Recently in the QuickBooks connect event, Intuit has revealed its newest innovation to scale Small businesses & self-employed in the competitive market world. The innovation is a great start to understand newly started business approaches to a bigger extent. The recently announced application, QuickBooks Assistant is being designed to navigate finances of small-scale businesses into a suitable direction. The application is a colloquial chat interface which offers an instant & reliable way to discuss their financial positions with experts.

The chief product officer of QuickBooks, Alex Chriss stated- “We know people who work for themselves have a lot on their mind with limited time to manage the day-to-day, let alone unearth information and insights about their business.” He also added, By offering virtual assistant to small businesses & self-employed persons for their business finances, it becomes way easier for them to find answers. As over chat interface, users raise their queries and find answers instantly without struggling with long reports.

QuickBooks assistant is a convenient way to solve small businesses financial queries without actually having the eye on their data. One direct query with appropriate answers that too in minimal response time is what ensures Intuit’s new innovation. The newly added innovation in QuickBooks bucket is not less than a gift by Santa on the upcoming Christmas festival. Obviously, Santa is Intuit itself; The company never fails to amaze its users & market with acceptance of new innovations in their database.

QuickBooks Assistant is taken as a smart decision holder for small businesses & self- employed people who are not so adept to handle their finances all alone. Having a chat interface simply means that the user is interfacing with chatbot sitting another side of the screen to offer scalable answers. The interface combines non-artificial language processing and data-driven insights to relief business workability.

The bot itself understands the raised questions and try to fulfill the user’s quest with the most reliable & precise solutions. QuickBooks Assistant officially developed to focus on the right choices of financial context including cash flow, profitability & many more. Some of the benefits that are seen in the launch of QuickBooks assistant itself are:

  • The application is delightful & easy to use as it acquires a variety of financial intexts and solves customer’s typical queries with wisest answers. From profitable sales to owed taxes, the application states in a wide manner.
  • The application is a time saver to access as it works over chat and offers instant answers to one ask. Ask app using financial snapshots or written queries, data will be reviewed immediately & exact information will be provided.
  • The application knows confidentiality of business data as it accepts provided information from users end but never reveals it to someone else even for example concerns.
  • The application is versed in guiding purposes as it is from the house of Intuit so knows well how to keep users informed of precise information. Additionally, a complete guide to “How To’s” is being served as soon as the user steps on the site.

QuickBooks Assistant is hugely available for QuickBooks self-employed for iOS & Android and soon will be launched for QuickBooks online as well. However, the beta version for QuickBooks online is in working mode and is available in QuickBooks labs. In order to make financial advising easier, QuickBooks Assistant is offered by the house of Intuit.