, configuring and setting up the cloud platform is pretty easy and it takes anywhere between 1 to 5 hours to get started.

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