Whenever it is about streamlining the tax process, CPAs and tax professionals welcome the updates gladly. Although ProSeries Hosting Solutions and Lacerte Cloud Hosting automatically update with all the features that a user may look for, there are several users who still use the traditional desktop versions. Seeing the growing demands of the users, Intuit has come up with some much-awaited updates in the two software for tax season 2018.

Amongst all the amendments and changes going on with tax laws, the year 2018 has witnessed some major revamps and upgrades in the ProSeries and Lacerte tax software as well. These latest updates are aimed at making the process of tax preparation and filing easier and more efficient for their customers.


ProSeries is a professional tax preparation software that comes loaded with multiple time-saving tools. These tools not only streamline the tax filing process for the users but also, reduce a significant amount of time per return. Professionals tax preparers get to choose their preferred features to make their tax filing process smoother and simpler along with the added benefit of paying for what they use.

Updates For The Tax Season 2018

Here are some of the prominent updates with ProSeries this year:

  • Customize How You Want To View Your Forms In Use
    When making complex returns, navigation will be easier with the new ProSeries software. The subforms can be collapsed, and the active form can be viewed in white highlight for better navigation during the tax filing process.
  • Export Reports To Excel
    The new update of ProSeries Professional also allows the users to directly export their reports to excel. This saves time and streamlines tax filing.
  • Run Up to 18 Queries
    Tax professionals will now be able to run around 18 client queries across four types of federal business returns, namely Estates and Trusts, 1120 Federal Corp, Partnership 1065, and 1120 Federal S Corp.
  • Get A Clearer View Depending On Your Screen Size
    The new update in ProSeries software will lend a clearer view to those working on the software, depending upon their screen size and resolution. Elements on the screen such as numbers, columns, buttons, and text will automatically adjust to lend a clearer view.
  • Self-Help System More Enhanced
    To help clear a number of doubts, the software will also come with a few self-help articles, FAQs, tips for troubleshooting, etc.


Lacerte is another comprehensive and reliable tax software that has a line of satisfied customers, owing to the wide range of top-notch features it has to offer. Professional tax preparers prefer Lacerte for it automated calculations features that reduce errors to the greatest extent. Time-saving and quick, Lacerte offers customer service that is one call away to solve all queries.

Updates For The Tax Season 2018

The tax year 2018 has some special updates for Lacerte users as well. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • No More Waiting On Call
    By far, the happiest feature for callers, the updated version of Lacerte comes with a ‘Hold My Spot’ feature. Thus, ensuring that callers do not have to wait on hold for their call to be answered. Plus, the staff size is also increased to make sure that all calls are answered.
  • Higher Security
    Lacerte 2018 comes with data encryption to have an added layer of security to the data. Also, there are other security tips to protect the client’s data.
  • Access Right To Client Logs To Prevent Access To Unauthorized Users
    The updated version of Lacerte in the tax year 2018 allows the company admin to grant selected members of the staff with access to client logs. This way, not all employees will be able to access the client’s records and only a few can clear the client logs.
  • Easier Estimates For Quarterly Payments
    The upgraded estimated payment wizard allows the quarterly payments to be e-filed in one transmission step.

In Conclusion

There are several other features in the two updated software that have made it easier to handle complex situations with ease. Equipped with new forms and e-file capabilities, Lacerte and ProSeries 2018 is more interactive than ever before.

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