Sage 500 ERP is an excellent accounting software that provides extensive enterprise management solutions for businesses and helps them manage various day-to-day operations with utmost efficiency. Hosting this software to the cloud brings along a number of benefits that help companies reap better results in lesser time. Sage 500, when hosted on the cloud, turns out to be more than just a financial and asset management software. It allows absolute control over your business departments like sales, accounting, inventory, human resources, etc.

Benefits of Sage 500 ERP hosting

Let’s look into the benefits of hosting Sage 500 ERP on the cloud:

Increased productivity with remote access. 

One of the most applauded benefits of having Sage 500 hosted on the cloud is the ‘anywhere-anytime’ access. Sage 500 ERP hosting on the cloud allows the user, flexibility to access the files and the software at any time from any remote location they need them via any device with an active internet connection.

Top-notch security

With all multi-tier security measures, the cloud is one of the best places to store your data. Even in the unfortunate case of device theft/hack, your data sits safe, as one would need your login credentials to work through the data. At Sagenext, we offer End-to-end data encryption backed by multi-level authentication, the latest antivirus and firewalls provide complete data security.

Even in a calamitous situation, business productivity remains unaffected as there is no downtime. All of the important files and data are secure off-site. So, as long as you have access to an uninterrupted, active internet connection, you’re good to go.

An even more accurate output, when on the cloud

When you finally decide to host your Sage 500 ERP on the cloud, you are also ensuring for yourself, that there is only one version of data, and no data duplication or data breach is going to take place, this enables greater accuracy. Since the data is transferred from one party to another in a singular, set format, the possibility of error in transmission drops down low. Higher accuracy ultimately turns out majorly profitable and time-saving for accountants.

Manage business costs at your own circumspection 

Hosting Sage 500 on the cloud provides round the clock, multiuser access to data without having to incur hefty upfront charges in building physical infrastructure for the same. Also, the hardware maintenance lies with your cloud hosting provider. They are the ones to be concerned about updates, installation, and backups. Cloud also gives you the flexibility to upscale or downsize your plan according to your changing business requirements, so you end up paying only for what you use. In fact, cloud hosting sounds like the perfect way to go for SMB’s. Check out our plans, we also offer a 15 day free trial period.

Seamless data connectivity in real-time

Incessant data connectivity is one of the major USPs of cloud hosting any software. continuous connectivity between different data points proves to be highly beneficial for a company’s enhanced productivity. When on the cloud, you get real-time access to all the information across any smart device, with an active internet connection.


Sage 500 ERP software proves to be highly productive for business in all forms and factors, be it accounting payroll or bookkeeping. It is a well-rounded software, and when hosted to the cloud, it gives seamless access to the very crucial data round the clock. It amplifies productivity and helps save time. Try our hosting services, with 15 days free trial, experience the world of cloud hosting.