So yes, here we are, finally addressing the buzz that the launch of QuickBooks Desktop 2020 created. Fall is the time when everyone seems to be excited about the new tech that’s going to be launched on the market, including features that are to roll out with the latest version of QuickBooks. Whether it’s the QuickBooks hosting providers or accounting professionals, everyone in the industry is hyped about all the new features of this accounting software that are going to be played across the new 2020 desktop version. Intuit has been pretty diligent and invested when it comes to its desktop products and support.

There are two versions of QuickBooks- desktop and online, and seeing the past trends, both of them have shown double-digit growth. Intuit gives you the liberty to choose as to how you want to access your QuickBooks, suited to your needs. QuickBooks cloud hosting is all the rage as of now. Even the changes and development made by Intuit project towards their intentions of taking the business to the cloud.

QuickBooks is a prevalent software with a broad customer base. Accountants and growing businesses show a strong affinity towards this accounting software, and when the various version of QuickBooks is paired with cloud-based hosting service, it turns out to be even better in terms of productivity by providing anywhere anytime access, multi-user collaborative working, and disaster recovery, which is very vital when dealing with bytes of data.

Here, we will familiarize you with the new features in QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Accountant 2020

Let’s start with the new developments in QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Accountant:

Auto-Scheduled Payment Reminders: Managing a business is a daunting task, to say the least. A lot of the time is spent following up on accounts receivable, payment, and notifying your customers. With the new 2020 version of  QuickBooks desktop, you can now automate this monotonous part. You can identify overdue invoices & compose emails- all of it will be automated. You can also schedule, review, and prompt payment reminders to your customers for the invoices that are due or overdue. The new version also lets you create well-bifurcated mailing lists for different kinds of clients. You can also create your own message template, that can be sent out accordingly, based on how many days late the invoices are. With the 2020 version, you can now review the invoice before they’re emailed, by simply logging into the QuickBooks file. Quite a unique feature that we are sure, would intrigue many, is that the history of the email and the payment can be traced i.e. you can now see if they opened the email and the trail following from the actual email to eventual payment.

Automatically add the customer Purchase Order number to the subject line of the invoice emails: If you are someone who works with customers, where the need to connect purchase orders to invoices is required, the new version of QuickBooks desktop has something in store for you. Things are now made more manageable for you, as now you can add your customer’s Purchase Order number as the first thing in the subject line of the email, making it easier for you as well as your customers to navigate amidst the cluster of emails.

Now Combine multiple emails, just with a click: With the new version of QuickBooks desktop, you have the ease of combining all invoices that are meant to be delivered to a single customer, this makes it very breezy for you to serve your customers. Moreover, all of this can be done by just checking a box. Even though as of now, this feature is only available to NON Payment customers. Doing so lets you combine all the forms in a single email. Upon clicking the option of “combine forms,” you’ll see the subject says “Transactions from [your company name].”

Company file search made easy: Searching for files is not a task that can be done in a jiffy. With the new updated version of QuickBooks, you can now easily find and open your company files with the addition of a file search option that has been placed on the open screen.

Resetting admin password made easier: Now with the new version of QuickBooks desktop, you needn’t follow an extensive line of steps in order to reset the company file admin password. All you have to do is pick your email from the drop-down list of emails appearing on your screen, that lie registered with your QuickBooks and then enter the token that you would have received to reset your Admin password.

Well enhanced accessibility by being inclusive: Quite a remarkable step that Intuit has taken with the new desktop version of QuickBooks 2020, is including features that embark improved usability for visually challenged clients on the Bills, Invoice and Write Check screens. Seeing Magna Carta organizations like Intuit, making amends to be client inclusive even for the differently-abled, should be taken as a lesson for all of us. There aren’t any loci left untouched by technology, such steps concrete this statement.

Inclusion of collapse columns in reports: We very well know, that the majority of you must be out there handling complex business transactions. Now with the new version, if you have a complex set of reporting to file, you can break down or collapse columns in reports with categories like jobs and classes to ultimately view customer totals or class totals without having to scroll or export to Excel. Now that’s something you’re going to put to use quite frequently, aren’t you?

Direct deposit enabled customers will now get payroll status: Now stay on top of your game, and be uber-confident of your payroll run. As now you can view the detailed status of the direct deposit payroll run without having to go through emails or calling customer support. Intuit; with this update has for sure tried the best to make the entire user experience of QuickBooks as easy as it gets.

Access to smart help: Now with the single click of the F1 button on your keyboard, you will be able to access improved content and are set to have better search experience. You can also reach the customer care agents through messaging and call back options. As we can say, the developer has been trying really diligently to enhance the overall customer experience.

To culminate

Having analyzed the new 2020 desktop version of QuickBook rather extensively, we are in the place to say that with it’s the latest version; Intuit has kept in mind to take care of all sorts of customers, be it business owners, accountants or even individuals. With an array of new impressive and grabbing features, we’re sure you’ll find something in store for yourself too. Sagenext is one of the leading QuickBooks hosting providers. QuickBooks cloud hosting is our forte, and like the past years, we strive to provide our customers with the most seamless experience of all the impeccable features that come with the 2020 version of QuickBooks Desktop. Our cloud hosting solution is designed and driven to sheer brilliance so that you can access your QuickBooks seamlessly and in a glitch-free manner. Do revisit us, to know about the changes that have taken place in the QuickBooks Enterprise section too, and in the meanwhile, you can check out our pricing and plans to see how affordable it actually is, to take your business to the cloud. Happy Browsing!