Sage 300 Cloud Hosting

What is Sage 300 Cloud for businesses?

- Cloud-based ERP solutions

Sage 300 ERP Hosting is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) application deployment method, which utilises the power of robust cloud computing to deliver a dedicated infrastructure to run Sage 300 ERP application along with its associated database. Cloud-based Sage 300 ERP has redefined the way of using enterprise Resource Planning Tools by delivering a unified virtual workspace for efficient team collaboration and productivity. The centralized cloud platform features hi-tech electronic, physical and digital security measures to keep confidential information safe from unwanted online threats.

Further defining Sage 300 ERP cloud, the process is all about setting a remote infrastructure for the application and data with the help of a hosting provider, which ultimately saves them the hassles and costs related to having and maintaining an in-house IT setup A reliable hosting provider for the Sage 300 application takes care of all the technical aspects related to cloud adoption from account setup an data migration to providing 24x7 technical assistance to make sure that the application is always available with no technical glitches.

The difference between Sage 300 Hosting and Sage 300 ERP online

- How they rack up against each other

The major difference between Sage 300 hosting and Sage 300 ERP online appears to be limitations and complexity of usage while you work with a variety of applications and data. Hosted Sage 300 application is a total platform that can accommodate all other software and any sort of data to give a complete online office. While Sage 300 ERP online is just an standalone application with limited features that may not solve all of your business purposes.

Sage 300 Hosting

No limitation
A complete platform
Unlimited Free Support
Complete Control

Sage 300 ERP Online

Standalone application
Charges for Support
No Freebies
No Control

How and Why to Switch to Sage 300 ERP Cloud Hosting?

- Hows and Whys that you need to know


Cloud hosting for Sage 300 applications is comparatively very easy if we can find a best hosting provider for our requirement. Below are the steps to be followed in order to host the application on the remote cloud server:


Gather your total requirements like:

  • number of users
  • name of the users
  • List of applications
  • Permission rights
  • License details
  • Personal Details


Find the best hosting provider
based on below points:

  • Their security arrangements
  • Their data integrity mechanism
  • Their Service Level Agreement
  • Their Technical Support timing
  • Their datacenter location
  • Their total experience


Below are the final
steps to be taken

  • Supply all the details to the hosting provider
  • Wait for them to create your cloud set up
  • Respond timely if they have any query
  • Appoint a point of contact
  • Get and analyse the details after its ready
  • Ask a demo to walk through the cloud


There are a few solid reasons for why a business should go for Hosting Sage 300 application:

To implement
top-notch security

To have
anywhere access

To have
anytime access

To access
from any device

To reduce

To have
24X7 support

To have
ease of use

How does Licensing Work in Cloud Sage 300 ERP Software?

- What you need to know?

There are two kinds of licenses to deal with while we as a small business move with the cloud. Both have equal importance and without either of them, we can land in legal trouble. Here are the ways to deal with both of them:

Sage 300 Software License Sage 300 Software License

It's actually a software license for Sage 300 application and without a proper license you can neither use it locally nor on the cloud. You can easily purchase Sage 300 software from the vendor, Sage Software. The best advice to you is to collect your total expectation that you want to be solved by using this software and let them know so that they could assist you with the best piece of application.

Hosting Provider Agreement Hosting Provider Agreement

This license is a mutual agreement between you and the Sage 300 ERP application hosting provider which includes setup, migration, maintenance, technical support, and other service areas. Service level agreement is the best way to describe it further. So, it's totally a together working parameters designed in such a transparent way so that it makes everything clear for both of the parties.

Is Sage 300 Cloud-based Safe to Use?

