Data is the most vital yet vulnerable factor of any business and who doesn’t want to keep their data within the utmost security. From financial transactions to sales stats and even customer information, all of this is pure data. Something that is of prime importance, but also something that can bring you down to a crashing halt, if not dealt with properly.

Everything, from decision making to marketing to customer-driven sales effectiveness is an outcome of data and its analysis.

Data is the new oil, you must have heard this phrase, making the rounds in the industry and why not, after all, data is what’s driving the modern industry. The fact that it’s the maker or the scrapper can’t be stressed upon enough. It needs to be dealt with utter proficiency and today we will give you 6 foolproof ways to successfully deal with data security.

Know the nature of your data and storage

Understanding the nature of your data, where it’s stored and under whom, is the foremost step you should take in order to implement data security. Analyzing your data lets you decide the type of cloud hosting you need; Share or Dedicated. Still confused? Read on to know better.

Properly train your employees

You must have heard about the GDPR. Yes, to err is human, but it’s only humane to strive to make as few errors as possible. Can’t just let the company suffer in the hands of human error, that could have been easily avoided by proper training and education. Its a thing of the past, storing data in a USB stick, the cloud is the way to go, the cloud is the way to grow! It’s important to train your staff with the latest cloud developments and security advancements. A little time spent on training could save you a lot of time weeping on breached data

Data risk management is an absolute must

Well, did you know that just 2% of about 15000 enterprise cloud applications are GDPR ready! Thus we see how indispensable it is to assess apps that you’re letting to access your data. Identify everything from online to offline. A data breach can be caused by factors as meager as a power cut. Identify the current weak points, drawbacks and formulate a new plan for your organization’s data security system. Prioritizing actions to reduce the risk of a data breach should be practiced; one such thing is choosing a hosting provider with an impeccably secure data center. Do not risk an expensive data breach!

Grill your hosting provider

It’s smart that you’re channeling your technology niche, but be aware and vigilant of your hosting provider’s infrastructure. Ask them about compliance, accreditation. HIPAA and HITECH compliance is pretty much the gold standard. Having data centers that are no less than 256 bit encrypted is an absolute must. Be informed of you’re hosting provider’s industry review. Remember a word of mouth is always of value.

Install foolproof anti-virus

If you’re hell-bent on storing your data locally then opt for one of the most safeguarded measures that also happens to be pretty straightforward. Get an antivirus that is fully functional and makes your system immune to even the most ratchet internet data evasions. Active prevention and regular scans minimize the threat of data leakage. Good security can take you a long way; malicious malware can cause you damage that’s worse than a calamity.

Regular backups

Backing up your data in a scheduled manner is as important as your data itself. Take our word for it, backups are an important dimension of security. Reconstituting lost data can cost you way more than actually taking out time to schedule data backups. Set your frequency and stick to it, no matter what. Security of your backups is as much of importance, as is the security of your lives.

Your diligence to data will only increase your data’s deliverance to you. Don’t fall short of taking prompt measures with tax season rumbling around the curb. The IRS tends to beat a lot of new changes around this time, and will all these dynamics taking the front seat, you need to be dead sure about your data security and privacy. Be sure you’re on the top of your game in terms of information, it will only help you implement better data security measures.