The digital era has come up with advantageous software, taking out the excessive workload of accountants and CPAs. Drake is one such software that eases your effort to file taxes and manage the tax season.

As a known fact, April 15, 2020, is taken as the deadline for filing taxes with the State and Federal agencies for American citizens. It is no doubt a tough job to mug up every number and prepare the most accurate essentials for filing their taxes. But to have a hassle-free tax season, Drake software can become your ultimate rescuer.

Do you want to know what Drake’s strong features are that can make your tax filing job convenient? Know about those here.

Top five features of Drake Software

1. Drake Scheduler

Drake scheduler is one of the eminent features of the Drake software that helps to make quick appointments and adds multiple schedules for an individual as well as tax preparers. It ensures that multiple clients are sent email appointments for specific dates as batch emails.

The use of this feature ensures the easy creation of proformas and organizers, helping people manage everything. The process of accessing the Drake scheduler is easy. A click on the Scheduler Button present on the toolbar does the work in no time.

2. Drake Documents

The process of keeping your tax books and paper documents manually updated is definitely a burdensome work. To sort such hectic work efficient software like Drake documents comes handy to tax preparers.

This feature allows users to secure their tax-related documents, return files and forms and store all the related data digitally in PDF format. It has several capabilities like a multi-year data storage facility, integrated email system, customizable document organization, and more.

Drake documents 

3. Drake Tax Planner

It is an excellent option that saves your time by reducing keystrokes and simplifying data entry. This feature helps in comparing and analyzing multiple tax years conveniently in a tax sheet. Some of the benefits of this tax planner include:

  • Generation of City and State return as per the requirement with override options
  • Comparison of separate vs. filing joint to select the better filing status
  • Make changes in client’s tax planning sheet like income change, number of dependents, marital status
  • Provision of financial assistance for tax implications related to retirement, self-employment tax, capital asset disposition.

Drake tax planner 

4. Data Restore and Backup

One of the quintessential things to consider while handling your client’s taxes is their data. It is necessary to keep all the data backup in case of any malfunction or emergencies like data deterioration, accidental deletion or unintended system format.

Using the data restore and backup option, one can easily keep the client’s tax data stored securely and can also know the specific locations from where the data needs to be restored. Drake offers ‘Automatic Backup’ and ‘Manual Backup’ options to store backup data in your desired location.

5. Research Tool

A user-friendly research tool by Drake, this feature assists users by providing them with the latest changes taking place in the tax industry. Additional to this, you can customize the research tool according to your needs.

For example- you can add preferred websites, relevant tax forms, and keywords required for the information. A click on the ‘Research Button’ present on the Drake toolbar makes the accessing process simple.

Drake research tool 

Apart from these features, Drake also offers e-signature to eliminate a load of manual signatures and amortization for easy amount calculations. No wonder, this software is considered one of the finest among other tax preparation and management programs.

The users can assess and manage their taxes anytime and anywhere without stressing about security. Furthermore, the tax pros do not require worrying about extra charges spent on hardware maintenance and multi-user access when working with renowned Drake tax software hosting service providers.

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