- With Sagenext, it's fully safe

Safety comes first while we access anything remotely since with these arrangements, data travels through the internet. With modern security threats and attacks, it becomes extremely imperative that we take it as a first priority if we use anything on computers, be it local or remote. Ransomware, nowadays, has become the most notorious threat having destroyed businesses by hosting the entire data with encryption

Cloud hosting vendors for Sage 300 applications generally are equipped with advanced security resources to avoid such threats. Real-time monitoring of suspicious system activities through a predefined algorithm lets us identify and thwart the attempt. An efficient backup system is already in place with hosting vendors to eventually recover incase of any major disaster. So, it's totally safe to use the cloud for your business growth.

Sage 300 Cloud-based

Special Considerations that Require for a Smooth Functioning of Sage 300 ERP Hosting

- What you need to look into?

In spite of tough security measures in place, if you, as a user, are not aware about different steps of secure computer usage, you will always be in fear of threat. Below are the steps to take care while you look to enjoy your hosting experience;

resources from

1- Don't download resources from unknown sources

2- Don't install anything on cloud without vendor consent

3- Assign admin rights to technically skilled people only

4- Train all the users for sage usage

5- Ask the vendor as soon as you see any update

6- Run compliance testing on a regular basis

7- Use small supportive tools for good sync

Role of customer support for you as a user of Sage 300 Cloud

Role of customer support

A 24X7 available support plays an increasingly important role in the long-term success of your business while you have been using Sage 300 cloud. Since cloud hosting involves lots of elements to function as a single platform, some unexpected issues may come from different reasons. A well trained and experienced professional team can immediately intervene to help you as soon as you report any case. These professionals have detailed experience in dealing with all tax and accounting applications along with their functionalities and day-to-day challenges.

Sage 300 ERP Hosting FAQ's

Why Sage 300 Hosting?+

It simply means the Sage 300 software hosting on the cloud. It eliminates the infrastructure-related bottlenecks in the application and offers a flexible environment to host the software. Users can now access the accounting files easily from their mobile devices. Get access to real-time customer data, reports, and other details anywhere with internet connectivity.

How much does it cost to host Sage 300 Hosting?+

We provide you the best deal for Sage 300 hosting! There is only Standard Hosting with it, which starts at $60/month. Save more by choosing a customized plan for 1 year or more. Talk with our technical experts on the number +1.801.610.6141 to know more about the pricing plans. Write to us at [email protected] to know more about Sage 300 hosting.

Benefits of Sage 300 Cloud Hosting if I buy Sage 300 Hosting licenses?+

Getting the license will ensure the hosting space for your Sage 300 application. You get the login details to ensure the safety of the account. Sagenext will be your trusted friend & partner in delivering the best hosting services.We ensure the maximum uptime of your business account at a very good cost.

Is my data safe and secure with Sagenext? Will my data be backed up?+

Your data is safe and backed up in secured data centers across the world. It is encrypted and can be accessed by the person having the authorization.
We ensure ultimate safety to your business's accounting data using reputed tools.
Our proven records show that the experts are always to assist to fix all kinds of accounting problems.

How do I set up multi user in Sage 300 Hosting? +

There are multiple kinds of doing it. The foremost way to do it in quick time will be to try the troubleshooting once. If it fails, then contact our hosting experts to solve the problem.
The steps are -
1. Open the Sage 300 file and go to the 'File' menu.
2. Use the 'Add User' option for creating other login details.
3. Now click on 'OK' and then 'Modify'.
4. Enter and re-enter the details for 'systemadmin' user.
5. Again go to 'setup' and then click on 'Setup Users'.
Now the user can switch to multi-user mode by clicking on the 'File' menu.
In case it doesn't work, then contact the Sagenext experts on +1-855-922-7243 to enable the multi-user mode in Sage 300 hosting.

How to install Sage 300 Hosting on Cloud?+

Reach out to Sagenext technical experts at{" "} +1-855-922-7243 for installing Sage 300 Hosting on the Cloud.
Now share the requirements to decide whether or not the shared-or-the-dedicated hosting plans may fit your need.
The experts will assist you in every step to get the application started and migrate the datasets mapped onto the cloud server.

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