Accountants, CPAs, and firm owners have a keen affinity for QuickBooks and are on a hunt for the best in the industry QuickBooks Hosting service provider who comes with all the advanced features and services. Indeed, QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software amongst small and medium-sized businesses. Combined with the power of cloud technology, QuickBooks becomes vehemently useful for its users.
The power of remote work flexibility and collaborated working are amongst the many features provided by Intuit. But before enjoying any or all of these benefits, you need to ask yourself and your hosting provider a few questions, as above all when hosting your data on the cloud, one thing that should be left unaltered is reliability. Let’s take a look into the 5 most important questions that need to be answered by your ideal QuickBooks Hosting Service provider:

Question 1: What for data protection and security measures do they take? 

Your business data can be anything but compromised. Data security is of prime importance when giving third party access to the most critical and sensitive data of your organization. A secure server is what’s desired and is the industry standard for QB Hosting on the cloud. It is very important as a client for you to know how your data is protected when on the cloud. To name a few of the popular security measures that reliable QuickBooks hosting service providers implement are- firewalls, multi-factor authentication, and intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS). These different security measures are implemented to protect your data from cyber threats, such as ransomware.

Question 2: Are their pricing plans affordable? Are there any hidden tariffs?

Who doesn’t like a good saving when making expenses for your business. With a number of QuickBooks Hosting Service Providers competing for the customer’s attention, you have the authority to choose the best one based on your budget. The cash crunch that is already there needn’t be worsened with a hefty fee for hosting your data on the cloud.  Ideally, flexible pricing is desired by small businesses. One should be able to avail payments on a pay-as-you-go basis, and there should be scalability in the pricing plans as you desire. There shouldn’t be any ambiguous charges or hidden tariffs from your hosting service provider. All payments to be made should be clear and well explained to the client from the very beginning.

Question 3: Which versions of QuickBooks do they host?

Every individual version of QuickBooks has its own set of unique features to support distinct accounting needs that may arise. Choices vary as per the personalized needs of CPAs and accounting firms. At Sagenext, we provide QuickBooks hosting cloud for all versions and editions in a highly reliable, secure and multi-user cloud environment. We very efficiently host  QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and POS for all of our clients. Apart from that, we also host 100+ add-ons on the cloud as well. Add-ons amplify the existing features of QuickBooks and enable integration in a faster and easier manner. You must ask your cloud provider if their servers support easy integration of the add-ons with QuickBooks. With Sagenext, you get access to a number of add-ons like, Fishbowl Inventory,  Smart Vault, Method CRM, to name a few.

Question 4: Do they promise a good enough server uptime?

It is beyond important to know that the smooth running of your business is based on a very vital factor, i.e server uptime. It is what ensures how much productivity you’re going to get out of your daily tasks and time. At Sagenext, we boast of providing 99.9% uptime and strive to give you the utmost breezy experience. Server uptime is not a factor that is to be compromised when searching for your best pick in QuickBook Hosting.

Question 5: Do they provide customer support? Is it free?

An accountant dealing with books and numbers is not expected to be aware of every issue that creeps up when you’re hosting your data on the cloud. This is where customer service comes into play. When you choose an experienced cloud vendor who also offers customer support, you benefit from the prompt, friendly and responsive support team that answers your queries and is available 24*7. Ideally, you will want that you have all device access to customer support and it should be round the clock, and you should also voice for free tech support. The QB hosting provider should not be charging you an extra dime for the customer support facilities. Sagenext gives you relentless and incessant customer support round-the-clock, throughout the year, and even on holidays.

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Your QuickBooks Hosting Provider isn’t just involved with cloud hosting your QuickBooks desktop software but he is also a partner helping you to expand your clientele and grow your business. It is common to feel overwhelmed by the number of factors you need to consider and the array of options available in the market. A reliable QuickBooks hosting provider, such as Sagenext will answer all of your queries before you hop right into the cloud and will guide you in making an informed decision that benefits you later.