Sage 500 ERP Hosting

What is Sage 500 ERP Hosting?

- A brief insight into cloud ERP solutions

Installing and configuring Sage 500 ERP on a remote server based on cloud computing is called Sage 500 ERP hosting. Based on the concept of cloud computing techniques, the hosted Sage 500 ERP platform brings to you different options for server resource customization to give your business the required performance, reliability, security and agility to survive and thrive in today's competitive times.

Hosting Sage 500 ERP on the cloud means you are free from all sorts of burdens like: setup, management, and updates & upgrades. It is so customizable that you can tune it to your unique requirements with exact server resources and avoid paying for unutilised resources. The cloud hosted Sage 500 ERP is remotely accessible from any device allowing you to access and work in sync with your team for improved productivity.

How to Get Started with Cloud-based Sage 500 ERP?

- Cloud hosting process explained

Setting up your cloud for Sage 500 application is an easy-to-follow process that involves below steps:

Started with Cloud-based

  Purchase your licensed Sage 500 application with Sage software

  Find a perfect hosting provider for your hosting requirements

  Supply your license details and data to your cloud hosting provider

  Do let them know if you have any customized requirements

  Oversee the cloud set up operations for its integrity

  Get your cloud login details from the cloud provider

  Ask for a demo with a technician to walk you through

Want to get started?

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Why Switch to Sage 500 ERP Hosting?


There are many benefits of Sage 500 cloud hosting to empower your business to get more growth and serve your customers with more accuracy and efficiency. Below are the major benefits that a business can expect from hosting Sage 500:

Cost Effective Solution

Cost Effective Solution

Sage 500 hosting can save your operational cost in many ways. It does not only let you purchase expensive server resources and security arrangements, it also frees you from hiring costly IT manpower to oversee your operations. With hosted Sage 500 ERP, you only pay for the resources you actually use. You can immediately remove the resources that you don't find to be utilised.

Highly Secure Infrastructure

Highly Secure Infrastructure

With cloud hosting for Sage 500 ERP, the cloud service providers have adequate security arrangements to counter any possible online threats. With enterprise-grade antivirus, competent hardware and software-based firewalls, and real-time monitoring of system activities goes a long way in ensuring data security. For a small business, it's almost impossible to buy and set up security resources.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Anywhere and Anytime Access

The centralised workspace of Sage 500 ERP cloud grants instant access to the entire platform to every authorized user. Be it desktop, laptop or any mobile device, you get the same desktop feature. This gives you and your employees ample freedom to work from anywhere. An excellent team collaboration takes place to make the practice more efficient and timely.

What is Next-Gen Sage 500 ERP Cloud Solutions?

- Modern businesses need modern solutions

Gen-next Security


High Performance Resources

High Performance

On-the-go Technical Support

Technical Support

Compliance Proof


Security Considerations for Hosting Sage 500 ERP

- Data security and its importance


Enterprise Data Centers

Enterprise Data Centers

A competent data center provides uncompromised physical and electronic security to your hosted app and data. And for that, the data center must be certified with SSAE-18 (SOC 2), HIPAA, HITECH and other mandatory industry standards and compliances.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

Live monitoring for suspicious system activities will help us to track the threats and avoid them before anything bad happens. Check with your hosting vendor for Sage 500 if they have this security arrangement to help you escape unhurt from ransomware attacks.

Stringent System Rights

Stringent System Rights

Proper distribution of system rights should be practiced with reserved administrative rights. You need to assess the list of users and their expected activities on the cloud platform, and then create their cloud account with only essential permissions to avoid complications.

Sage 500 ERP Hosting Pricing Guide


Here's how to save some cash on cloud subscriptions

Sage 500 ERP Hosting Pricing Guide
  • Customize it as much as possible to exactly fit into your requirements
  • Immediately reduce resources that has no use
  • Choose 24X7 free technical support to increase business productivity
  • Consume full trial period before going paid as it comes free-of-cost
  • Ask for freebies as much as possible to give you additional wings
  • Get 5% and 10% Discount on Prepaid Half-Yearly and Yearly Subscriptions respectively.

How to Maintain Data Integrity of Cloud Hosted Sage 500 ERP?

- Accuracy. Competency. Consistency.

Be it your local setup or cloud hosted Sage 500 ERP, data integrity is an essential factor that demands utmost attention. It doesn't only save you from day to day data discrepancy issues, it also helps to recover from ransomware kind of threats. Below are the the few considerations that you should think about your data integrity:


Data should be backed
up at least twice a day


Backup copy must
be encrypted


Backup copies must be
kept at least 3 locations


Check entire data integrity
policy of your hosting vendor


Cross check your
backup settings


Ask to keep at least
30 copies of your backup

Is Sage 500 ERP Hosting Legal?

It's absolutely legal to host Sage 500 ERP applications. Sage software encourages its users to use cloud hosting for their business so that Sage 500 applications become more productive and serve their clients better. Sage 500 ERP hosting providers are obliged by US data protection laws, that further enhances its authenticity of legal compliances.

Sage 500 ERP Hosting FAQ's

Why Sage 500 Hosting?

Sage 500 hosting provides businesses with real-time accounting data anywhere with an active internet connection. Manage accounting operations smartly with Sage 500 software on the cloud.
The ability to work anytime means and collaborate with multiple users on a single file makes the application a top favorite. It will provide you up-to-date & real-time details to respond to dynamic business conditions.

How much does it cost to host Sage 500 Hosting?

We provide you the best deal for Sage 500 hosting! There is only Standard Hosting with it, which starts at $60/month. Save more by choosing a customized plan for 1 year or more.
Talk with our technical experts on the number{" "} +1.801.610.6141 to know more about the pricing plans. Write to us at to know more about Sage 500 hosting.

Benefits of Sage 500 Hosting if I buy Sage Hosting licenses?

Getting the license will ensure the hosting space for your Sage 500 application. You get the login details to ensure the safety of the account.
Sagenext will be your trusted friend & partner in delivering the best hosting services. We ensure the maximum uptime of your business account at a very good cost.

Is my data safe and secure with Sagenext? Will my data be backed up?

Your data is safe and backed up in secured data centers across the world. It is encrypted and can be accessed by the person having the authorization.
We ensure ultimate safety to your business's accounting data using reputed tools.
Our proven records show that the experts are always to assist to fix all kinds of accounting problems.

How do I set up multi user in Sage 500 Hosting?

There are multiple kinds of doing it. The foremost way to do it in quick time will be to try the troubleshooting once. If it fails, then contact our hosting experts to solve the problem.
The steps are -
1. Open the Sage 500 file and go to the 'File' menu.
2. Use the 'Add User' option for creating other login details.
3. Now click on 'OK' and then 'Modify'.
4. Enter and re-enter the details for 'systemadmin' user.
5. Again go to 'setup' and then click on 'Setup Users'.
Now the user can switch to multi-user mode by clicking on the 'File' menu.
In case it doesn't work, then contact the Sagenext experts on +1-855-922-7243 to enable the multi-user mode in Sage 500 hosting.

How to install Sage 500 Hosting on Cloud?

Reach out to Sagenext technical experts at +1-855-922-7243 for installing Sage 500 Hosting on the Cloud.
Now share the requirements to decide whether or not the shared-or-the-dedicated hosting plans may fit your need.
The experts will assist you in every step to get the application started and migrate the datasets mapped onto the cloud server.

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