Almost all businesses work hard to set a good example of dealing in the marketplace. Though, it is very hard to keep customers happy when it comes to bill payments. As, the actual meaning of “good dealing” changes in both cases- for business owners, good dealing means to provide goods or services on time and get payments on time from customer’s end whereas, for customers, good dealing often taken as limitless excuses of delaying payments must be offered by the provider’s end.

So, the contradictions of such mentalities make it little hectic for businesses to get their payments on time as well as to keep good customer relationships. But thanks to QuickBooks accounting software which made payment processing quite easy & secure. Intuit claims only two tiers of rates with QB payment feature i.e., the swipe rate or keyed rate. Intuit made it compulsory, to offer ease of QuickBooks payment feature, to have included three things to user’s account, Merchant Service Account, e-Invoicing & Go Payment.

Each time a user tries to make a deposit, he has to cross through three things which simply make the process easier. Till now, you have known what hosted QuickBooks accounting software can do for your business but, such features like QB payment tells you the worth of allowing Intuit’s product in your business.

1. e-Invoicing with Pay Now Link

One of the most exquisite features of QB payments, also known as email invoice, which is offering ease of getting paid to many businesses on a go. The feature is somehow free for users. Consumers can get their purchase invoices, as a reminder, over Email and can make instant online or mobile payments via a click on the “Pay Now” button. A notification will be sent to users each time customer pay through fetched email.

2. Precise Way To Get Paid Faster

Businesses that use QB software with getting paid instantly features are likely to excel in the business world more than that who don’t use. Without caring about what device you’re using, the consumer can easily make payments for invoices they owe.

3. Save Time, Focus On Targets

How nice it will be if all payments will directly deposit on banks and QB user doesn’t need to take care of it. The QB payments feature automatically directs your payments to respective banks within 2-3 working days time. Isn’t a brilliant way to save the business holder’s time?

4. 24*7 Support System Got Your Back

Each QuickBooks user offered award-winning Intuit’s customer support team who narrates toughest issues in the smallest span of time. In case of dues, emergencies or doubts, the user can instantly get in touch with customer support team’s experts and raise their query which will be solved within time.

5. Smartest Way To Avoid Matching System

QuickBooks software automatically reconciles invoices & payments which removes the chances of ambiguity in accounts. Also, a user doesn’t need to match the amount received the amount of Invoice as QB payments are versed enough to do it for you.

The importance of engaging QB payments with your business is being shown up to you. Eventually, the software & its features are going to help both small-sized & medium-sized businesses.