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Underwater Data Centers: The Actual Need of Today’s Modern World?

By Ayushi Jain

Nov 13, 2018

The technology is evolving in every possible direction to provide more innovative platforms to store data. Keeping the same approach in mind, Microsoft sunk a massive d

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Data Encryption

Personal Data: How Important Is It To Keep It Safe?

By Pratibha Maurya

Oct 31, 2018

You wanted to buy a new mobile phone, so you downloaded an online shopping application on your phone. You scrolled through the options and ordered a phone you thought would meet your requirements. The

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Essentials of Cloud Security

The Absolute Essentials of Cloud Security

By Sagenext

Oct 26, 2018

The cloud has taken over every sector of our life, from our professional routines to personal stuff, the cloud is all around us. We can call it a powerful technology that introduces us to a less frust

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