Terminalworks is a leading remote desktop printing and scanning solutions provider for businesses of all sizes, combining intuitive tools to help facilitate remote desktop abilities to print and scan over a network through a rudimentary setup and installation with a cost-effective pricing model. Terminalworks ensures that your scanning and printing needs are served without the setbacks and hassles of traditional drivers, plugins and third-party clients, through the use of its proprietary technologies in a host of software, libraries and applications that lead the segment in remote desktop printing and scanning processes.

What Terminalworks offers?

Terminalworks offers a host of applications that help users execute remote desktop printing and scanning functions with ease.


TSPrint is a remote desktop printing software that works with Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, VDI and Citrix environments. It provides effortless printing functionality combined with a suite of additional tools to help users navigate through their requirements.

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TSPrint gives users:
  • A driverless printing experience for utmost convenience, and no concerns about compression or file transfer.
  • The ability to work on any network ensures that users do not require any supplementary network configurations so far as they are connected to the terminal server.
  • Easy file transfer with simple clicks to your local workstation to make sure your data is where you want it to be.
  • Instant deployment to make sure users do not have to endure an arduous installation or configuration process, TSPrint is equipped with a plug-and-play technology and silent installation option for deployment across your network.
  • Printing over a network allows users to send print commands to any printer that is connected to the network.
  • Best-in-class printing performance is made possible through TSPrint's high-quality compression technology to ensure the fastest printing experience.


TSScan gives terminal servers the ability to execute scanning functions over the network and provides a centralized document editing and archiving platform. TSScan comes with TWAIN-compliant scanner mapping for almost every remote computing solution. TSScan compiles a list of your local imaging devices for easy access on your remote desktop server and its advanced compression technology ensures zero loss in image quality.

Seamless remote scanning capabilities to use any device connected over a network to make scanned copies with ease.

Compression and encryption of data over the network help TSScan complete tasks with high speeds and maximum data security.

Scan to the desired formats with TSScan's ability to create scan directly to JPEG, TIFF, BMP or even PDFs.

Cutting-edge compression technology ensures that image quality is never compromised while maintaining the high speed of taking scans.

TSS Scan


Terminalworks' enables users to import all document formats through its virtual TWAIN device which replicates a scanner and allows users to haul images and snaps from documents just like a physical device.

UniTwain offers:
  • The ability to import various image formats including BMP, JPEG, TIFF and PNG while allowing users to edit and sort them.
  • The ability to extend scanning capabilities by converting rudimentary office scanners into advanced scanning devices.
  • The ability to import snapshots from web cameras and import the images directly onto the system.
  • The ability to import PDFs directly from a document with the facilities to edit, remove and insert news pages.
  • The ability to edit images with the integrated image editor allows you to perform all major editing functions.


Terminalworks' PDFPrinting.NET offers an uncomplicated API to allow hassle-free .NET printing. It allows users to print, display or convert PDF documents along with the ability to reference the .NET assembly within the product and begin coding instantly. PDFPrinting.NET does not require third-party libraries, allows users to adjust printing settings and is compatible with all CLR languages to ensure flawless results.

PDFPrinting.NET offers:

Pre-installed Adobe Reader to allow printing of specific documents to assure your rendering needs.

Customizable settings for maximum control over characteristics of the print.

Document conversion from PDFs to image formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG and more, allowing users to convert a single page or multiple pages and, even multiple files.

Silent printing lets users execute printing functions in the background with minimal involvement.


CLPrint is software that enables users to give printing commands for PDF documents from a command line. CLPrint enables the printing of PDFs using command prompt and is an ideal choice for automated BATCH scripts. It also allows the printing of PDF documents using SQL stored procedures.

CLPrint offers:
  • Easy conversion of PDF files to any image format desired by the user, with the ability to convert single or multiples pages.
  • Standalone Binary program that requires minimal dependencies or additional libraries and allows PDF rendering with ease.
  • Self-contained solutions with no requirement for Adobe enable a variety of use cases and effortless deployment.
  • Scalability with the choice to use an independent single computer license or the choice to scale up as per the users' requirements with the redistributable license.


Redirect your local DirectShow cameras to a remote session with TSWebCam with the help of RDP or Citrix and a wide range of supported applications.
TSWebCam eliminates the need to install a driver with its plug-and-play feature allowing users to instantly stream remote sessions.

DirectShow compatibility with support for a wide range of applications and hardware, including a DirectX compatible image source.

RDP and Citrix support that requires no additional clients, completely relying on the integrated Virtual Channel technology to channel video streams over a network.

Customization capabilities to allow users to edit resolution and adjust compression settings to comply with the users' bandwidth.


TwainScanning.Net is a comprehensive TWAINcompatible scanning library for .NET projects with the ability to scan a variety of formats including JPEG images and PDFs to any desired format directly. TwainScanning.Net enables users to produce scans in multiple formats with profound control over the TWAIN protocol to ensure maximum compatibility and best performance in a variety of use cases.

TwainScanning.Net offers:
  • Local UI to allow users to use a familiar platform to save files with customizable file name and location.
  • Asynchronous scanning to enable background scanning to prevent workflow interruption and allow silent scans.
  • Advanced information to keep users updated on the status of their devices and details of the paper in the tray.
  • Multiple-source scans to allow users to execute scans without scanner UI to enable cross-format scanning and saving.

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Why choose Terminalworks?

Terminalworks serves over 30,000 users worldwide and is a market leader in remote desktop printing and scanning solutions owing to its comprehensive suite of software that enables businesses and users from all industries to streamline their printing and scanning processes.

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