Are you looking for a solution to solve the challenges faced by tax preparers? Drake Tax Software is the leading tax accounting software in the market with multiple benefits and numerous features. The desktop-based Drake tax software creates many problems for tax professionals and moving the software to the cloud helps to streamline the tax processes.

Challenges like on-time tax return filing, the security of clients’ data, and team collaboration are tackled better with Drake Tax software. Hosting Drake Tax Software on the cloud is helping to increase productivity and also improves the efficiency of tax professionals.

Contacting the right kind of Drake Tax Software hosting provider ensures proper management of the taxation data & files. Drake tax hosting software on the cloud helps to create a virtual workspace with all the required resources.

Let us know the features & benefits of using the software in detail…………..

Benefits of Drake Tax Software on the Cloud

Access the software remotely

Hosting the Drake Tax software on the cloud ensures real-time access to tax data. Tax professionals can access all important data remotely and accomplish the taxation process. Eliminate the problems working with traditional desktop and access the account from any device, like mobile or laptop.

Save time and cost with real-time data access from remote locations. It makes the life of tax professionals easy & comfortable.

It provides advanced security

Prevent any kind of data breach from the tax software as professionals work on crucial business or personal data. Migrate the tax data on the cloud to offer high-end & enhanced security.

Secure all the tax-related data by hosting Drake on the cloud. The service provider ensures the monitoring of tax data and provides high-level security.

It ensures multi-user collaboration

Drake tax software is ensuring the collaboration of multiple professionals to work on the same file. The cloud-based hosting provider ensures that multiple tax professionals work on the same data to enhance the team’s productivity to accomplish the taxation process.

The feature ensures the transparency of adding, editing, deleting or modifying the data. Reduce the time for preparing and sharing tax data. Users like business owners, tax professionals, accountants, and businesses can access real-time files to make the necessary changes.

It ensures green computing

Drake Tax software is the best solution to keep your company’s tax files and environment intact. It is the best solution for all accounting firms to reduce electronic waste and power consumption.

Hosting the tax software on the cloud saves energy and minimizes carbon footprints. Different kinds of cloud service providers are using green data centers to manage data and increase productivity. The efficiency of filing tax returns increases and impacts the environment positively.

It provides scalability

As the business or firm grows, you need more storage & resources for the client’s data. You can upscale or downscale the need to host Drake tax software on the cloud. It directly impacts the budget. The cloud hosting services are flexible and the tax software is suitable for firms of all sizes.

Contacting the right type of cloud service provider removes the hardware and maintenance costs. It is easy to add, remove, and modify the package as per the need.

It is easy to integrate the third-party add-ons

Drake tax software is a proven tool, but every tax software needs third-party add-ons to accomplish the taxation process. Eliminate the challenges of integrating third-party software as desktop-based software as it requires more space and high maintenance.

You can easily integrate the add-ons to improve productivity and have easy access to all kinds of data.

3 Different Modes of Drake Tax Software Hosting

Dedicated Hosting: In this type of hosting, the connection of different users is made on the server on which Drake is installed.

Peer-to-Peer Hosting: It is the type of hosting adopted for on-premise hosting and one user hosts the application to provide access to all other users on the network.

Alternate Hosting: In this type of hosting, there is one main user who is connected to the hosting server. Rest all other users are connected to the main user for accessing the application on the local network.

Top 5 Features of Drake Tax Software


There is no need for manual signatures or stamps on the tax forms. The feature assists taxpayers and preparers in enabling the signing of tax forms and bank applications for e-filing tax returns.

Drake Scheduler

The feature is letting you make appointments and schedules for businesses & other tax preparers. Send email appointments to clients, with the option of importing & exporting appointments from MS Outlook. It is the feature that lets tax preparers generate tax appointments for various clients.

Drake Tax Planner

It is an integral part of the software that is helping tax preparers to plan for clients’ taxes. The current tax status can be compared with scenarios like income change, asset buying, and other factors. To access Tax Planner, go to ‘Client’s Return’ and then click ‘Tax Planner’.

Data Backup and Restore

It is the most important part of the tax process and the backup feature is meant to prevent any kind of data loss.

The software is offering features like multiple data backups to help tax preparers keep data secured.

The restore option is letting you specify the location where the files need to be restored.

There is also the Manual Backup option where the location can be specified for keeping the backup.

Drake Documents

Do you want to handle the paper documents in a stress-free mode? The Drake Document feature is securing electronic storage for all tax-related data, like client documents and returns. The Drake Document feature is saving costs on physical storage for cabinets. You can now store the PDF copies of the tax returns directly to Drake documents.


Drake Tax Software is helping tax accountants to accomplish their tax process. Contact the right kind of Drake Tax Hosting provider to ensure maximum uptime of your tax application. Drake tax software hosting the software on the cloud reduces the workload and also improves the productivity of accountants. Hosting Drake software on the cloud is a reliable option and helps tax professionals in the unfolding of daily tax challenges.