Important Quickbooks Skills

Being one of the leading small business accounting software, QuickBooks is a name, familiar with every professional. Mastering and brushing up your QuickBooks skills can help you get an edge over others when it comes to impressing your employers and scoring job opportunities in accounting, administrative positions or even general office work.

Proficiency in a group of common skills will dramatically increase your chances of bagging a job where QuickBooks knowledge is of supreme leverage. Employers look for candidates with these relevant skills as a way to analyze their ability to use QuickBooks as well as their efficiency in other aspects of the job too.

What Are QuickBooks-Related Skills?

QuickBooks is accounting software used across commercial businesses be it bookkeepers or CPAs. It is very simple to use, but at the same time, it also has the potential to generate target-specific financial statements for shareholders, sales forecasts,  investors, and even tax filings. Well, the productivity doesn’t just stop here, in addition to all the features already mentioned, QuickBooks can also track multiple loans, fluctuation in asset value, inventory, and more. Now for a person who has to monitor these features, it’s important to be equipped with the delegated hard and soft skills.

It isn’t a long list, but this concise compilation will surely help you explore some of the most important skills you’ll need to get a job in the arena of QuickBooks proficiency. Take a look at these QuickBooks related skills to amp up your chances of impressing your employer:

Computer Literacy

QuickBooks is a computer program so it would be a valid assumption that you have the basic knowledge of how to use a computer. Having that sorted, let’s move forward, there are very few people who have a core, in-depth knowledge of minute details of a complex software package like QuickBooks. You can’t deny the fact that the more computer literate you are, the easier it is to learn the details of this program. Being proficient with the in and out’s of the software will help in finding a solution more quickly when something goes wrong.

Some of the computer-related skills to acquire are as follows: Proficiency in productivity software, cloud backup software, point of sale (POS)systems, operating systems, email management, information management, data entry, account reconciliation, customizing Financial Reports, overall software installation.

Also, read about how you can solve QuickBooks bank reconciliation problems here.

Mathematical Literacy

Now we already know that QuickBooks is an accounting and bookkeeping software, so it’s all about playing with numbers. While you won’t have to deal with core mathematical equations and calculations as QuickBooks has its own calculator function, but your probability of catching and fixing problems will increase if you have a sound sense of numbers and are comfortable with your analytical skills.

Amongst the pile of work that there is, it’s common to make a typing error or to enter a wrong figured data, it is also a possibility that your employer might give you incorrectly recorded figures. The bottom line is that you should be familiar enough with a compound mathematical formula that the program will be using, in order to notice that if the projected numbers are going wrong, they weren't accurate in the first place. Attention to detail, strong analytical skills, proficiency in the numeric system, auditing, spreadsheet formulas and acquaintance with financial calculators are some domains that should be perfected when looking out for a QuickBooks related opportunity.

Proficiency in Accounting

It is a crystal clear fact that accounting is the primary domain of QuickBooks and it makes accounting easier; so by default, having a profound knowledge of accounting is a major advantage when dealing with QuickBooks.  A human accountant’s knowledge will always outdo a computer program. On top of that, it’s good to have a knowledge of accounts payable, accounts receivable, balance reporting, balance sheets, T accounts, financial statements, payroll processing, tax filing, and periodic statements.

Proficiency in Deductive Reasoning

The better you understand your core employment agenda and your employer, the easier it would be for you to be categorized as an asset of the organization. Bookkeeping is an integral part of any organization and even if you’re efficient at it, when switching jobs you will always face new challenges in terms of new domains of work and new nature of accounts. This is where deductive reasoning skills like logic, identifying causation, predicting outcomes, problem-solving skills, forecasting come at handy.

Communication Skills

Communication is the key when it comes to coordination in a business. It’s not possible to fully automate and solely base the work on computers and numbers. Cross-team and cross-domain communication is key. In order to impress your employer, you need to have excellent communication skills. Factors like active listening, verbal and written communication, will help you raise questions and better understand your duties and properly document your work. The way you present yourself sets the tone for the conversation and the entire context, it’s a very vital aspect of conducting business.

Our Word

While all the above-mentioned skills are vital in nature, these following skills will also give your candidature the required push- An experience in Bank Deposits, Bank Feeds, Billing/Invoicing, Cash Flow Chart of Accounts, Direct Deposit, Expense Tracking, Processing Payments Purchase Orders Record, Sales Tax Statements, Troubleshooting,  Vendors Data Analytics Statistics Database Management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software. Learning a new skill is always beneficial as on an everyday basis we tend to come across new challenges and opportunities that can be catered with varied skills. These skills help in impressing your employer but at the same time, they’re supremely helpful in your individual personality development.

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