Getting a suitable suite of tax software is critical for business performance for all tax professionals. 

TaxWise software is one such piece of software on which they rely to assist them with the tax filing process. 

TaxWise software’s desktop edition is capable of streamlining e – filing and handling client records online. It has drawbacks in the current environment, where the majority of companies are migrating to cloud technology.

Accounting firms’ migration from desktop-based to cloud-based tax software is a significant transformation that has occurred in recent years.

Are you already using TaxWise on a local computer system and wondering how you should integrate it with cloud technology? 

Indeed, when you use TaxWise hosting services, this is possible. 

TaxWise is cloud-based, which enables you to operate efficiently from any location. It includes all of the features found in the desktop version of TaxWise software and overcomes all of the desktop version’s limitations.

However, a critical phase in moving TaxWise software to the cloud is choosing a reputable cloud solution provider

If you are unfamiliar with the cloud’s usefulness, keep the following considerations in mind when selecting a TaxWise hosting provider:

Data Security

TaxWise data security is a common concern for all tax professionals who use TaxWise software, including you, while migrating to the cloud. 

You want to ensure that their business data can remain safe and protected when stored on a third-party cloud server. It’s natural to inquire about the security aspect. Any security breach can result in the loss of data files, which can be catastrophic for your business.

Thus, when selecting a cloud service provider, you can consider a variety of data security features. More specifically, you can inquire about the security measures in place, which could include enterprise-level firewalls, data encryption, and multi-factor authentication.

Cloud Transition Process

This is important for tax professionals who are only familiar with the desktop edition of TaxWise. They are more likely to encounter difficulties migrating their data and applications to a cloud server if they are unfamiliar with cloud technology.

If you are one of these professionals, you’d like the cloud service provider you’ve hired to assist you in making the cloud transition. As a result, you must verify that certain service providers offer transition assistance before making a final decision. 

Additionally, inquire about any additional charges they can impose for other services. By weighing both of these factors, you will better understand how to choose those requirements.

Disaster Recovery and Backups

TaxWise data is a priceless asset that requires top-notch security for your accounting business. Nevertheless, such events, such as natural disasters, also result in accidental data loss. 

If data is only stored on local systems and not elsewhere, the loss may be severe. With TaxWise hosting, you can significantly secure your data. Nonetheless, it is prudent to inquire about data recovery provisions from a cloud service provider in the event of an inevitable disaster.

Reputable cloud solution providers offer disaster recovery services that help protect your data and keep your business going in the face of adversity. It would be prudent to enquire as well about the time frame for data recovery.

Add-on Integration

To access additional functionality, many tax professionals tend to integrate various add-ons with TaxWise software. Taken together, the integration of add-ons enables them to be more effective when it comes to filing taxes. 

Perhaps you’re familiar with third-party add-ons that assist with data conversion and time tracking. Although some cloud solution providers allow for limited incorporation of add-ons, others do not.

You should specifically inquire about these benefits from a service provider based on your particular needs. If you want to work with TaxWise software that integrates with a variety of add-ons, its cloud-hosted version can accommodate you as well.

TaxWise Hosting Pricing 

Different tax and accounting firms work on various scales and have unique requirements of cloud solution providers. They look for TaxWise hosting services that suit their client base and organizational needs. This is why the pricing of cloud hosting plans is crucial to them.

A better cloud solution will not benefit your business if it is unaffordable. As a result, you can look for a provider of TaxWise hosting solutions that offers flexible pricing plans. This way, you can choose a pricing package that balances your business’s requirements and budget.

Choosing a reliable cloud hosting provider is a critical choice for a tax professional.

So you want the features mentioned above and more than that under one umbrellaSagenext TaxWise Cloud Hosting is the best choice for you.

Sagenext TaxWise Cloud Hosting

Sagenext, a well-known TaxWise hosting service, provides a cloud-based solution that is scalable, reliable, and stable for modern CPAs, accounting firms, and tax professionals.

Their exceptional TaxWise hosting solutions offer enhanced functionality, resources, and functionalities that help ensure a seamless tax process. 

By integrating your TaxWise software with Sagenext, you can allow a fully functioning desktop version of the software with the same interface, functionality, and resources for cloud-based tax filing and eliminate the need for in-house servers and their maintenance.

By integrating with Hosted TaxWise, you’ll never have to think about tax season again, as it streamlines complicated tax preparation and returns processing. Cloud-based hosting of TaxWise applications enables CPAs and tax professionals to save valuable time and money. 

When hosted in the cloud, the robust tax software meets a variety of client needs, efficiently completes their tax processes, and also enables them to keep up with all of the TaxWise software’s desktop functionality.

Top 10 benefits of Sagenext TaxWise Cloud Hosting

1. Anywhere Anytime

TaxWise Cloud Hosting enables you to access your TaxWise software from any location and at any time, which simplifies your job and increases your productivity and efficiency.

With cloud hosting, users can access TaxWise via portable devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets from a remote location. It liberates a tax preparer from local infrastructure and enables them to remain on top of their work from any place.

2. Multi-user Access

If you have obtained a multi-user license for TaxWise software, you and your registered team members can concurrently access the application, tax returns, and associated documents. Collaborate with colleagues without IRS penalties.

3. Supported Add-ons 

Their TaxWise software hosting service enables you to host TaxWise-supported Add-ons on our terminal servers, which enhance the power and efficiency of your preferred tax software.

4. Increased Savings

You will save a lot of money because you are not required to spend large sums on installing and maintaining IT facilities or hiring IT support professionals.

5. Data Security

Their advanced security protocols include two-factor authentication, data encryption, and multi-layer firewalls, ensuring that your data is entirely secure. Switch to their multi-tier cloud platform to integrate network monitoring into your company 24/7.

6. Scalability

TaxWise cloud hosting enables multi-customization while also allocating resources on a per-need basis, including CPUs, memory, and storage. You can spend only on the services and help you use our flexible pricing model.

7. MS Office Suite

Their innovative tax software hosting platform ensures seamless integration with Microsoft Office Suite, making it simple to import or export data and send directly via the hosted platform. No longer would you be constrained in your work by a lack of integration between add-ons and your tax application.

8. Print and Scan

Sagenext’s smart remote desktop printing and scanning technologies facilitate the printing and scanning of tax-related documents through the use of TWAIN-compliant TS Scan and TSPrint. This universal printing and scanning improve your business’s efficiency.

9. Smooth Collaboration

TaxWise cloud hosting enables CPAs, accountants, and tax preparers to connect and collaborate efficiently by allowing them to exchange TaxWise files or data in real-time.

If the tax professionals operate remotely, TaxWise hosting allows them to collaborate by providing simultaneous access to the files.

10. 24/7 Support

Their Microsoft-certified system engineers are constantly on the lookout for ways to assist their valued customers. They are always available to assist you with troubleshooting and ensuring the smooth running of your hosted applications.


Enjoy seamless and trouble-free file access with Sagenext’s TaxWise hosting services. Sagenext’s TaxWise hosting services allow users to access their most sensitive documents easily. Additionally, the hosted TaxWise software enables simple integration with add-ons, reducing tax-season tension even further. Thus, increasing the business’s efficiency and allowing customers to profit from the freedom of cloud services with TaxWise hosting.