Lacerte tax software is considered as the best budget pick by the experts as it offers several customizable options for tax preparation and filing. This application has been proficiently designed and developed to facilitate individual tax preparers, businesses, and SMBs across various domains to carry out the tasks related to tax filing. However, with the ever-evolving field of technology, the professionals are demanding more flexible and automated ways to handle complex tasks. And, the traditional desktop version of Lacerte has certain limitations and this is why it, falls short when it comes to delivering the expected freedom and flexibility to the tax preparers.

Now, let’s discuss some of the most common limitations of the Lacerte desktop version, which ultimately restricts the usability and functionality for the users.

  • Standalone Lacerte software installed on the desktop allows only one person to access files and do tasks, which limits productivity and make it difficult to collaborate with clients and colleagues.
  • The desktop version leverage local storage due to which the chances of data loss increases. It is even hard to maintain regular backups as every user has its own set of data.
  • A large amount of sensitive data cannot be stored securely with the desktop version approach as the local server have limited space.

There are many other limitations as well that make it impossible for tax preparers to handle their high volume and complex returns with confidence. However, hosting Lacerte software on the cloudhas its own benefits. From precise automated calculations to timely tax law alerts, Lacerte Cloud even makes it possible for taxpayers to handle toughest returns with ease. It is quite interesting to notice that shifting to the cloud not only resolves the above-mentioned problems but also add new features to your application. Let’s discuss in detail the advantages Lacerte Cloud Hosting provides to tax preparers.

  1. Enhanced Security

    Hosting your desktop version to the cloud broadens the security of your data as the cloud infrastructure has many advanced security techniques including two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, multi-layer firewalls, anti-virus program, and automated backups. Sagenext ensures the optimum use of these on-site security protocols to protect tax preparer’s data from any kind of breach or loss.

  2. Multi-User Accessibility

    Tax software hosting leverage real-time environment in your business by allowing multiple users to work, share and access the same files and data simultaneously without any disruptions. It enables a collaborative approach and makes it easy for tax preparers to coordinate with clients to do the needful changes in their tax filing process.

  3. Efficient Cost Savings

    Sagenext believes that switching to cloud-based tax software application helps you to avoid hefty upfront expenses related to the local IT infrastructure. The cloud vendor is versed enough to handle the complete server setup such as installation, configuration, maintenance, and other required upgrades. In short, the hosted tax software eradicates the need for setting up an in-house IT team for maintenance and support purposes as 24*7 available technicians can take care of everything.

  4. Highly Scalable Resources

    Many users believe that switching to the cloud version of Lacerte tax software will complicate the tax filing process for them as they’re not much familiar with the cloud platform. But it is just a myth! Sagenext supports customization in the hosting plans that provide the freedom of choosing resources as per the need and ask you to pay only for the service that you use.

Final Words

Tax preparers who have been accessing their documents on the desktop version of Lacerte might need a quick change to unleash better performance and enhanced productivity. Lacerte tax software on cloud is the best solution for those who want to complete more returns in less time. So what are you waiting for?