Sage 50 Hosting: Cloud-Based Accounting for Businesses

Sage 50 Cloud-Based Accounting

Sage 50 Hosting is a type of cloud-based accounting solution based on the Infrastructure-as-a-Service Model that provides required computing, storage, and networking resources on demand to remotely access and use the accounting application. Driven by the concept of smart cloud accounting, the hosted Sage 50 platform enables you to remotely access the same desktop software with similar interface and features while adding more processing and storage capabilities.

Moving Sage 50 on the cloud allows assigned users to come together and work on the same platform from anywhere in the world, providing easy solutions for day-to-day financial operations with improved efficiency. Also, the cloud hosting for Sage 50 offers multiple options for resource customization, meaning you can add or remove server resources as and when required to meet the dynamic needs of your business. Backed by a pay-as-you-go model, you only need to pay for the resources you use and make the most of your practice.

Reason to Host Sage 50 Accounting Software on Cloud

Ideal Accounting Solution for SMBs

Sage 50 Cloud Hosting empowers you to manage your finances from anywhere, anytime. Here's how:

Easy to use

Easy to use

Get absolute freedom to access, share, and use Sage 50 hosting solutions from anywhere even while on the go, and make the most of your operations.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

No physical IT setup means no hefty upfront costs and no IT expertise needed. Enjoy the same application at nominal monthly charges.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Multiple users sitting in different locations can collaborate, access, edit, and work on the same software, even if they are using different devices.

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

Hosting Sage 50 means you never have to worry about system updates as professionals are there to handle the technical aspects of the cloud platform.

24x7 Support

24x7 Support

Microsoft-certified technicians are available round-the-clock via call, chat, and email to troubleshoot technical issues with your hosted software.

99.9% Uptime

99.9% Uptime

Hosting Sage applications on high-performance cloud servers ensures high uptime to keep your business up and running at all times.

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Who Should Choose Sage 50 Cloud Accounting

Ideal Accounting Solution for SMBs

Developed and marketed by The Sage Group , Sage 50 is amongst the most advanced yet easy-to-use accountancy and payroll products out there. From managing cash flows and invoicing to payments and banking, Sage 50 offers a plethora of features to handle critical aspects of your day-to-day accounting. Sage 50 Cloud Accounting software is ideal for sole proprietors, CPAs, accountants, small and medium businesses.


Developed and marketed by The Sage Group, Sage 50 is amongst the most advanced yet easy-to-use accountancy and payroll products out there. From managing cash flows and invoicing to payments and banking, Sage 50 offers a plethora of features to handle critical aspects of your day-to-day accounting. Sage 50 Cloud Accounting software is ideal for sole proprietors, CPAs, accountants, small and medium businesses.

Proper implementation of innovative solutions is the key to survive and thrive in today's competitive landscape. And, hosting Sage 50 on remote servers is one such step for small business owners as it saves them from the burden of setting up, operating and maintaining inhouse IT infrastructure, helping them to focus on their core objectives.

How to Find the Best Sage 50 Hosting Service Providers

Neither the two businesses nor their requirements or evaluation criteria are the same when it comes to choosing a partner for hosting Sage 50 service. However, there are some common factors that you should check before zeroing your search.


Certifications and Compliances

You should always look for a cloud hosting company that adheres to the standards set by SSAE, HIPAA, and GDPR Law. Investigate their data encryption practices, backup procedures, and disaster recovery plans.


Reliability & Performance

Choose a Hosting provider with a high uptime guarantee (ideally 99.9% or higher) to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity. As for the performance, go with the one that has SSD servers, robust infrastructure and resources to guarantee smooth operation for your Sage 50 software.

Service support

Service and Support

Ensure the provider has a team experienced in Sage 50 hosting and can offer dedicated support for any technical issues. Research their customer service reputation and response times for any inquiries or troubleshooting needs.

Data security

Data Security and Management

Assess the hosting provider's physical and electronic security measures, data security governance and operations. The provider's security protocols should be in sync with your firm's policies and processes to ensure your data is protected.


Pricing and Free Trials

Compare pricing structures of different providers, considering features, storage space, and included support. If available, take advantage of free trials to experience the provider's platform and assess its suitability for your business.


Customizable Plans

Sage 50 accounting plans tailored to your specific business needs can add more value to your practice. Hence, always go with the service provider that can customize Sage 50 cloud platform according to your requirements and budget.

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What Our Clients Saying

Samuel Johns
Samuel Johns

Small Business Owner

I recently had to upgrade my Sage 50 hosting and fortunately, I chose to go with Sagenext. Highly professional guys. Thank you.

Albert Johnathan
Albert Johnathan

Small Business Owner

Needed to Sage 50 hosting for my recently started business and Sagenext was my ultimate choice. Very happy about my decision. Thank you.



I never expected hosting Sage 50 to be a challenge. Fortunately, Sagenext came to my rescue, and I can't thank them enough for their excellent support.

Security Advice for
Sage Accounting Cloud

Sagenext’s Checklist for the Best Security Practices

Cloud accounting has become more powerful, efficient, and secure than ever. However, there are some really important things that you need to put in place to minimize the chances of data theft or loss and make the most of your Sage 50 software. Choose a competent and reliable hosting provider that follows the latest security standards

Safe gaurd

Safeguard your devices against Malware

cyber thread

Train your team members to identify cyber threats.

multi-level authentication

Use multi-level authentication

sensible passwords

Using sensible passwords

Secure Your Business by Hosting
Sage 50 Cloud with Sagenext

What to Expect from Sagenext Cloud-based Sage 50?

The sagenext Differences

State art


Expert Consultation


Customizable Service


Enterprise-level Security


24x7 Tech Support

24x7 Tech

Awards & Recognitions

Awards: Recognizing Quality & Customer Focus

Sagenext has consistently garnered distinguished recognition for its exceptional hosting services, characterized by a resolute dedication to innovation and customer delight. This unwavering commitment to excellence has been demonstrably acknowledged through the receipt of numerous prestigious awards and accolades, solidifying Sagenext's position as an industry leader.


Rising Star Award by Compare Camp

SSAE Compliant SOC 2

Great User Experience by Finances Online

Great Uptime by HostAdvice

Great Uptime by HostAdvice

Top 10 Cloud Hosting Host Advice

Top 10 Cloud Hosting Host Advice

Trusted Partner: Expertise You Can Trust

Trusted Partners Play a Vital Role in Ensuring a Seamless Hosting Experience.

These carefully selected partners contribute their expertise in technology, infrastructure and support solutions, enhancing reliability and performance. Through this collaboration, Sagenext delivers a dependable and efficient hosting environment, allowing users to work without disruptions and enjoy optimal stability and security.

Trusted Partner

Sage 50 Hosting FAQs

How much does Sage hosting cost?

The cost depends on the kind of hosting you choose between dedicated and shared hosting based on your needs. Our Standard Sage 50 cloud hosting starts at $43/month, while Standard Cloud hosting begins at $60/month. Try it risk-free with our 7-day free trial for both plans. Experience the power, security, and flexibility of cloud-based accounting before committing.

Can Sage 50 be hosted in the cloud?

Yes, Sage 50 can be hosted in the cloud. Sage 50 offers a "cloud hosting" service that allows you to access the software and your data remotely from any device, anywhere. This provides benefits like increased flexibility, security, and collaboration.

Is Sage 50 being phased out?

No, Sage 50 is not being phased out. Sage continues to develop and support Sage 50 as a valuable accounting solution for small and medium businesses. The cloud hosting option further strengthens its relevance in the modern business landscape.

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