QuickBase is a low-code development platform that enables users to create and deploy a suite of applications and ecosystems. QuickBase allows non-developers to execute complex functions and enables collaborative development amongst users to facilitate development in a fast-paced business environment.

Low-code development

QuickBase is a low-code platform that allows users from non-technical backgrounds to build professional applications while facilitating the collaboration of multiple teams on a project, helping achieve time-bound goals and reducing IT costs.

Seamless integration

QuickBase offers enterprise-grade security with a comprehensive suite of safety features and a regulatory compliance program having earned the most challenging certifications such as SOC1, HIPAA, EU-US Privacy Shield and DFARS.

Real-time application deployment

QuickBase enables uninterrupted deployment of applications with real-time changes reflected through its platform without ever having to take the application offline. Why choose QuickBase?

Collaborative development

QuickBase allows continuous improvement to complex business applications with smooth adjustents. It allows users to deploy and manage applications in real-time with high levels of customization without the hassle of legacy systems, and with its shared data repository project management across multiple teams is effortless.


QuickBase helps link your projects across multiple systems in real-time from a single platform. The flawless integration and smooth transitionning of QuickBase allow users to deploy and coo-rdinate workflows across applications from a singular point.


QuickBase helps scale down expenditure by saving up on IT costs owing to its high standards of security, time-efficient development platform and capability to integrate applications and workflows on a single platform.

Unlimited Technical Support

What can you do with QuickBase?

Sagenext Infotech has a team of highly skilled, dedicated, and experienced professionals available round-the-clock. We know that your business can't be put on pause, so we make sure that we are always here to provide you the highest level of support through that and Phone service when you need it. We are here so that you can work without any interruption on your service.


Use case-specific solutions

QuickBase's host of features aids multiple use-cases, and businesses can capitalize on them to best serve their needs. Such as its automation capabilities that help streamline supply chain management, the collaborative platform that ensures comfortable project management across several teams and its workflow integration to help HR departments adhere to company objectives.

Industry-specific solutions

A number of industry-tailored solutions at QuickBase allow varied capabilities amongst users. Government agencies can take advantage of QuickBase's unparalleled security features helping keep citizens data secure at all times, or manufacturers can utilize intricate workflows to equip their workforce with accurate and prompt information, or construction companies can exploit the efficiencies of QuickBase to save time and costs.

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