Cloud computing, in the last decade, has managed to gain huge popularity among entrepreneurs that have a niche for technology and especially in the accounting industry where QuickBooks On Cloud Server is all the rage as of now. The perks of having a QuickBooks dedicated server hosting include having the entire system cater to your organization’s need primarily, minimum downtime, and dedicated customer service along with troubleshooting, configuration, and maintenance.

The plethora of advantages that it offers to plain-right all of the business operations, is what makes it such a bonafide choice for the industry leaders.

The public cloud platform, is a preferred choice for small and medium-sized businesses, given that it’s quite affordable, and also a number of clients can work at once. On the other hand, accounting businesses who are in possession of highly critical data, tend to go for private cloud as it gives utter flexibility and absolute control of the infrastructure. A dedicated cloud can be defined as a single-tenant cloud infrastructure.

Dedicated clouds are set as an infrastructure as a service, IaaS. They are designed to reduce downtime and increase flexibility and performance. Dedicated clouds work best for targeted resource-intensive workloads. With the isolation that comes with having a dedicated cloud server, users can have enhanced control and customization options with bandwidth and storage. Having a dedicated cloud server, gives the organization, the liberty to develop or extend on-premises applications in the cloud with management tools, along with hassle-free scalability of their infrastructure.

When opting for a dedicated cloud server, organizations should also ensure that the availability and performance of the provider is stable. In simple words, a dedicated cloud server, is one, that is exclusively accessed by an individual or organization and is not shared with another user, yes it is a bit more on the pricier side when compared to shared and hybrid versions, but the security provided is unmatched.

Cloud computing is the new age revelation, and while there are very many efficient versions out there, one needs to be widely decisive as to, what is the most viable for their budget and business scenario.

Now, that we know a tad bit about what a dedicated cloud server is and how it works, let us proceed further and know as to why we think, your business requires QuickBooks dedicated server hosting:

Enhanced security and privacy

Data is the new oil, this phrase is making rounds on the internet. In today’s era when everything is based on information technology and data, having the utmost security to our valuable owning is the foremost priority. Having QuickBooks on a dedicated server adds an extra layer of security, by providing distinctive authority, as only you have access to the software. All the vulnerable and vital financial data and files are stored and managed on the server, to which no other entity has access. Dedicated servers, amplify security and catalyze higher levels of protection against spam and malware. Having a hosting provider who’s data centers and servers are armed with secure firewalls, network monitoring, and end-to-end encryption lets you off from worrying about security breaches, rather you could just concentrate on your core business activities and business development.

Uncompromised control on the server

Can we take the liberty of asking you a simple question?  What is it that makes you, as a business owner, most productive? We assume your answer would be, to have undivided control and access to what you have created, or are in the process of creating. This is exactly what you get when you have QuickBooks on a dedicated server. QB hosted on a dedicated server provides a holistic, exalted control as compared to the shared environment, as the server is solely managed by you as an individual or your organization. There are no restrictions on the use of QuickBooks software. Adapting to this makes your decisions about your server unaffected by other users. The cloud environment can be customized and operated to the T, as per your will. As the sole owner of the server, you can assign permissions and roles to multiple users and give them access accordingly. Thus helping you, drive the business in a controlled, flexible, and responsive way.

Efficient cost planning

We know that for growing businesses, escalated capital expenses can hamper the accounting operations and have exhilarating results,  as these businesses require reserve capital dedicated to core areas. Now if you have QuickBooks on a dedicated server, you get absolute freedom from substantial budget constraints, as a chunk on the cash can be saved, by not having to incur additional costs for the physical setup of servers, hardware maintenance, and local system upgrades. Having your favorite accounting software on a dedicated server also helps in saving a significant amount of money on IT expenses such as setup, configuration, and upgrades.

Improved Reliability and Performance

The whole point and motive of having your software hosted on the cloud is to have uninterrupted access to your data, round the clock, in order to improve performance.  It is very important for any organization to rest assured, that the performance of the business will remain stellar during the high-demanding time. With resources like dedicated and unshared processor, storage, and memory, the QuickBooks dedicated server hosting works smoothly. The feature of remote access is an added advantage, it gives absolute access from anywhere. Choosing a renowned QuickBooks hosting provider, you’re set to get High-Performance Computing and a  multi-network connection, giving you seamless and instant access to your QB data and applications without having to face any lag. QuickBooks on a dedicated server equips you with reliability, remote accessibility, and performance, adding up for the most optimal customer experience.

Summing it up

With the high soaring competition in the accounting industry, the challenges in the accounting process are also on an all-time high. To this fast-paced competitive industry’s problem, there is one ideal answer- QuickBooks dedicated server hosting! The benefits and features, that it adds to your business are unmatched. While providing high server security from cyberattacks, cloud computing also amplifies server reliability and uptime. We are in agreement, that hosting QuickBooks dedicated server hosting can be a tad bit expensive in comparison to shared servers, but the features that it provides, makes every dime spent, worth the while.