Sage 100 Cloud Hosting

A Detailed Introduction of Sage 100 ERP Hosting

- Cloud-based ERP for growing businesses

Sage 100 hosting is a process of merging Sage 100 software with cloud based infrastructure to utilise the power of technology for business productivity and growth. In this very challenging world, when businesses are focussing more on their core competency with all available resources, hosting Sage 100 application gives them opportunity to enhance their team collaboration and the required agility that a business requires to succeed.

While cloud is already being in use in many forms like; online drives, photo sharing, document management systems, Sage 100 users are also adopting it rapidly for the ease of use. Cloud is a perfect platform for excellent synchronization between multiple software applications for more productive results. It's secure, robust, and solves many purposes at the same time.

Know about the features of Hosted Sage 100 Contractor


Like all other applications cloud hosting, Sage 100 Contractor hosting will have many features to serve small businesses to give them additional pace that they require to boost their business. Below are the major features that can help small business owners to get competitive advantage over their competitors if a proper set up of cloud hosting is placed for Sage 100 Contractor application:

New Age Resources

New Age Resources

For modern small and medium businesses, buying and managing advanced technology solutions just for limited usage and purposes is not at all a feasible option. Evaluation of the right technology followed by security arrangements to make them threat-proof is not an easy task. Thus, cloud hosting for Sage 100 Contractor becomes mandatory as it adds the flexibility, performance and efficiency to already feature-rich Sage 100 ERP applications.

Efficient Synchronization

Efficient Synchronization

A standalone application is not self-sufficient for maximum possible output hence it requires streamlined data transmission amongst multiple applications. Cloud hosted Sage 100 makes a complete environment for such communication to give your business the efficiency to service your clients in the best possible way. Exchange of information on the same platform is always safe rather than transfer over the network.

New Age Security Resources

New Age Security Resources

Ransomware is a kind of threat that always haunts you whether you are using Sage 100 applications locally or on to the cloud. To counter this notorious threat, security has been developed in such a way that it has an algorithm of valid possible system activities and if it finds something against it's pattern, it immediately stops the action and takes required measures to thwart it. This is a new security trend and so far the only effective option to fight against the threat.

Key Elements for Seamless Sage 100 Cloud Hosting Experience

- What goes into making your cloud move successful?

Key elements

A good
hosting provider

A highly

A secure

High performance


A 24X7 free
technical support

No long-term

Free trial before
going paid

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What does it cost to host Sage 100 ERP hosting?

What is the Cost of Hosting Sage 100 ERP Hosting?

- It's simple. It's easy on the pocket

Sage 100 cloud hosting is a very cost effective option after considering the features that we get along with a hosted platform. The hosting package generally includes free daily data backup, enterprise-grade security, scalable resources, free technical support, and regular updates & upgrades and after considering these business importance elements, the hosting cost becomes very feasible to go. Highly scalable resources will further let you reduce your hosting fee as soon as you find less usage of the cloud. Depending upon quality of hosting services, your hosting prices may vary from vendor to vendor.

When to Move Sage 100 ERP to the Cloud?

- Now is the time

With booming technology, Artificial Intelligence and Automation is at the forefront, all sorts of businesses are in a race to acquire efficient technologies to enhance their business productivity. Cloud implementation is one of the modern thoughts that is transforming businesses with many meaningful reasons like; accessibility, convenience, performance, and data security. Here are some of the reasons to prove that it's right to go to the cloud

To get an
edge in the

To get

To get
a perfect
in place

To get
a secure

To get

  • To get an edge in the competition
  • To get anywhere access
  • To get a perfect team-work in place
  • To get a secure operation
  • To get 24X7 support

The Major Difference between Sage 100 Cloud Hosting and Sage 100 Online

- How they rack against each other ?

There's a huge difference between hosting Sage 100 application and Sage 100 online since both of them consists of some good and average features. Depending upon business needs and budget feasibility, we can choose either of them to get maximum output. Below are the major differences that we need to consider before opting of any one of them:

Sage 100 Cloud Hosting

A broad platform with multiple apps
Easy management of data
Unlimited Support
Free backup
Multi app sync
A little costly

Sage 100 Online

A stand-alone application
Complex data handling
Huge fee for support
No free backup
No app sync
Less costly

Sage 100 ERP Hosting FAQs

Why Sage 100 Hosting?

Sage 100 hosting is the professional business ERP application that is helping businesses manage their operations like - financing, accounting, sales, inventory, and customer management. Businesses can now customize ERP systems that are facilitating efficient work efforts across all kinds of businesses.
It is now easy to streamline the businesses' accounting operations and improves the inventory forecasting to plan for future products.

How much does it cost to host Sage 100 Hosting?

We provide you the best deal for Sage 100 hosting! There is only Standard Hosting with it, which starts at $60/month. Save more by choosing a customized plan for 1 year or more.
Talk with our technical experts on the number{" "} +1.801.610.6141 to know more about the pricing plans. Write to us at to know more about Sage 100 hosting.

Who will provide the support? Sagenext or Sage Support?

Sagenext technical experts are available round-the-clock to provide the necessary assistance for Sage 100 Hosting.
Reach us on the Toll-Free number - +1.801.610.6141 or write at for instant Sage 100 Hosting solutions.
Sagenext has Microsoft certified technical engineers to provide 360-degree support.

Benefits of Sage 100 Cloud Hosting if I buy Sage 100 Hosting licenses?

Getting the license will ensure the hosting space for your Sage 100 application. You get the login details to ensure the safety of the account.
Sagenext will be your trusted friend & partner in delivering the best hosting services. We ensure the maximum uptime of your business account at a very good cost.

Is my data safe and secure with Sagenext? Will my data be backed up?

Your data is safe and backed up in secured data centers across the world. It is encrypted and can be accessed by the person having the authorization.
We ensure ultimate safety to your business's accounting data using reputed tools.
Our proven records show that the experts are always to assist to fix all kinds of accounting problems.

How do I set up multi-user in Sage 100 Hosting?

There are multiple kinds of doing it. The foremost way to do it in quick time will be to try the troubleshooting once. If it fails, then contact our hosting experts to solve the problem.
The steps are -
1. Open the Sage 100 file and go to the 'File' menu.
2. Use the 'Add User' option for creating other login details.
3. Now click on 'OK' and then 'Modify'.
4. Enter and re-enter the details for 'systemadmin' user.
5. Again go to 'setup' and then click on 'Setup Users'.
Now the user can switch to multi-user mode by clicking on the 'File' menu.

How to install Sage 100 Hosting on Cloud?

Reach out to Sagenext technical experts at{" "} +1-855-922-7243 for installing Sage 100 Hosting on the Cloud.
Now share the requirements with our experts to decide whether or not the shared-or-the-dedicated hosting plans may fit your need.
They will assist you in every step to get the application started and migrate the datasets mapped onto the cloud server.

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