1. QuickBooks POS offers a wide range of choices and options to users in the platform they want to opt for their operations, methods of payment they want to accept and even convenience of setup through a flip stand.
  2. With so many options available in the market, QuickBooks POS offers businesses the ability to extend acceptance of different types of payment methods to retain every customer no matter their mode of spending. QuickBooks POS allows users to accept contactless payments, gift card redemptions and mobile payments through a single platform.
  3. The growing eCommerce sector is attracting the majority of the population to migrate to online shopping. To enable businesses to promote and manage their online business in conjunction with their in-store sales QuickBooks POS enables seamless integration of all channels of business, be it online or in brick and mortar stores, over the same system.
  4. QuickBooks POS offers cutting edge hardware to ensure maximum performance while requiring the least amount of physical space through its new and improved physical infrastructure with a wide range of colours and designs to choose from.
QuickBooks for Mac


QuickBooks POS offers a host of industryleading features empowering businesses to compete in technology and data-driven business environments.

Payment Options
Payment Options

QuickBooks POS allows retail businesses to accept payments through a wide range of options enabling customers to choose whichever payment mode they prefer, in turn resulting in higher conversion rates. All payments received through QuickBooks POS

Inventory management
Inventory management

QuickBooks POS is a unique point of sale system that enables retail businesses to keep track of their inventory through the same system as one that is equipped with receiving payments and generating invoices. Now businesses can access their inventory

Personalised Sales
Personalised Sales

QuickBooks POS lets businesses make every sale cultivate a personal relationship with customers through its ability to help generate customized offers, rewards and promotions tailored to specific needs of customers and help retailers create personalized loyalty programs for top customers building convenience and

E-Commerce Integration
E-Commerce Integration

Through a seamlessly integrated platform, QuickBooks POS gives retailers the flexibility to manage all their business channels through a unified platform in a single system, including their online and in-store streams. This essential feature eliminates duplication of

QuickBooks Synchronization
QuickBooks Synchronization

QuickBooks understands new age business needs so it can help customers get the most out of their product and QuickBooks does just that with its feature to sync QuickBooks POS with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise. It enables users to transfer data on-demand,

01 New Payment Modes

Cash payments have significantly declined in the past decade and with the onset of the digital age, lucrative methods of payment have shaped the spending experience of modern consumers. To keep up with the future, QuickBooks POS now offers new payment options that allow businesses to accept payments through mobile devices and contactless methods.

Contactless options include :

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, contactless and EMV supported credit and debit cards. Payments received through these can automatically be compiled in QuickBooks without the hassle of manual integration helping improve accuracy. All of this, with highly competitive rates without contract obligations and no setup/termination fees.

02 Better e-commerce

eCommerce is one of the fastest-growing sectors and it is imperative that businesses include themselves in a future-ready marketplace. QuickBooks POS is an advanced solution that allows businesses to manage eCommerce as well as in-store sales in real-time, across multiple channels preventing duplication in inventory management, enabling automated updates of listings and prices of stock and improving the efficiencies of fulfilment management through a onestop solution for labelling, packing and listing. Access all of this through an easy-to-use simplified point of sale system.

03 Paperless capabilities

A sustainable future requires sustainable solutions, and QuickBooks’ environmentally conscious approach ensures that consumers and retailers are equipped with the greenest options. With QuickBooks POS, receipts can now be delivered over e-mail to custom-ers through the system. Digital receipts prevent fraud and ensure that data accuracy is maintained ultimately facilitating easier returns and replacements.

04 Superior hardware

QuickBooks POS now comes with new and advanced hardware capable of higher performance with a small footprint packing more power in less space.

  • With its new PIN Pad, businesses can now accept all popular forms of payment.
  • The new barcode scanner is now wireless to give users the flexibility to take the device anywhere
  • The new flip stand is compatible with a variety of tablets to ensure maximum convenience.
  • A new and improved 13x13 cash drawer is a high-security solution for keeping cash secure with a neatly finished tuck.
  • The new mPOP is a cash drawer and receipt printing solution integrated into the system to reduce occupied space.

In addition, the system is highly compatible across multiple devices and platforms.

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