QuickBooks Premier, the accounting software, is an apt choice for manufacturing, wholesale, retail, professional services, contractors, and non-profit businesses. It is trusted and used by millions of businesses around the world as it helps them with the various accounting needs like bill payment, check print, tracking of expenses, and remotely accessing the data using any of the devices.

Why QuickBooks Premier is an apt choice for the small and medium-sized businesses?

For better business and increased productivity, it is advised to choose the most efficient QuickBooks version. The user gets the option of choosing between QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. When it comes to choosing between Pro and Premier, there are several strong reasons stating why Premier would be much more beneficial for the SMBs. QuickBooks Premier is a great choice over QuickBooks Pro as it offers the industry-specific tools, saves time that one would normally spend customizing the software. QuickBooks Premier also has the option of creating sales orders for B2B sellers of inventory or custom products that are not available in the beginner version of the software.

The software can also be configured using a general business option that will have no industry-specific features in it. QuickBooks Enterprise is the most feature-packed version and is suitable for businesses having big and complex business needs.

When should you get QuickBooks Premier?

QuickBooks Premier gives you a whole new experience with the option of developing a business plan, forecasting expenses, creating industry-specific reports, and much more. Let us discuss the features that should be considered while choosing QuickBooks Premier.

1. The need for the industry-specific tools

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Forecasting
  • Data limitations
  • Managing unbilled time by clients
  • Customized chart of accounts list, products, service lists
  • Reports

2. More than 3, and less than 5 users have to work on the software simultaneously
3. It can control up to 14,500 customers, vendors and employees combined
4. Fixed assets and the chart of accounts (10,000 records each)
5. Creating a bill of materials and sales orders
[Suited for B2B sellers of inventory or custom products]
6. Set multiple price levels
7. Run reports by department and location
8. Buy up to 4 additional licenses

When everyone is moving to cloud services for the additional benefits, why would QuickBooks lag behind in it? QuickBooks Premier Hosting comes with a bunch of features that help in the flourishment of the business.

Adding additional wings with QuickBooks Premier Hosting

QuickBooks Premier Hosting is preferred by most of the small and medium-sized businesses as it comes with cost-effectiveness, advanced security, 24×7 technical support, back-up services, and many more additional features. With QuickBooks Premier Hosting there is no requirement of in-house infrastructure, industry-specific software, and dedicated IT team to fight the cyber threats. The cloud hosting service provider encrypts your data and gives multi-level security measures as well.

This ensures the complete data security of the business, and the pressure on the company for these issues is relieved. With the back-up service of the provider, you will never have to fear for the loss of data and the 24×7 technical support team helps you with any of the issues via chat, phone, and Facebook. The perks that you get with the QuickBooks Premier Hosting service will save you a fortune.

To conclude

The features like tracking inventory, forecasting, reporting, creating a bill of materials, sales orders with such multi-level security measures and back-up services would cut-off the additional expenses and help you turn your business into a success. There are various factors that decide the success of a business company, and opting for a QuickBooks Premier hosting service would give you the edge over your competitors. The industry-specific tools and cost-cutting services of QuickBooks Premier Hosting will definitely help you boost your business productivity and take your business to a higher level.